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Tank biathlon. Individual race: Crew 1 / Division 1. Victory of the Russian tank

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The International Army Games is the largest and most spectacular military-sport world event held between units of the participating countries’ armed forces. Russia, China, Uzbekistan competed in the race. Follow the tank biathlon games on our channel!

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  1. tamam işte birinci gelen savaşı falan da kazansın


  3. um.. why is the chinese tank commander hitting his gun like that?

  4. It is necessary to destroy Russian tanks together with the crew.

  5. Like watching F1 with Lada and DongFeng

  6. wtf is going on, more explanation on rules, point system, etc please

  7. "…Russia, China, Uzbekistan…"
    "…The International Army Games

  8. I wish the US did this, would be cool to compete with other countries

  9. 19:31 watch the crew get out and climb back in. That was smooooth

  10. what's that russian tank run on, coal? should be easy to spot that thing on a battlefield.

  11. id wish they can do international bring tanks and crews from different nations for a friendly competition

  12. It's commander/gunner/driver in proper English.

  13. Well, russian tank crews know how to do their job. Now just teach whoever is responsible for directing and filming how to do theirs.

  14. Who made those disgusting color designs ? Harald Glöökler ?

  15. Beeindruckende Technik die die Menschheit nicht braucht!!!

  16. 1991 operation desert storm T-72 :0 Apache AH-64 :550 hahahahahaha

  17. Русские танки соревновались с русскими, в итоге русские победили.

  18. Oh, a historical tank race, wasn´t aware that this exists.

  19. Could military crew or civilians be part of it ??

  20. strange that the Russian team was not accused of adding mildonium to the fuel tank

  21. look d russia team ,all is from Mongol stepp,gingis hun kids

  22. Majorly disappointed that they didn't took the chance and call it Blyathlon…

  23. Joooo – this is epic – but where is the comentator – you here it in the background – but the english one is a complete fail 🤦‍♂🤦‍♂

  24. This is the only thing that tanks should be used for.

    I hope the crews get to party afterwards, everybody bringing special cuisine, drinks, and music from their own country to share.

  25. Please, can we use footage from your Youtube channel for our videos about military cars, trucks a other machines? We tag your channel as a source ,… thank you. 🙂

  26. Chineses muito ruim na mira..kkkkkkkkkk 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  27. Great video! Very interesting information and entertaining

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