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Taiwan lands fighters on highway as annual war games reach peak

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Taiwanese fighter jets have turned a highway into a runway as annual military drills reached their peak.
President Tsai Ing-wen watched the display on Wednesday to see how prepared the armed forces are for the threat of a Chinese invasion.
China has been ramping up pressure on the self-ruled territory, including repeated exercises near Taiwan, hoping to force the democratically elected government to accept Beijing’s sovereignty.

Al Jazeera’s Katrina Yu reports from Beijing, China.

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  1. If China decides to invade, I fear it will be a short and devastating operation.

  2. It's nice to have advanced equipment but you need the will to use it.

  3. President of Afghanistan: Don't worry guys I have a plan.

    President of Afghanistan has left the game.

  4. If you ever feel useless just remember the US took 4 presidents.20 years, and trillions of dollars to replace the Taliban with Taliban.!!

  5. Consult the Taliban on how to defeat a superpower

  6. where is the news about nepal mcc problem. nepal vs usa vs china vs india.

  7. "I'm at 150 feet!"

    "I'm a 3rd and main!"

    Let me know if you get it!

  8. Are these Tiawanis paid by Murica war monger.

  9. American freeways were designed for landing jets on.
    A country covered in landing strips.


  11. I just realized Taiwan operating Mirage-2000.

  12. The reality is no matter how big they are China is just too big to curtail. it is inevitable if they put their mind to it.

  13. The highway is the runway in Taiwan now.

    Seriously nothing Taiwan can prepare will help if China want to attack Taiwan. All the weapons Taiwan paid to the US are just protection money.

  14. China should use force and killl several people and it's leaders!

  15. China should have a war craze for Taiwan ❗🇹🇼🔜🇨🇳

  16. These dollar greedy traitors do not know that Americans have a brilliant history of leaving their friends in lurch.

  17. U got to think mao tried n many others have tried it be4 but they never did it why because they know deep down they cant truly take taiwan by force because if they knew they could they would have done it already

  18. Hong Kong and Macau have returned to the Motherland. Taiwan is the last man standing.

    America will not intervene if Beijing decides to take Taiwan by force. It will jaw jaw and impose sanctions, but it will not go to war.

  19. Taiwanese are God fearing God of the Bible unlike China.
    Size does not matter.
    God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob protected Israel in 1948 against the mighty armies of Egypt, Jordan, etc, with a handful of tanks and aircraft compared to the invaders.
    Their weapon was God of the Bible.
    Taiwan put your trust in God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob China will be crushed.

  20. The real threat to China is economics, not military action. No one would invade them over Taiwan but seeing as their export economy relies almost entirely on the West, with the US being by far its largest trade partner, their economy could be crippled with sanctions and Western government would welcome this excuse. The fact that Taiwans military could inflict heavy losses just adds a little more buffer.

  21. Don't they want all the freedoms and sovereignty of joing the communists. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣✖️ No surrender to tyranny. 👍🏻🙏🏻🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  22. Be advised, the PLA bots are all over the comment section, and Taiwan 🇹🇼 we stand with you, Taiwan is a country and there’s nothing wrong with calling a country a country .

  23. Taiwan is not independent country it's a part of PRC. So it is better to start the war.

  24. الحمقى والمغفلون أتكلم عن أمريكا 🇺🇸والغرب🇺🇳 لعبت بعقولهم إسرائيل🇮🇱 وأرعبتم من الإسلام والمسلمين وشحنتهم للحرب على المسلمين فدمر العراق الذي حسب اعتقاد اليهود سيكون شعب العراق سببا في دمار إسرائيل حسب ما جاء بالتلمود وكذلك أفغانستان وسوريا حسب أحاديث الرسول والٱن فهمت أمريكا الفخ الذي أوقعتها إسرائيل فيه تركوا المارد الصيني يكبر ويتطور ويزدهر حتى صار من المستحيل كبحه وشغلتهم إسرائيل بحرب الإسلام والمسلمين وإسرائيل هي من ساعدت الصين وأمدتها بالبرامج والأسرار العسكرية لكل أسلحة أمريكا والغرب والٱن صار من المستحيل هزيمة الصين التي ستبتلع تايوان على الأكثر بسنة 2022 وبعدها ستصبح مسيطرة على الإقتصاد العالمي وستستفرد بحكم العالم بأسره مع حليفتها روسيا

  25. I feel the usa will abandon Taiwan after all those false promises…they should have seen that coming anyway

  26. In the 1950's Eisenhower built our highways to accommodate military aircraft evacuating cities that were under atomic threat…nothing new under the sun

  27. Poor taiwan it dosent realise if it wasnt for china defence they would have been long invaded and colonized by united snakes

  28. All China has to do is use the Taliban and Biden and the US Gov will give up !

  29. War games are fun. Grab your popcorn when the actual war happens.

  30. All of you should know that America will not help defend Taiwan because if America helps and defends Taiwan and lost. It will accelerate the decline of America Empire as we know it. America will not take that risk because they still want to hang on to the little power left.

  31. Kao An-Kou, the Taiwanese retired General tells the military to overthrow DDP and to surrender to China. China already has people in Taiwan just waiting for order from China. Taiwan's Constitution stated that Taiwan is part of China.

  32. If each person in China just takes a spit at South China Sea is enough to drown out all the DDP of Taiwan separatists.

  33. China can't attack Taiwan because the price will be too expensive to pay which they will not afford to

  34. It would need to use fishing vessels to transport its troops. I bet Taiwan could hold them off.

  35. i think if we were going to fight a direct war with china it would have happened in the late 1940's. It didn't and now it makes absolutely no sense. just going to be a lot of bluster, economic instability, and politicians acting like politicians.

  36. Al Jazeera knows They are still at civil war. And next time please call Taiwan by its official name as “Republic of China”. 😑😑😑

  37. If Taiwan becomes independent, it will be a part of US. If Taiwan reunites with China, it will be much safer for them. Because China won't allow Taiwan to be used against China

  38. I guarantee 200% USA won't help Taiwan if attacked by China!

  39. Never in thousand years that Taiwan will became part of china.China is nothing but a coward and greedy shabu supplier virus producer regime

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