Stick Army: World War II Strategy Game -

Stick Army: World War II Strategy Game

RedAntz Studio
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Your time has come! Build your army and lead it to victory!



  1. Supercell ads finally have some competition!

  2. I didn’t even realise it was for a game ngl. What software was it made in?

  3. I’m pretty sure this is just the main title theme for Call of Duty WW2.

  4. Bro I got the same exact add for the same game while watching this

  5. Wish the game gameplay was like this

  6. I feel like if they had riot shields in ww2, a ton of them would have been used to storm the beaches at Normandy.

  7. Dude the music is from call of duty

  8. The animation were stolen by some goofy ahh mobile rigged off games

  9. I never knew riot Shields exist in 1944.

  10. Teach me how to make these animations please?? I want to learn and create a channel too, inspired by you

  11. Well the mobile game contains modern weapons and isn’t about WW2 at all and there is no D-Day Map or mission to be found in the game so I gotta say this trailer is cool but clickbait.

  12. Allies surely did not used shields at D-DAY and the surely did not wear German helmets

  13. Inaccurate riot shields weren't used in WW2

  14. This is fucking call of duty WW2 or WW1 idk I just know music is from call of duty and the full vid is a rip off of the beach of Normandy mission

  15. Imagine if our grandpa is at the boat who is exploded

    I am from malaysia but my grandpa was born during ww2

  16. This is the only game that actually puts effort to their ads.

  17. Explone me why a M1 GRAND is a Hevy gun?????????????????

  18. I cant believe that I got the same ad for this video 😂

  19. Love the way you added the call of duty wwII theme into this

  20. american soldier with nazi hat and a ballistic sheild fights against nazis that have m1 garands 0_0

  21. I got the ad for this while looking for the ad

  22. Ain't no way my guy said ww2 shooters and had a shielder

  23. Cuando jugabamos a los quemados 👌🧐

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