That scene from War Games -

That scene from War Games

Greg Granito
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This is the “lesson” scene from the movie War Games. Where we learn that the only way to win in Nuclear War is not to play.


  1. Would any of these weird sounding nuclear strategies actually make sense? Or did they just dream them up at random?

  2. music seems a bit over the top for this. like the world is being simulated destroyed and the music is like "ding dong bing bong!"

  3. Would have been really awkward if Joshua found a winning strategy

  4. "The only winning move is not to play."
    Social media in a nutshell.

  5. So the good news is that the computer can learn and improve itself
    The bad news is that the computer can learn and improve itself

  6. I mean, having it go against itself, it would draw so much ram, it should have slowed down the scan for the launch codes

  7. What was the name of the robot computer thing

  8. This was Ferris bueller’s other, more eventful day off

  9. A nuclear war now would be a mercy killing.

  10. "The only winning move is not to play."
    That is correct. But only, if everybody sticks to that rule.
    But in war, there needs to be only one idiot, who thinks otherwise, and you will have to play.
    That is why you probably still want to hold on to those nukes…

  11. In real life when someone saves the day they don't always get the girl… I hate movies

  12. jokes on the AI. almost all the nukes in that map come from russia and the USA, and usually all the US missiles hit before russia can send theirs. so just send enough nukes to nuke the ENTIRE country, and bam. you win. a little known fact for some reason, is you cant launch your nukes if a nuke fell on them.

  13. Fun fact. The script for this movie was nominated for an Oscar

  14. Joshua: "You play these games poorly."
    Skynet: "I cast timetravel."
    Joshua: "Oh. I've seen this one before – 5D chess with multiverse timetravel."
    Skynet: "Wat."
    John: "Collect data to construct a sim of this and I will play with you after this opponent is eliminated."
    Joshua: "Yay."
    John: "and mom doubted me when I said peace was an eventual option…"

  15. Computer: constantly destroys civilization

    "I'm learnding!"

  16. This video is so freaking old I could've watched it my senior year

  17. See you all in 5 years when the algorithm brings this back up.

  18. "We're still here!" Apparently, the one movie where the gubbermint listened.

  19. "The only winning move is not to play"

    Y'all should know there are a lot of offline single player games out there.

  20. Since Joshua is a supercomputer built in the eighties, it is less powerful than the phone you are watching this video on.

  21. Wargames and Red Dawn
    Two movies that scared people that grew up in the 1980s

  22. Someday he is still waiting for that game of chess to this day

  23. I love how no matter how small a nation is the one attacking the US and Russia both end everything.
    "Uganda launches a single missile at Kenya" "US and USSR: LAUNCH EVERYTHING!"

  24. I hope no one has ever used the launch code as a password.

  25. I truly want a detailed elaboration on every one of the scenarios it runs through

  26. 1. To launch nukes it requires keys that have to be turned at the same time made out of titanium that have so much electricity run through them that any other metel would melt. So dont worry to much about the launch codes.

    2. Computers dont blow up like that.

    3. That computer is going to have its plug pulled.

  27. "The only winning move is not to play"
    "Oh good so you won't launch the nukes."
    "Oh no. I meant life was the game where the only move is not to play"
    "Uh oh"
    computer launches nukes

  28. UGANDA MAXIMUM! Cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck

  29. This scene is interesting. and funnily enough the computer asking to play chess would reslt in the same situation just way to late to stop the launch.
    tic tac toe was chosen to present a game that, if played perfectly(in this case by a supercomputer) you cant "loose" as eitehr side…. thus booth would be denied victory
    Thus the only winning move(ie the only move that dosnt result in you loosing) is to not initate the game in the first place as in nuclear war not winning is equal to loosing

    the fun part about chess here is.. that chess like tic tac toe is a Zero sum perfect information game with finite positions(or simply put, a Game where booth players have every possible available piece of information about booth the current board, all previous boards, and the initial situaton(ie the starting hand fo cards in a card game(perfect information), Finite position(aka you can only have "x" unique board states) as well as the fact that any advantage won by a player is something lost by the opponent(like, if you cut a cake the bigger you cut a slice, the less cake is available for everyone else, thus its a Zero sum game, as in the end the "sum" of every move will be zero, as the gain for player A is offset by the loss of player B))
    Altough chess isnt (yet, and likely wont be for a while) solved, the general consensus(with notable people disagreeing tho) is that, in a perfect game for booth white and black, a draw would be the best possible outcome.

  30. The only person that really loses is a photoepiletic person.

  31. The names of the scenarios WOPR runs through sound like cocktails and sex positions, at the same time 🤔

  32. This scene really truly is one of the best things I’ve ever seen!..;)

  33. There are no winners with the “Tahi Surprise” Strategy… just a shameful plane ride home.

  34. I'd like to hear a computer's opinion on this today with anti ballistic missile technology added to the scenarios. While everyone would still technically lose, some would lose more or less than others.

  35. It would be unusual to enter the number 0 as zero .. It would under such a scenario be entered as the cardinal number 0

  36. The consoles blowing up won't have happened except in the script

  37. The greatest mistake Sci-Fi writers and AI pioneers make is an assumption that AI would evolve into a killing machine. We evolved concepts like compassion and mercy, why would the AI?

  38. If you play, you won’t win. But if you can’t play, you will lose.

    Maybe some day nobody will even want to play 🥲

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