The battle for Germany ▶ World War 3 Episode 6 (Full Arma 3 Machinima) -

The battle for Germany ▶ World War 3 Episode 6 (Full Arma 3 Machinima)

Flawless War Gamer
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ARMA3 Machinima Cinematic Movie by Flawless War Gamer
(The battle for Germany ▶ World War 3 Episode 6)

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ARMA3 Machinima Cinematic Movie by Flawless War Gamer
(The battle for Germany ▶ World War 3 Episode 6)

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  1. Best war video i well have ever seen….
    I love that….❤️❤️❤️❤️
    We need this kind of video more…💥💥💥

  2. Алексей Голобородько says:

    Отличное видео
    Только авторам на заметку "Град" устарел в армии РФ на замену граду пришёл ''Тайфун'' и ''Кама'' это как по мне смотрелось бы по красивее

  3. Sorry i just cant get hyped knowing russia sucks cant even advance in ukraine

  4. Did I just watch a hollywood movie? dang

  5. Зьлёй рюзьки Николай делать войня против хароший немецкий бюргер. Нихароший.

  6. very well done my only gripe is where is the german airforce, they'd tear russia a new asshole

  7. this is a really great animated action movie.👍

    but i think it needs more body dismemberments when a soldier gets hit with a explosion.

    saludos desde argentina 🇦🇷

  8. I wonder what dragon lord was doing during the invasion

  9. Theese videos are so realistic makes me physically unwell to watch great job really getting the anti war message keep it up

  10. If Russia was this smart, we're seeing the next World War by now but there dumb as hell

  11. и считая дни, когда разразится настоящая мировая война

  12. Video und Animation sehr gut gemacht, Handlung leider unrealistisch übertrieben und falsche Waffen

  13. well now we know russians cant even defeat ukraine

  14. This is just amazing i cant believe how amazing this is (sorry for bad english)

  15. These machinemas are slapping different more and more.

  16. This series is great however this has to be from a parallel universe where the soviets didnt collapse as badly leading to them actually being able to build a military that can rival the west. Because irl they cant even break through ukraine so them pushing the GERMANS all the way to france means that in this parallel universe russia is crazy strong and even rivals the usa, same goes for china also rivaling the usa in this scenario. While this isnt true to our reality i could definetly see this happen, and in such a scenario this is actually extremely realistic and shows the actual horrors of war not just maps and numbers. Especially that scene with the german burning and his friend watching in horror. What makes this even better is the fact that i understand german and all their speech matches perfectly to what is happening/what they are doing this means you put alot of effort in details aswell. And i love law enforcement fighting along the military. The only thing that has me wondering is where the nato air support is. No way they establish aerial superiority so quickly. The frogfoots, hinds and alligators wouldve been dealt with quick by the luftwaffe or even the USAF. However i dont want to critizise because this is an absolute masterpiece. Keep up the great work.
    PS: Even tho i had ^some critisicim you shouldnt take it to heart. Continue what youre doing however you want to do it, thats what makes this series so great. Would love to see from the chinese and americans again maybe even canada and mexico helping usa…

  17. It looks epic and cool, but let's be realistic, Russia would have had 1/3 of its helicopters go down by themselves, and half the paratroopers wouldn't have had their parachutes open. The brutal reality showed everyone what corruption has done to the russian army and how backward it is.

  18. Waited almost a year for this and it is totally worth it! You deserve to work in a proper animation studio bro!!! Keep making more contents like this!

  19. Ah… On arrive dans le feu de l'action 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷😄

  20. Hopefully Episode 7 will be published anytime soon.

  21. What a wonderful piece of art man….. 😍😍😍😍. It was as if it was happening all in real life. Horrifying 😂Anyways WW3 in comment section. 😂

  22. Что то здесь, какая то слишком крутая русская армия

  23. Хаххаха какая фантастика!!

  24. La fin est génial 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷

  25. The Russians couldn't engage the germans that far away since their tanks have auto loaders which decreases their ranges.

  26. Man these videos serve as a sobering reminder how horrific a full scale world war today would be

  27. Such a weird feeling seeing your own country fighting a bloody war even if it’s only a machinima
    Let’s just hope Germany never needs to defend itself against a Russian invasion
    Great work

  28. 24:54 there one Russian soldier says " Отстоем нашу землю" – Let's set aside our land translation! You know it's funny!

  29. first time i'm glad to hear an aggresive german soldier

  30. Ah modern warfare 2010 the memories

  31. Firstly,In the beginning it doesn't hope to knock over russian convey .However at the end excitingly France military send its palatune to nutualize enemies

  32. Complete unrealistic. Leos are never fighting alone. There is enough AA-capacity, and a Leo will never sit like a duck in the bushes.


  34. Feel so satisfied seeing Russian Force being put down in large. It's what they deserve if they invade others and put loyalty to Putin. Wish them get the same in real life if they choose not to surrender without a fight or mutiny against the devil Putin! Putin loyalists life mean nothing to me. DESTROY THE EVIL NEO-AXIS.

  35. Is that supposed to be the Russian army? BAHAHAHAHA!

  36. Nice worl as always, hope we can get some subtitles in the next videos

  37. it's cool, but Russia's victory makes me sad, hate russia

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