Star Wars Outlaws: Official Game Overview Trailer | Ubisoft Forward -

Star Wars Outlaws: Official Game Overview Trailer | Ubisoft Forward

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Watch the new Game Overview trailer, featuring exciting new locations you can explore, and the high-risk jobs you can take on in Star Wars Outlaws.

Coming August 30th, 2024. Play up to 3 days early with Gold or Ultimate edition, which includes the base game and season pass.

Pre-order now and receive the Kessel Runner Bonus Pack including cosmetics for your speeder and The Trailblazer starship!*

With the pre-order bonus, receive the Kessel Runner Bonus Pack* including:
– A cosmetic pack for your speeder.
– A cosmetic for your starship, The Trailblazer.

*Offer, content, and dates subject to change. Content may be available for purchase and/or as giveaway(s) separately at Ubisoft’s sole discretion at any time.

About Star Wars Outlaws:
Experience the first-ever open world Star Wars™ game, set between the events ofThe Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Explore distinct planets across the galaxy, both iconic and new. Risk it all as Kay Vess, an emerging scoundrel seeking freedom and the means to start a new life, along with her companion Nix. Fight, steal, and outwit your way through the galaxy’s crime syndicates as you join the galaxy’s most wanted.

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  1. Maybe they should make a video explaining why they decided not to allow us to have a male or female character, with character customization, in a open world game. There's no logical reason not to do that.

  2. That season pass is turning me off though, content that's already made for launch but you have to pay for it… on top of 70 dollars wow

  3. Looks good I guess. Not for me, part of the fun for me is pretending I'm the main character…that won't work here…but I hope others enjoy it.

  4. Can already tell it will flop from the trailer

  5. Guys Remember Watchdog 1, Farcry 4, The Division

  6. I don’t want to play as weak characters

  7. Why is main character a girl ?? Boys play video games

  8. The story is so generic it doesn't even feel like Star wars it just feels like they put a Star wars theme to something. That is so generic I could never play it and still know what the story is.

    Nothing at all about the story or narrative by what I've seen as interesting whatsoever.

    Literally all they had to do if there was going to make a game like this that make it free roam no story you just figure out what you want to do with some hints here in there how to play the game. And just let you create your own story that's literally all they had to do.

    You don't make a good Star wars bounty Hunter game by locking them into a story that feels like Han Solo. You let it be free reom.

  9. Such a shame we can’t make our own character

  10. Still would rather play starfield with mods

  11. Atleast game devs aren't giving into the conservatives mad over women existing

  12. I love how none of this is actual gameplay

  13. This could be the best or worst game ever created by Ubisoft

  14. So Outlaws is basically Assassin’s Creed IN SPACE.

  15. Why have we got to be a poxy woman 😣

  16. Welcome to the first ever open world starwars game. This is where you lost me. 10 seconds Ubisoft 10 seconds…

  17. Once again, another damn girl-boss main character. USE A MAN!!!

  18. Looks really good except for female lead

  19. Can't create your own character? nuts

  20. Ubisoft is the gaming equivalent of Network TV. Safe, reliable and also risk-averse.
    However, this looks really really cool! As a Star Wars Fan and someone who hasn't played a Ubisoft game that I didn't like at all, I am really looking forward to this.

  21. Awesome! Looks like a good FarCry but set in the Star Wars Universe

  22. "First ever open world star wars.. huh" Obviously You didn't play KOTOR

  23. OMG, this Game is for the LGBTQ Community and its terrible! How is the ESG-Score?

  24. Yay another girl boss!!! Can’t wait 🤮

  25. For the first time in my life, I'm super excited for a Star Wars game. Granted, I was born a bit too late to get into the golden age of KOTOR and Battlefront, but still!

  26. Just wait a couple of months and you'll get the game half priced and fully patched.

  27. Just wait a couple of months and you'll get the game half priced and fully patched.

  28. Just wait a couple of months and you'll get the game half priced and fully patched.

  29. Just wait a couple of months and you'll get the game half priced and fully patched.

  30. L main protagonist, and L game. I don't wanna play as a girl. I WANNA PLAY AS A BADASS OBI WAN. WWHY COULDN'T THEY JUST LET US MAKE OUR OWN MC!?

  31. We don’t mind a female main character. Just don’t make things gay

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