Tactical Camouflage Sniping|Camariñas , Spain|Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2|2022|8K HDR - nzwargamer.net

Tactical Camouflage Sniping|Camariñas , Spain|Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2|2022|8K HDR

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  1. شغالين هي تقول .. ترجع الذهب حقي .. والي فوق يسمعها ….

    .. وابي يدي كلمه من خارج هذي الي معاكي عليه .. وهي تجابر من مجبر ثاني .. وكلها مدبره… والبطانيات فوق السطح عند الطواقي … خط..

  2. وكلها … حين قلت اشتي طفل يعني ما يتعب شي … جاهز … بنوا عليه مجبر كذب ..

  3. خطة عدي … ويعقوب جاهزه …

  4. اجي وشخص يفتح الباب حق الشقه طالع .. وابي يقول مع السلامه . وباب جارنا .. يتغلق … المهم سواء خرج شخص او ما خرج … او مكره ..ترجع لهم المكره …. بعشر مكرات ….

  5. وليد او هو طالع معإهم … لو قالت ترجع الذهب حقي … والله اعلم .. بمكرهم .

  6. I like that the comms still worked in the tunnels

  7. how can you snipe from a boat. this stupid.

  8. that scared me for a sec i think price and gaz got sniped 💀

  9. 0:20 When they revealed this yenta's face I literally laughed out loud Jesus modern games are a joke 😂😂😂

  10. All that realism and then they decided they make her ugly as fuck, because… reasons

  11. Just shows you that resolution isn't everything.

  12. Loved MW 2019 campaign but this one?? I didn't even finish it.
    Sooo bad.

  13. Ridiculous how the patrol walk past them every time. And it’s magic how they don’t hear the shots. I’d rather play Pac-Man or space invaders

  14. I wonder if the first dude crawling knows that the dude behind him has a sniper rifle stuck up his rear end. Can't imagine that sort of thing happening in reality.

  15. You know what was realistic about this?
    Electrical wires are on poles- that's the end of the realism here xD

  16. Dont remember this mussion on the campaign

  17. what kind of realism is that when people pass near him and no one sees him? also radio cannot work in caves.

  18. This has nothing to do with reality. Trust me. I know🌺🔰

  19. how can i get this game
    pleas help

  20. "If you have to maneuver, do it slow and steady. No quick movements."

    Captain MacMillan to Captain Price

  21. Since whrn a bitch beczme dniper. All ellite agendas. MF

  22. The physics of the parabola in this game is amazing

  23. This is actually inspired by the Cabo Vilano wind farm, so its not Ribadeo, is Camariñas

  24. Alguém pode min fala se tem pra Xbox séries x

  25. When will you complete the session? This is the second time you play in same place

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