TERRIFYING WW1 TRENCH WARFARE! - Beyond The Wire Gameplay - nzwargamer.net


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  1. Anyone know why this fame looks so much like squad but ww1?

  2. The only thing squad and btw needs now imo is blood pools under a dead person cus when u shoot someone, looks so weird cus there is no blood splat anywhere

  3. I just bought this game and it's completely dead, one server with 9 dudes on it 😭 game looks great too such a shame, I think this game is in need of some advertising from you and the boys as it deserves better and I think many will agree

  4. I literally searched up "enlisted gameplay" and this was one of the TOP things… Kinda annoying to see a different game pop up but I guess I'll watch a video that won't help me learn enlisted anyways to see what it's like.

  5. "Ooo, an mg08, lets stand in front of it"

    "dude, what a great idea"

  6. The war is the most brutual thing ever. All u hear is intense bombard and man sound. The war is disadvantge, even if u win u lose and enemy loses it lose . Thus, it destroys our humanity.

  7. "It's realistic" *cut to running around hip firing with an lmg like every other bad ww1 game

  8. I recomend playing Hell Let Loose instead of this

  9. hey there is a game that goes further back in war history the game is called WAR OF RIGHTS it is based off of the civil war it's very realistic and a beautiful game


  11. dont know if it was the server but my experience with the game was bad

  12. You truly fear a war if you see it in real life.

  13. I would never stop playing if they made a WWII game

  14. In the first 10 minutes of the video ive seen 5 things thats are not historic to ww1 and didnt come about until the mid to late 20s and a few items that weren't about until the late 30s so for history sake this game sucks as a pvp game its alright

  15. WW1 was definitely a multiplayer map, that's for sure.

  16. This is what battlefield 1 should have been

  17. I quite like this game. It’s a perfect inbetween for the faster paced BF1 gameplay and the more realistic time to kill, and more realistic weapon variety of Verdun, and it has the same kind of atmosphere as both games. I think audiences of both games will love this one

  18. People are saying the games dead but don’t actually go through the effort to revive it. IF YOURE SAYING ITS DEAD YOU HAVE THE GAME! PLAY IT IF THATS WHATS PUTTING YOU OFF! It’s like people don’t realize they’re players too.

  19. What is this game why is it not more popular!!

  20. I wish this games population was even something. Such a fun game. I don't get it.

  21. From what I'm seeing from Steam reviews this game is already dead and doesn't have a single player mode.

  22. Game is dead 🙁 tried to hop on today and was sad.

  23. It's too bad there's almost nobody playing now, I'd love to experience it with more than 8 peeps

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