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Tank biathlon. Individual race: Crew 1 / Division 1. Victory of the Russian tank

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The International Army Games is the largest and most spectacular military-sport world event held between units of the participating countries’ armed forces. Russia, China, Uzbekistan competed in the race. Follow the tank biathlon games on our channel!

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  1. LOL 😉 Nice Sport – Gretha Cry 😛

  2. fight are not really good. at this distance (1.6 to 1.8 km if i heard well) , a 2021 tank with good team should always shout in the center, specially with a so slow fight. 70s occidental tanks were more precise.

  3. They say its the best tankteams in the world 😅 i dont see any German Leopard tank

  4. Ну танк же до мозга костей, наш

  5. Ну Китай аххерели,вся ходовая наша-72, охромели.они на 72-ке

  6. Вешать вас по законам военного времени ,за сдачу секретного материала

  7. Why are you afraid to prick the test?

  8. Why are you afraid to prick the test?

  9. I thought there were fighting men there. atam only women

  10. This is way better than Killing each other Let all the Male egos out on this rather than the Bullcrap

  11. What a ridiculous "men" game … we live in a very limited world of men! 🤦 🤦

  12. In Germany is the Level much Higher for the Training

  13. It looks so brutal, when the ZTZ jumps over the smal hill on the long road and hits full front on the ground… :0 25:40

  14. Yeahhhh im gonna need this competition to make its way to the United States, thank you.

  15. I'm not lying, but I thought the thumbnail was a one man tank

  16. This was soooooo good. Best wishes from TEXAS.

  17. Why the shit tanks though? Why not some serious tanks at least aT 80 or 90 ! The Chinese should bring their Type 99 ! If the south koreans would participate with their hyper- modern tanks, all other teams would be destroyed


  19. This is like the Olympics but the losers get turned into swiss cheese

  20. This is how armed forces should always "fight".

  21. As I understand it there are 3 principles of tanks; manoeuvrability, firepower and armour. The first two are well demonstrated here, but the third… I've seen tanks like this go up like vim tins because they are so poorly protected. That's why they've got so many of them.

  22. Все три на гуслю поставил.

  23. 日本有少女與戰車

  24. When you ask the Russian student what his favorite sport is.

  25. 6,7 and 8km? Main gun rounds at 8000m ? That doesn’t sound right

  26. Anything the Chinese make it just laughable especially their tanks

  27. 역시 차이나…. 이번에도 실망시키질 않네 ㅋㅋ

  28. Hi friends. Could be possible to identify what models of tank are?. I am a bit lost. Any help will be welcomed. Some comments about T-85?, with reactive shield?. Chness ZTZ-99?. I doubt ??

  29. wtf we need the world to compete in this it looks like so much fun
    Get Germany Britain and etc

  30. Only in Russia would we find a tank race. lmao. love it. Where's my vodka?

  31. this how military personnel have fun at their headquarters

  32. what are the results? Wich Team has won now? i think Russian, but i dont know why i think on it. lol

  33. Biathlons are fine but let's see these tanks in the decathlon. We really want to see them throwing javelins, hurling the shot put and especially running in the hurdles and long jump.

  34. движок дымит автоматически создавая дымовую завесу! это такой хитрый ход, а другие делают чистые выхлопы и …

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