SUDDEN AMBUSH on the US Marines in Jungle ! In FPS Game about WW2 Call of Duty World at War -

SUDDEN AMBUSH on the US Marines in Jungle ! In FPS Game about WW2 Call of Duty World at War

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US Marines of the world war 2 in heavy combat in jungle ! First Person Shooter on PC Call of Duty World at War


  1. I still cannot believe that the Marines spent the first half the war with ww1 weapons even though they were the only ones actually fighting

  2. Totally incredible video and the images that you started out with are amazing to see thank you for that ..and the way you played this game is awesome too great shots still looks hard to me…I do greatly appreciate your videos did an excellent job on this…love that scope too..and I Thank you so so much for everything…Great team work too…

  3. Its sutherland again this story mode of ww2 is the best niceee

  4. I loved playing on PC but my game would always crash on ultra high on a computer from 2010 lol on the second mission but zombies always worked and custom zombies was so fun

  5. How does that trap with the rope pulling the guy up work?

  6. Im so glad youtube recommended me a good COD this time

  7. You can't do it on Veteran. Let alone hard. Or Normal. I bet you didn't even get the death card.

  8. Why the environment color is like that

  9. I'm stuck on the first checkpoint on this level veteran. I've completed veteran countless times, but this time I just can't get to the checkpoint by the Springfield 1903 rifle. 3 rage quits so far

  10. I got the console speedrun record for this, visit my channel, search the game if no the first it;ll be on the top of the list

  11. Umm u can just name of the mission not write a sentence

  12. Haha you look like my dad playing cod for the first time

  13. who else has turned from die hard cod fan to die hard Bf3, bf4, Bfbc2, and bf1 ??

    cod has gone disgrace after COD Ghost.

    and yes graphics doesn't matter for me to extreme extent but a healthy game play does.!

  14. Beat this shit on veteran, potato city, with pin point accuracy

  15. hi !! voter looks like pretty fantawxlcattack

  16. This game needs to be remasters with 4k graphics and frostbite 4 game engine

  17. I threw that MG and pick up Thompson or M1 Garand any moment hehe . The sound when M1 firing is just too good

  18. Hola mi vida en la mañana del mundo 🌍 Perú Joseph

  19. You look like my dad playing this game noooooooooobbbbbbbyyyyyy

  20. Too much gun, made it seem easy. Garand would have been a more challenging option.

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