The 24/7 PVP Ground War That Rages In The New Arma Game -

The 24/7 PVP Ground War That Rages In The New Arma Game

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  1. Arma reforger is such a piece of shit. It’s the most casual arma there’s ever been and only shadows how stupid 4 is going to be if it’s like this

  2. I love how it starts Run it's a Btr 😮😂🏃🏃🏃

  3. Longest game I've had on on GRU so far was 10 hours. Had I think it was 4 moments where the game was gomna end but someone or some squad clutched it. Before anyone asks, yes I was playing from the beginning of a new round to the end of it.

  4. Are the optics bad on this? The midroll ad for the war game is not during gameplay of their own game?

  5. When you get shot your clothes turn a brown color from the blood. Then your clothes look different. They need to fix that.

  6. i remember my friend gifted arma reforger to me a year ago because he wanted to play the dayz mod. this makes me wanna play mil sim now

  7. I thought this was Squad, and I thought they finally added destructible environments.

  8. Darkgru only arma server I have ever been in and I love it

  9. Just bought Reforger cant wait to hop in a server

  10. thoose t72s going by was like a scene from a movie

  11. 09:40 bringing out your inner Buck Compton there i see! pitching grenades like their baseballs.

  12. the humvee driver really wanted that 1v1 with the btr

  13. as long as i get more than 40 fps and a half functional game im happy

  14. Not even in simulation the yankees can defeat the Russians.

  15. Let's go! Dressing playing east Europe LETSSS GOOOOO Drew's if you check the arsenal box where the clothes are and to to the last page theres a stinger that actually locks on helis

  16. Love your videos I bought arma 3 and I also have dayz for console but I can't wait to get, dayz for computer.

  17. The "Mi" in "Mi-8" is pronounced "Me". Until we meet agaaaaiiiiiinnnnnn!

  18. what's the server name? I'm highly considering getting the game now purely off of this vid lmfao

  19. this game looks like alot fun especially that vietnam server in a newer vid but I haven't played arma since like arma 2 LOL it feels kinda intimidating

  20. some news outlets will use this as ukraine war footage lmao

  21. right around 16 mins just talking walking through the forest talking then sudden gun fire an contact front man arma games just do it different roll on arma 4

  22. I can't get my fps above 30 fps 😑😑

  23. This is realistic, the russians have no consistency with their weapons, its all just whatever the hell is available at the time

  24. Heard that reforger game has lost a lot of players and servers are now deserted or have low players, and that it has a lot of bugs and costs too much for what it is, solo game is boring too

  25. Drew: why am i so slow

    2 minutes later: throws 30 frags

  26. I bought Reforger recently cause of the boost in popularity and after hearing that it got some updates that made it a relatively steady game, but the lack of communication and cohesion with the squad was extremely frustrating.

    I felt like I was lone wolfing and fighting with other teammates on the field more than I was with my own squad 😭😂

    They really need to have grouping up and identifying squad members a bit easier, at least on the map, cause if I can see teammates on the map, I should be able to see squaddies

  27. i think its fun even tho im pretty noob, its fun operating the radio, and just trying to figute everything out and coordinate teamwork

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