Tense faceoff during Russian-Chinese war games in sea of Japan | US Navy Destroyer | Naval Exercise - nzwargamer.net

Tense faceoff during Russian-Chinese war games in sea of Japan | US Navy Destroyer | Naval Exercise

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There was a tense faceoff between warships from the United States & Russia. A U.S navy destroyer & a Russian anti-submarine warship came within 60 metres of each other. The incident occurred during Russian – Chinese war games in the sea of Japan.

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  1. What if china, russia and iran formed an alliance? You know if you go to war iran you're going to war with Afghanistan, Pakistan, iraq, syria, saudi Arabia and iran

  2. How come Russian military leaders do not make such a big fuss when Russian pilots cross into American territory in the North Pole and intimidate American Air Force pilots by locking on their radars as if they are ready to shoot them down? THAT's not news worthy?

  3. We have to stop this. This how war starts and people will suffer. Animals will also suffer.

  4. Just. All. Get. Along. ! No. One. Wants. War. Unless. There. Plum. Damn. Crazy. ! There. Are. No. Winners. In. A. Nuclear. War. ! Neaver. Will be. !

  5. This will be very good test for Japan’s 🇯🇵 defense capability!!!
    Is Japan 🇯🇵 soft and weak?

  6. What is the news in this. U.S meddles in everyone else"s business anyway. Troublemakers

  7. How many times has the Russians entered British waters and nothing is done, its just Putin playing the big man .

  8. Theyve started practicing together….

  9. Anyone think that this is all theatre to spread fear? A scared fearful population is easier to control

  10. Someday the china claiming the russia is a part province of china! Never trust china's ass! Behind the scene is act of destruction in your country!

  11. Western logic is very funny. You have conducted 4 large-scale military exercises around China. Why can't we conduct military exercises? The United States goes back to read your history, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Afghanistan War, how many wars have you won in the vicinity of China and Russia?

  12. Americans are dreaming along with CNN/NBC, more Americans died due to COVID under Biden Prseidency than Trump and yes CNN is not showing it each 10 min as breaking news. China can finish USA in less than 5 min with supersonic nuclear weapons and American second false dream that CNN/Biden/Democrats will save them from China, Covid even after shameful exit from Afghanistan..

  13. Axis forces = China/Russia/Pakistan/Iran/Afganistan. Time to wake up.

  14. The delicious john intriguingly present because quarter ultrasonically prefer to a uttermost degree. easy, juicy eel

  15. nothing new here…the russians did this exact same shit near alaska with the US.

  16. Pricey games we don't see it on the worthless CNN MSNBC news

  17. We all know what happend to russia the last time they had a military excursion into the sea of japan. Its led to the Bolshevik revolution.

  18. Why is no 1 helping but they're more invested in Afghanistan?

  19. Hand me down US will woop Russia anytime m, check the military stands and the equipments

  20. The US and Russian sailors exchanged catcalls. The US sailors were screaming, "Let's go Brandon!" The Russian sailors yelled the same phrase back.

  21. Can't we all just get along?
    USA always got to be "that guy"…

  22. While the world waffles on about climate change, the real players are preparing for the final showdown. Decadent US has diminished itself so much that it is clearly in decline and doomed to be challenged. The EU is a pointless edifice that will surrender its member states in a blink. The clash will come in about 18 months time, just as western economies are on their knees. Yes, that's coming. China will not wait for a Trump presidency in '24 as they bet that Biden will do a deal rather than push the button. President Harris guarantees a war. Weak and stupid who would not take advantage. Climate change will be the least of our worries. Many of us will not be here to see the outcome. The preppers that many laugh at…are the wise.

  23. Nonsense making more comments on either side?. Why??We dont know their real agenda.

  24. Russia and China should hold drills with Cuba in the Gulf of Mexico. International waters of course.

  25. I hope WW3 will come soon, because people suck.

  26. I’ve been playing rise of kingdoms mobile game and China is playing chess like a whale 🐳

  27. If only trump was around to suck up to the Russians

  28. Japan now realized it has became a lapdog for the wrong country. Play dumb games win dumb prizes,China and Russia wont be done anytime soon

  29. the u.s and russians have been playing cat and mouse since the the cold war. example, Russian jets or helis passing over the uss Donald cook at the black sea, or subs chasing each other in the oceans, as always war should be the last resort to any conflict.

  30. Russia and China can never challange American ships in open waters but it would be foolish for the Americans to challange both of them near the shores

  31. Hi all let's get real we are all "Frends Together, whith different agendas,so we will try to understand and work in "Harmony To Gether and be "Cool " ,!!!! Ok Cheers, Cheers ROBERT.

  32. Hi all this shit is not to "continue as we have the upmost respect for them " ok ,!!! And there abilities to defend themselves, ok ,!!! Just Mucking around, top respect to "All" ok , Cheers ROBERT. 🙄

  33. One wrong move…. 🇵🇭 In danger 🥺🥺🥺

  34. U.S. think tank South Korea recommended President Biden to have nuclear weapons and nuclear weapons.
    The U.S. military may be attacked by North Korea while protecting South Korea with a nuclear umbrella. In particular, Russia, China, and North Korea all have nuclear bombs, but it is now difficult for the U.S. alone to maintain a balance in Northeast Asia. Therefore, allowing South Korea to nuclear weapons and nuclear bomb will establish a strong military alliance between South Korea and the United States, and it is in the national interest of the United States. However, Japan is a war criminal country in World War II and an incredible country that attacked Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, and must never have nuclear weapons.

  35. Take care US 🇺🇸,China and Russia 🇷🇺,Are morethan enough to destroy your city's world.

  36. Shucking and jiving.your mommy wears army boots

  37. Remember it is "freedom of navigation" in the international water according to US, Canada etc. etc.. How do you feel now hah ?

  38. Please, it is not the "Sea of Japan." It is the "East Sea."

  39. It’s just a question of time before a mistake is made and it all goes horribly wrong for the rest of us.

  40. Make peace but Be ready for War.

    ~Col. Muammar Al-Gaddafi

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