TABS World War 2 - D-Day -

TABS World War 2 – D-Day

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TABS World War 2 – D-Day
*This video is not 100% historically accurate.
– WW2 D-Day Invasion of Normandy 1944 [UPDATE] by Deystroyer100
– D-Day Pointe du Hoc, WW2 (Plastic Scot) by Bingbongbung
– Omaha Beach – Invasion of Normandy (D-Day) – 1944 by 8shadowstorm8
– WW2 Factions by GhostDragon_1994
– Battlefield V OST – The Jungle/Waves of Darkness
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– TABS game
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  1. Ich möchte nicht wissen 2as die für eine Zeit erlebt haben 😢

  2. the bad fact about this one is that he didn't add the part when the americans put the long stick bomb called bengalore in sea wall but its ok its still good tho 🙂

  3. Respect to all the veterans who fought in ww2! Lest we forget

  4. 3:16 Machinegunner continues to kill himself with his own gun recoil

  5. In reality,the manslaughter was much bloodier:over half of the allied heavy bombers missed their targets and naval bombardment barely made a scratch out of coastal bunkers.Infantry landed on the beach were clay pigeons for German machine guns.Most of the allied armor drowned in high tides due to severe miscalculations and faulty engineering of boats.Nevertheless,the Germans ran out of ammunition by high noon and had to abandon their bunkers shortly thereafter


  7. 3:50 Ah yes, i remember when german soldiers use ak-74m’s during D-day💀

  8. even though this is in a silly game I can't help but feel so struck, as if im watching a violent documentary just because of how its try and everything shown here really happened

  9. Eat your heart out Saving Private Ryan, this is the best WW2 movie ever 😭😭😭

  10. These videos are so epic going about history and stuff,Like Blood baths.I think I might sub.

  11. The ragdoll and walk and eye and speak so funny nice 😆

  12. My great grandfather fighted in D DAY and he said his best friend died 3 feet away from him and my great grandfather is still alive

  13. Again, man made TABS, a silly goofy game with weird ragdolls into a cinematic masterpiece

  14. How did you make the soldiers shoot far away cuz I had to use banner bearers to make my units stay until the enemy wobblers get closer for them to shoot

  15. rest in peace for all germans and americans in d day😢

  16. Respect for all the chads who survived the first and second wave in omaha

  17. Yo the recoil is crazy he’s try to hold it steady

  18. History lessons for kids, from Netflix)

  19. Is it jest me or is there battlefield 5 music in the backround

  20. HA! They talk like Sims…

    …on the spectrum..!!


  21. That one guy proning on his dead teammates shooting for his life was epic

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