Stick Army: World War II Strategy Game -

Stick Army: World War II Strategy Game

RedAntz Studio
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Your time has come! Build your army and lead it to victory!



  1. Allies surely did not used shields at D-DAY and the surely did not wear German helmets

  2. Inaccurate riot shields weren't used in WW2

  3. This is fucking call of duty WW2 or WW1 idk I just know music is from call of duty and the full vid is a rip off of the beach of Normandy mission

  4. Imagine if our grandpa is at the boat who is exploded

    I am from malaysia but my grandpa was born during ww2

  5. This is the only game that actually puts effort to their ads.

  6. Explone me why a M1 GRAND is a Hevy gun?????????????????

  7. I cant believe that I got the same ad for this video 😂

  8. Love the way you added the call of duty wwII theme into this

  9. american soldier with nazi hat and a ballistic sheild fights against nazis that have m1 garands 0_0

  10. I got the ad for this while looking for the ad

  11. Ain't no way my guy said ww2 shooters and had a shielder

  12. Cuando jugabamos a los quemados 👌🧐

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