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Tank biathlon. Individual race: Crew 1 / Division 1. Victory of the Russian tank

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The International Army Games is the largest and most spectacular military-sport world event held between units of the participating countries’ armed forces. Russia, China, Uzbekistan competed in the race. Follow the tank biathlon games on our channel!

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  1. quien mas busco , carreras de tanques despues de haber visto el video de Armapedia !!!. saludos desde Apodaca Nuevo Leon Mexico…

  2. I love that I should take the bus to work and not use a car while people do this.

  3. in this way Politicians should go to war !

  4. Russian tanks are shit they have always come off worse when they have come up against western tanks like the Abrahams, Centurian and Challenger.

  5. This looks like fun. But it's about killing people and dominating other nations.

  6. not one single female was in the audience. lol makes sense

  7. One common thing for all three participants – all from dictatorship regimes!

  8. เดี่ยวมอเตอร์ไซค์ SoloBikeTrips says:

    I don't understand who won.

  9. In the Netherlands we got no tanks anymore 🙈🤕

  10. they took the glowing eyes, sad that was so iconic for that tank

  11. Und die deutschen steigen auf Elektroautos um 😀

  12. If it wasn't for Politics, Russians and Americans would get along. Can't think of anything better than racing tanks.

  13. No more Tanks and Weapons No more Dead People! Make Love not War <3

  14. I wish I could drive Sherman in the competition.

  15. What a bunch of Cain seeds. Prophecy is inevitable as long as there are millions of followers propping up despotic tyrants corrupting the potential of a peaceful and egalitarian future.

  16. I turned by back on US pro sports after they all turned "Woke" and left wing douche bags. Finally a sport I can watch and enjoy.

  17. Next to demolition derbies, this is the best!

  18. Is this even a legit thing?What is to stop a country retro fitting a tank for speed instead of war combat ability?Furthermore the first tank to rush out into a warzone will be the first one dead.

  19. If the past is any indication, today they play games, tomorrow they kill millions of people for some stupid reason.

    If I were in these games I'd build my tank out of aluminum.

  20. Thank you very much My childhood dream came true for 37 years. Used to play cards back then with tanks level (by country) but now this is Fvckin real. Great Job

  21. What are the rules? Those are fairly modern tanks, why are they so slow when shooting the main gun? Are there limitations to what kind of tank can participate?

  22. Продам б/у танк в хорошем состоянии писать в личку

  23. You know what, the Chinese team intentionally lost the game so that Russian tanks could sell well.

  24. Pahahah… all those eastern crap armies 😆

  25. The M1A2 was "uninvited"" ……. LOL 😉 ….. the Merkava, also ……

  26. Abrams tank is the hard metal of warhead uranium

  27. The Chinese tank even don't had their national flag painted correctly at the right hand side. LOL

  28. well we know what's next, walk through Europe, you know its coming.

  29. The most unorganized and poorly done race ever seen and also bad speaking english and no illustrayiom on screen for cou tey tank type speed comparison .guys cmon ORGANZE THIS COULD BE MONEY MAKING COW I WOULD LOVE TO ORGANIZE IT AND WILL TRIPPLE THE ARM SALES . I CANNOT STAND HOW POOR THIS SHOW IS . 😒 SO SAD .

  30. The camouflage background is soo distrctiing . Also whos clapping for who guys really

  31. they should put timers on the video so the viewer can compare

  32. why would you need to fly helicopter around this field if you have drones nowadays? I mean commercial drones. 😀 Such a waste of material.


  34. That's really the only thing a russian tank can ever be victorious at.

  35. Great job? They hit like SHIT!!! And the yellow hit 2 times short in the ground!!!! That wasn't hits… Just dirt!

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