Tense faceoff during Russian-Chinese war games in sea of Japan | US Navy Destroyer | Naval Exercise - nzwargamer.net

Tense faceoff during Russian-Chinese war games in sea of Japan | US Navy Destroyer | Naval Exercise

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There was a tense faceoff between warships from the United States & Russia. A U.S navy destroyer & a Russian anti-submarine warship came within 60 metres of each other. The incident occurred during Russian – Chinese war games in the sea of Japan.

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  1. USA did not let that rusty a$$ ship run them off get real man. In fact give me some of what your drinking.

  2. His pronouncing of Chafee wrong is killing me.

  3. Stupid Biden is trying to start a nuclear war with Russia and China.

  4. I’ve been giving Russia the benefit of the doubt after they were becoming friendly to the west with Trumps help but now can you honestly tell me the Russian people are happy to be on the side with China. I don’t believe it if true than ig Russia was always be a broke shadow

  5. The international laws which exist between US and USSR, i.e. the "do not ram people's ships" agreement?

    Will the same "international laws" qualify the claim per "international laws" regarding territorial waters limits?

  6. I believe the American version, why on earth would a solo United States Destroyer just try to pull up on a joint operation drill? Solo?

  7. Taiwan is the REAL China. prc is a joke navy, just like Russia navy

  8. They just practics the US and it's ally called freedom of navigation.

  9. This channel is total garbage lol… First and last video I watch. 😂😂😂

  10. Seems like Russia talking out their ass lol


  12. So Russia said us did something when in fact they started it.. we could crush Russia 1v1. They alot of talk

  13. We keep hearing China are close to war with the west😆 What a load of shit the west and America would wipe China and Russia out in a full scale war total soldier count
    Is total bollox boots on the ground would be irrelevant!!!!!

  14. Is Russia claiming the high seas are now its territorial waters ? are they following China's lead in redefining ? Who will fire the first shots ?

  15. Dear murica…..

    You are finished. China owns you, Afghanistan whooped your ass.

    Step aside, the Dragon is rising.

  16. The bible talks about 1/3 of the world dieing, 2 billion no more, see you later, nukes will most likely go off, everyone should repent and believe on Jesus for forgiveness of there sins, his resurrection. His righouness, he loves you. Jesus is FOREVER the ETERNAL, EVERLASTING KING. Ask Christ in your heart before the end comes. GOD bless you. 🤗 Have a wonderful day.

  17. Rusty Russian ships and tiny Chinese boats.

  18. Revelation 13:1,2 "And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast
    rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his
    horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy. And the
    beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet
    of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave
    him his power, and his seat, and great authority."

  19. For those who may be the enemys' of China will be face with a great force.
    Meet blitzkrieg with blitzkrieg. And for Allies' to have balanced and cooperative strategy.

  20. Russian and Chinese warships should start sailing near USA, AU and UK waters. Then we will see the double standard

  21. US and its allies have done the similar routinely near others.

  22. Vladivostok is part of china according to China. Russian agree about expansionist China?? In future it will become a threat to Russia too.

  23. Let the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force ship and HMS Queen Elizabeth travel together in the South China Sea and the Sea of Okhotsk.

  24. The US is again playing a very dangerous game! This is what the Dems want! The 1920s are going to be horrible! Have face ion yourself and your loved ones

  25. So is china gonna set up Taiwan to fool the US so Russia can attack the US while china is on the way after the us gets involved??

  26. Russia Russia Russia

    Deflect China China China

  27. USA pls stop Japan dumping radioactive water to ocean to sabortage asian country

  28. Ker369:".Two wrongs don’t make a right. China is in the wrong totally invading Taiwan air space. Us ship did not invade Russian waters…"/////////// Haaaaaa!! You really need to be smarter.!!Taiwan is part of China, through history, and has been recognized by UN and 95% of nations including the US. China COULD NOT invade her own space…like you cannot trespass your backyard!! HaHa!!

  29. Japanese government teaches their kids at schools that US dropping nuclear bombs to end early was unfair. It's funny to hear that from a country that committed killing and raped women and children who were 8 years old and still do not give formal apology to victims. They planted seeds in their young at schools for aggression against the US. Arming Japan with nuclear weapons is like shooting yourself in the foot looking for 2nd Pearl Harbor creating #2 China.

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