Star Wars: Squadrons – Official Reveal Trailer -

Star Wars: Squadrons – Official Reveal Trailer

EA Star Wars
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Buckle up, take full control of starfighters such as the X-wing and TIE fighter, and feel the adrenaline of strategic first-person 5v5 multiplayer dogfights alongside your squadron.

In a fateful campaign set near the conclusion of the Galactic Civil War, learn what it means to be a pilot in a thrilling STAR WARS™ single-player story. The New Republic fights for freedom. The Empire demands order. We need you to join the galaxy’s finest. STAR WARS™: Squadrons is available October 2, 2020 on PlayStation®4, Xbox One, Origin PC, Steam, Epic Games Store, and Virtual Reality (VR) on PlayStation 4 and PC with cross-play support.

Tune in to EA Play on June 18, 4PM PT to watch the gameplay world premiere of STAR WARS™: Squadrons.

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ALL WINGS REPORT IN – Plan skirmishes with your squadron in the briefing room before taking off to the evolving battlefields across the galaxy. Compete in intense 5v5 multiplayer dogfights or unite with your squadron to tip the scales in monumental fleet battles. Together, you’re the galaxy’s finest.

MASTER LEGENDARY STARFIGHTERS – Take control of different classes of starfighters from both the New Republic and Imperial fleets – including the agile A-wing and the devastating TIE bomber. Modify your ship, divert the power between its systems, and destroy your opponents in strategic space dogfights.

GET IN THE COCKPIT – The cockpit is your home. Use its dashboards to your advantage and – with just a thin hull of metal and glass between you and the perils of space – feel the intensity of combat from a first-person perspective. Take off in thrilling multiplayer modes and a unique single-player Star Wars story, which covers a key campaign near the conclusion of the Galactic Civil War. Immerse yourself in the pilot’s seat completely with the option to play the entirety of Star Wars: Squadrons in Virtual Reality on PlayStation 4 and PC.

THE MISSION IS CLEAR – Star Wars: Squadrons is a fully self-contained experience from day one, where you earn rewards through play. Climb the ranks and unlock new components like weapons, hulls, engines, shields, and cosmetic items in a clear path for progression that keeps gameplay fresh and engaging.


  1. Looks like an awesome game. Too bad it lacks the full VR experience without the motion controllers. No Man Sky was able to go beyond. Star Wars Squadrons just went below. I had high hopes for EA to make this the best dog fighting game for VR. That lack of feature took away that hope, hence not buying it myself and I love Star Wars. Vader Immortal was Amazing. Thanks ILMxLAB for the experience. Highly recommend it, even though it only has step-teleportation as a way of getting to places. It does give some virtual interactions with the motion controllers which I truly enjoy for a VR game. I'll stick to Firewall Zero Hour if I want VR competition.

  2. Tie interceptor: 0:28 A A A A A A A A! AAAAAAHHHHHhhhhhhh………!!!!!!!!

  3. X-Wing pilot girl – Taffyta Muttonfudge (Wreck it Taffyta 2022)
    Tie interceptor pilot – Super mario movie (2022)

  4. 同盟軍の戦闘機は操縦したいけど帝国の戦闘機は、いらん

  5. I would’ve been if the was a Star Wars series in this cgi🔥

  6. ジョイスティックとラダーペダルで遊びたい

  7. Anybody know the voice being used for titan three when he says think you can escape just curious

  8. Press F To pay respect for Both fallen Resistance and Empire Remnant members

  9. This gotta the Best and most awesome Star Wars ship game ever made since Rebel Strike on Gamecube

  10. Damn. An awesome EA game with no micro transactions. Since when did EA have a game with no micro transactions? Who knew? I’m just messing around. EA has created a sick game ☺️

  11. me encanta hasta compraria el juego

    I love to buy the game

  12. "It's all Star Wars' fans dream.".. Nah man, my Star Wars dream is a game where you CAN create your own Jedi or any other classes, upgrading them, making our own light sabers, use the force and customize the skills, can travel through the worlds, open world instead of dungeon-based, pilot our own ship and customize it be it from buying parts of grinding for it, and it's an action rpg or mmorpg.. Let's face it, Star Wars The Old Republic is a joke, played it for a few hours, and that's it.. It's so goddamn slow paced, even older mmorpg is better.. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is nearly there, but not quite.. I just hope future Star Wars game can be better.. I mean, how many flight games for Star Wars have we played? We need something new, something smoother, engaging, and not just about flying in space playing "police and thief" with one another.. We need something where we can pave our own story and path.. Just copy Black Desert, but make it better that Pearl Abyss shit in their pants..

  13. When the game actually lives up to the trailers

  14. Unfortunately I'm not going to play this game cause I'm not to much a fan of star wars ship battles when it comes to video games

  15. Ngl this is one of the best trailers I’ve ever seen

  16. Who are here after the announcement of june ps plus games ? 🤔

  17. EA could have had a competitive star wars game… What a waste. What a shame

  18. I gotta say EA makes some pretty good cinematic trailers.

  19. Sera como battlefront que las batallas seran en cada epoca de las pelis como ser separatistas o primera orden

  20. After getting this game free on ps+ I'm glad I didn't buy this game for full price this game is unfortunately not that good.

  21. Not even a year out and is already on Play Station Plus what a waste

  22. So now the new expanded universe has a shooter game where the campaign is basically an excuse to play through unique scenarios and maps, an action adventure game that lets you play as a jedi and whose plotline basically follows the same general formula, and a flight sim that has even more of an excuse plot than the shooter. All we're missing is a new RTS and we'll have one of each classic type of Star Wars game. Would say another RPG too but KOTOR's pretty much a category of its own at this point.

  23. I come back to this trailer every so often just to pump myself up

  24. Is there a compaign story???????? PLEASE someone answer me!!!!!!!!

  25. Zero gameplay here and impossible quality to meet on the Quest 2 (linked directly). Crashes constantly. But once you kill your computer getting it to work, it’s one of the most fun VR games ever created. So it’s worth the pain, truly.

  26. Love this game! Would have loved to see them add a death star battle mode.

  27. I just go back to Battlefront II, without pay to win

    Yea I mean the good one from 2005

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