That scene from War Games -

That scene from War Games

Greg Granito
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This is the “lesson” scene from the movie War Games. Where we learn that the only way to win in Nuclear War is not to play.


  1. US: Okay then, we'll invent counter ICBM technology despite agreeing with the Soviets not to.

    China: Okay then, since you can now shoot down literal got dang nukes, we'll borrow some of your scientists and invent nukes that skip along the atmosphere.

    The game goes on.

  2. Glad to see this is blowing up 14 years later.

  3. Internet Stranger, Stranger of the internet says:

    0:28 teachers after sending their student home with 30 pages of calculus homework

  4. In reality, a learning AI wouldn't decide to just let all nuclear arsenal to launch. It'll wait for the enemy to launch their nuclear arsenal and intercept them by launching our own by detonating our nukes mid orbit near the enemy missile trajectory. Once all nuclear threat is obliterated, then it'll launch it's own full payload to ensure a higher success rate.

  5. I think Joshua has been spending too much time contemplaiting this, for many of those scenarios were rather esoteric and unlikely.

  6. This is how Dr. Strange see one in a million chance of winning.

  7. I'm guessing this movie didn't go over well with epileptics.

  8. Sorry but I have to be this guy. This makes no sense from every angle.

  9. All those scenario names would make great Jaegar names, too.

  10. Are those "strategy" entries legit ? How did they make the graphics ?

    I could believe this wasn't made up …

  11. Man, they really forced a computer to become sentient by using tic tac toe

  12. Alternative conclusion: we need to design a better nuke. One they won't see coming until it has already dealt a crippling blow. Maybe some kind of stealth strategic bomber. We could maybe call it a B2.

  13. This gave us multiple decades worth of "its learning " memes

  14. There is no winner in nuclear war.
    Even if you don't play, you lose.

  15. I think Switzerland can win in that game, they got bunkers almost all of their houses. (although resources wise idk about that)

  16. Okay I am intrigued by some of the code used here. The fuck is a Uganda maximum, Argentina escalation, Kenya option and Tibet subversion?

  17. It tried every possible strategy, every possible situation, caused by every possible source, brought on by every aggressor, for every reason, for every intention, for every plan.

    Every one of them failed. It didn't matter if the strike was preemptive or in retaliation. Who struck first, who fired last, who got ahead, who had the most. None of it.

    Participation results in failure.

  18. Those aren't strategies those are just sex positions. I do the English Thrust all the time. And who can forget everybody's favorite…the Sudan Surprise.

  19. war games has got to be my favorite unintentional comedy lol

  20. This movie is a masterpiece. The climax in the war room is a magistral lesson in building cinematic tension and heightened stakes.

  21. Any epileptic intern in that room: X . X

  22. Man, this movie actually kinda terrified my first time watching it

  23. Assured nuclear annihilation makes so no countries would ever use a nuclear strike against the other not even on ww3 because if they do… Thats it humanity is done the few survivors are gonna be eating nuclear rats while avoiding nuclear fallout for the rest of their short lives

  24. It learnt from the tic-tac-toe that there will always be an equivalent response from every move, and that no matter the starting move, neither player will win

  25. This scene is awesome and makes me want to watch the movie but I feel like this scene is better than the entirety of the movie

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