The battle for Germany ▶ World War 3 Episode 6 (Full Arma 3 Machinima) -

The battle for Germany ▶ World War 3 Episode 6 (Full Arma 3 Machinima)

Flawless War Gamer
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ARMA3 Machinima Cinematic Movie by Flawless War Gamer
(The battle for Germany ▶ World War 3 Episode 6)

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ARMA3 Machinima Cinematic Movie by Flawless War Gamer
(The battle for Germany ▶ World War 3 Episode 6)

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  1. German air defense? or the german combat helicopters? 😂anyway great work again



  4. I have to ask, what happens to Poland, the Baltics, and the rest of Europe? Will we see them in the next video?

  5. If something like this would ever happen, Russia will be cancelled in the history of mankind and will be called in another name…

  6. Só discordo desse poderia russo aí. A Rússia além de não ser tão bem equipada e muito mal treinada… Além disso não possui capital para dominar as maiores economias . Mesmo que ela é a China se juntem , as linhas de suprimento logístico necessárias são muito grandes e esses dois países não têm capacidade material nem experiência pra suprir . Mas ótimo vídeo. Muito bom

  7. damn,it looks better than most movies.well done😯😯😯

  8. Can you plz make your vids faster so I can enjoy this awesome series of a world war

  9. LOL you really think Leopards would miss any shots at that distance^^ delusional idiots. Leopards have a first shot hit capability over 95%. Basically every shot is a direct hit. Not this fucking incompetent mess…

  10. Absolutely amazing!! We Definitely need a part2

  11. Well we now know the Russians are in reality paper tigers

  12. Hello @Flawless War Gamer hello I find your videos impressive actions I start in the editing of scenes too but it's long and not obvious. I wanted to ask you how you did the dead on the ground I can't find how to do it? If you can answer me, thank you. good day 😃

  13. Not gonna lie, I felt like crying upon opening YouTube and seeing this first thing<3

  14. This is just honestly incredible, your videos brings me back to my teenage years when I would first play MW2 and MW3. Just awestruck at how every single part has gotten better and better.

  15. I hate how well done this series is only because the events that occur do not fall into the realm of reality.

  16. Flawless War Gamer can I please ask the link for the russian radio chatters?

  17. Wow, you've clearly given the Russians more credit then they deserve. They can barely move a couple hundred miles into Ukraine without getting smashed. Imagine what a prepared German military would do to them. Btw, I really like your vids and I'm a subscriber. I think your portrayal of Russia is what a lot of people thought 2 years ago could happen if Russia mobilized and tried to invade a neighboring country. We now see how pathetic and unorganized the Russian military really is now.

    You should do a vid if the Ukranian conflict. I'm glad to see you're back posting vids after such a long absence. Hopefully we won't have to wait another year for you're next.

    Thanks for your hard work.

  18. Waiting for the episode where they finally take care of ISIS for starting this war

  19. Однозначно дизлайк, выставить РФ террористами это не по человески(

  20. where is India ??? China ??? Brazil ??? North Korea???

  21. What idiot created this scenario? It is total BS.

    In the first place the Russians have proven in Combat in the Ukraine they are in fact a paper tiger. They have had their ass beat all over Ukraine and it so bad that Putin is having to resort to press gangs and a forced draft to get people to join what is left of his army. So please let's not come up with a BS scenario's like this showing the Russian Army as some unbeatable juggernaut that will bowl over anyone they fight…it isn't happening. And why? It is because every aspect of the Russian government and segments of Russian Society in the person of the Russian Mafia is totally corrupt to the marrow of it's bones not to mention the fact their is nothing to fight for outside of your own country when there is no democracy within it. Putin and Oligarchs own and run everything…so why bother? Additionally, the Russian Military is very poorly trained. The professional leadership professional portion of the military is corrupt and treatment and care of the Common Russian soldier is absolutely criminal and terrible.

    Also there is no way that Russians, as people would fight for anything but Mother Russia. They have proven that by voting with their feet by LEAVING THE COUNTRY. They want no part of war with Ukraine much less NATO. This is 2022 and things have changed…and no national government would be able to whip it's citizens into a major war without a major provocation such as an actual invasion of a nation. And NATO and the Rest of west will NEVER DO THAT EVER because there no reason or need to. Russia doesn't have anything that anybody wants. And free trade between nations to purchase natural resources is much less expensive and much less destructive than prosecuting a war…so why bother?

    The world is sick of war…as war has become way too expensive…one only has to look as what is happening in Ukraine and other nations to figure that out. Wars destroy everything and it's takes generations to rebuild. So why bother when the world uses free trade of natural resources, goods and services without resorting to war? It would be stupid to do it.

    The only thing left to fight about is the politics of racial purity but that conflict is only pushed by a very very small minority of insane stupid moronic people who think they are better than everyone else. But even that conflict can easily be shut down internally by voting out those who preach such stupidity. That problem doesn't have to have a WWIII to put a stop to that.

    The days of empire are over…the days of massive hegemony of one nation over a bunch of others are over…because world and human survival depends upon people getting along and fixing the problems we all face together…global climate change, over population, resource scarcity, Fresh water scarcity and oligarchy controlling the most of the world's wealth. And these problems can only be solved by cooperation between nations and people.

    So this scenario is simply about 100 years behind the times. Let's be clear about one other thing….Nuclear War has made WWIII impossible. Any idiot that is stupid enough to use nukes will sign not only their own death warrant but the entire world's as well…Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD)…is a fact. There will be winners…only losers and the only thing left will be ash.

  22. This suddenly makes no sense since they can't even conquer Ukraine lmao. Imagine them trying to invade Germany again? LOLLL

  23. Thats how war actually works while most citizens want war they didnt even think many times like what zelensky maid a wrong decision

  24. like the world war Nazi Germany VS Russian Soviet units.

  25. Estoy totalmente emocionado por ver el siguiente capítulo!

  26. This is epic have been following other series and they are great…mind if we can get more in touch…I would love to learn the art

  27. Русские снова злодеи ? А ну да, везде лепят русских злыми и кровожадными.

  28. European propaganda shows how "cruel" the Russian military is, you see 2 pictures from both sides, but do you believe 1 picture where Russian soldiers are shown from the bad side, so you are all Russophobes

  29. Russians: cant even secure one district of ukraine after 10 months of war
    Also russians: want to invade little germany who nearly defeated them in ww2 ^^
    Also germans never would make mistakes like the artillery battery or an ambush poorly planned like this 😉

    Otherwise: great great job with this video

  30. The current state of the German Army by all accounts is quite pitiful.

  31. Is this all ai or real players in one game? Never played arma 3

  32. Bruh first fight dont have any sens like if you think nato make a rush b style you are in big mistake and where is german and nato air force ? Wtf man

  33. Komplenty bez sens autor nie zna sie kompletnie na taktykach wojskowych czy podstawach obrony które stosuje nato, większego badziewia nie widziałem , rosjanie zrobieni z niezniszczalnych materiałów co przetrwają ostrzał haubic 150mm xD nie wiem co autor ma w głowie ale może niech idzie układać lego a nie robić animacje

  34. oh my gaz. dude. you legit made my night thank you, I struggle with depression and these videos always inspire me to get out of my funk an be creative. thank you your work doesn't go unnoticed

  35. Where is episode 1 i really want to watch it

  36. Keep it going FWG, this is one is even better, now the French are going to get involved, a combined Franco/German offensive, bet Foch and Von Hindenburg are watching from beyond, wonder what they're thinking.

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