The 10 GREATEST Weapons In God of War Games -

The 10 GREATEST Weapons In God of War Games

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Kratos has used some powerful weapons over his career as the God of War. For this list, we’ll be looking at the most effective items that Kratos has used in his many battles against gods and monsters. Our list includes the Gauntlet of Zeus from “God of War: Chains of Olympus” (2008), the Draupnir Spear from “God of War Ragnarök” (2022), the Claws of Hades from “God of War III” (2010), and more! Which God of War weapon do you think hits the hardest? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I was so annoyed that Zeus never used the Gauntlet in GOW 3 against the nemean cestus. it would've been a good scene of the weapons breaking each other.
    I was annoyed the Blade of Olympus was used as spartan rage in GOW 3, it's definitely to OP just to be sitting in his back pocket.
    I think the nemesis whips were so underwhelming when i got them of Hepaestus. they should've had Poseidon Trident as a weapon instead similar to the spear of destiny or arms of sparta.

  2. Justice for blades of the gods who saved kratos from Aries 🥲

  3. The Claws are one of the best weapons in the entire series its just no one uses them right. You need to be pressing mostly triangle and not really use square much. Thats where the claws shine.

  4. the claws from hades and lion clusters are my favorite from god of war 3

  5. Draupnir Spear was my favorite weapon. It was amazing

  6. Good list, I agree with the items and rankings.

  7. if draupnir spear is on the list then arms of sparta should have

  8. The nemean cestus kratos gets from hercules is fantastic

  9. Nothing compares to the Blades of Chaos lol

  10. Knew from the moment I saw the thumbnail the Blades Of Chaos would be Number 1. There really is no other choice for that slot!

  11. True, these are great and powerful weapons, but the greatest of them all is, ⭕/R3

  12. There is no more powerful and devastating weapon than Kratos's bare hands (especially during his rage of sparta). hands down.

  13. The weapons that started it all…the human hands

  14. The spear symbolically is the best. The way the creators put it, the spear was the only weapon crafted specifically for him. All of his other weapons were bestowed upon him. The spear has his blood imbued in the damn thing for crying out loud.

  15. Um I think only me the blade of Olympus is 2 and the leviathan axe should be 3

  16. The Spear is his weapon. Not bestowed but infused with his blood. It’s his ultimate weapon because that is HIS weapon. Made for him and only him. The blades of chaos and the Leviathan axe are very powerful. But the spear is fitting considering he is a SPARTAN. All his fighting styles and discipline go into that spear. It takes the cake for me.

  17. I think the shields deserved a little mention too.

  18. Each and every single one of the weapons from the God Of War series is, without an Abso-fraking-lute doubt, my Most Absolute favorites!!!!!

  19. The Draupnir Spear was my favorite. Aside from the spear being my weapon of choice when I was a kid, the sheer variety that it offers in terms of gameplay was just breathtaking.

  20. There is no way the talon bow is greater then Hades’ weapon

  21. The easiest boss from every god of war game in my opinion.
    God of war 1= Medusa
    God of war 2= Icarus
    God of war betrayal= Argos
    God of war Chains of Olympus= Persian King
    God of war 3=Helios
    God of war Ghost of Sparta= Callisto
    God of war Ascension = Cimera
    God of war= 1st Troll
    God of war ragnarok= Gryla

  22. I'm glad Kratos kept his blades in the Norse God of War, it wouldn't be the same without them.

  23. Leviathan axe is my favorite it's just so satisfying to use

  24. Claws of Hades are my all time favorite. They are metal asf

  25. Talon Bow shouldn't count. Kratos doesn't use it

  26. The leviathan axe represents the love for Faye and his family what he still has while the chaos blades represent his past and his desire destruction, and draupnir is simply the golden days he had as a spartan, and with his brother.

    The axe and the blades are such polar opposites of each other.

    I wish had one more weapon to counter draupnir.

  27. Spear of Destiny is my favorite weapon from the series I used it so much when I first got it in GoW2 all the way until the end. I love the Draupnir Spear cause it allows me to have a spear in the newer games as well

  28. Blade of Artemis was really cool tbh. But Arms of Sparta really have a special place in my heart

  29. Draupnir has to be my favorite. While it’s the newest I’m his arsenal it’s also Kratos’ oldest weapon

  30. I love the way they reintroduce the Blades of Chaos in 2018. Even for players who didn't play the originals it is such an emotional moment as he becomes The God He Once Was to save his son.

  31. My favorite yet were the spartan shield and spear kratos got in ghost of sparta

  32. Nothing compared to Blades of Chaos it's quite so similar to Kusarigama but dual wield(Akimbo) but the new Leviathan-Axe is quite something

  33. Draupnir is the most significant, it's the only weapon in his arsenal that he can claim is his very own. Every other weapon was made for someone else and then gifted to him.

  34. it is a shame they didn't give zeus his gauntlet in god of war 3 , just imagine the scene where he first wears it !

  35. I think draupnir spear or the claws of hades wins.

  36. Kratos may pass down the Leviathan Axe to Atreus when he's an adult, but he'll definitely keep the Blades of Chaos and most likely the spear too. In fact, when he travels to other lands, he claims a weapon resembling that land.
    E.g. Katana of Fire / Sun or Egyptian Mace of Sand or Roman Gladius of Earth

  37. You cant say that the nemisis whip is not on here they are one of the strongest weapons he ever weilds

  38. I greatest weapon in these games is Kratos himself

  39. My Favorites: Blades/Athena/chaos/exile. The Axe. The Spear. The nemean cestus. Blade of Olympus.
    OK/good: bow of Apollo. Claws of Hades. Blade of Artemis. Arms of Sparta.
    Meh: spear of destiny. Barbarian hammer. Nemesis whip. Gauntlet of Zeus.

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