Stick Figure War -

Stick Figure War

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Don’t doodle in class: the prequel!
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Thanks to Epic Games for sponsoring this video — Check out our behind the scenes video linked above to see how we utilized real time rendering in UE to bring the stick figures to life in a faster and better way than before! #UnrealEngine #UE4 #StickFigureWar


Motion Capture: Rokoko Motion Capture Suits:
Camera: Blackmagic URSA Mini G2:
Lenses: Sigma Cine Prime 28mm, 50mm:
2x Nvidia 1080ti:
Custom Dell Mobile Workstation:


Sam Wickert
Eric Leigh
Brendan Forde
Micah Malinics
David Ditmore
Emily Schultz
Marlee Daniel
Martina Kaura
Kelby Roberson
Coleson Berlin
Alex Renee Hubbard
Olivia Hupfaurer
Olivia Gibson
OIivia Pandure
Regina Bryant
Chase Bridges
Josh Paese
Jon Searcy
Shama Mrema
Bob Resse (Motion Capture)
Linkin Orth (Motion Capture)


“Stick Figure War” created by Sam Wickert & Eric Leigh
Directed by Sam Wickert
Produced by Micah Malinics

Eric Leigh – Co-Creator & BTS Director
Brendan Forde – VFX Co-lead / VFX Supervisor
Lyndon Joshua – Art Director
Elisa Logan – Art Coordinator
Jackie – 2D Artist / Animator
Lance Witmer – Pre-Production Coordinator
David Gaskin – Pre-Production Coordinator
Hudson Hower – 1st AC
Hayden Mason – Gaffer
Shama Mrema – Camera PA / Wrap-Out PA
Chris Freeland – Production Assistant
Katie Cotton – SFX Makeup
Dash Najarian – Storyboard Artist
Drew Shahoud – BTS Photographer
Jake Hardin – BTS Videographer
John Forrest Richardson – Wrap-out PA

Sound Design by Chris Delgado

Original music by Andrew Gerlicher
Listen to the music here: …

Digital Artists:
Sam Wickert
Brendan Forde
Luke Snedecor
Nacho Hoyos
Lucas Ramos
Derek Christmann
Cesar Maclas
Boris Raguza

Catering By SoKrafty Meals

Special Thanks:
John Carrington
Justin Robison
North Greenville University
Motive School of Movement


Unreal Engine
Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve
Adobe After Effects
3DS Max

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or [email protected]


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  7. Its al fun and games until Alan Becker shows up

  8. Plot twist: the pyromancer burns the school down and then burns orphanages

  9. Now this is what I mean when I say Friday night paper fight

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    Alan Becker:y'all having a stick figure war

  14. Bro those stickmen are so lame, don't they know how to draw tanks or RPGs or like have their stickmen have hands and feet?

  15. I know it's just a skit. But those glasses are waaay too weak for the guy to not see what he is drawing. Ie his vision cannot be that terrible with glasses like that.

  16. I bet the teacher went to taco ell before going to class.

  17. The real star of this video is the janitor.

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