THE BATTLE OF WINTERFELL - Total War: Game OF Thrones -


Jackie Fish
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In honor of Game Of Thrones S 8 Episode 3 we have a epic scenario battle depicting what might happen in the battle of Winterfel. Can Jon snow and Daenerys Targaryen defeat the Night King? Will Winterfell hold?

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  1. Dude you should have used one of the Warhammer total wars for these battles.

  2. that's why you need to play Total War before producing a siege scene.

  3. Its sad how this battle lasted longer than the tv show

  4. Wow I wish D&D had actually put this much thought into the battle of winterfell damn

  5. 5 min into this and already a better battle than what we got on tv

  6. Imagine this with Drogon, Rheagal and Undead Viscerion over the skies and Bran just spaced out by a Wierwood Tree doing sweet FA.

  7. everyone was complaining about the darkness but it was literally going on late at night.

  8. Glad the Dothraki actually did some damage in this battle and didn’t all die instantly.

  9. Really really enjoyed watching this I never wacth stuff life this you made it for me good video New subscriber 👌

  10. Does this 7 kingdoms total war mod have a campaign you can play with friends?

  11. Is is possible to play this mod in multiplayer/coop ?

  12. This Was 1000 times Better than The Real One! that whas so Disapointing

  13. The northern defenders should've watched this video to see how it's done…or at least they could've learned where to put the darn tootin catapults

  14. What's this, this isn't right. I ACTUALLY CAN SEE EVERYTHING

  15. Your tactics were a lot better than the ones actually used in the episode!

  16. This is nothing like the battle of winterfell, i can actually see what is happening

  17. "The Dothraki are flanking from the left, right and centre, that's what they're made for"

    Me: Brings D&D "You heard that? Left, right and centre. Not running straight into them without a care in the world"

  18. Does anybody know which map he is using for this battle on Attila?

  19. Hey, you should do a battle of Mereen and Kings Landing

  20. y'a que Jorah qui est mort dans ta liste

  21. why did they stay on the walls? it made no sense….even the arches would have helped as a multiplier while fighting the back choke points…

  22. You even had the unsullied ready to protect the retreat! kudos to you

  23. Season 8 spoiler alert
    Btw literal spoiler alert

    The person with blonde hair dies

  24. SPOILER ALERT: The Dothraki Screamers Got Killed in instant in the season 8

  25. Should have played at night , the night battles are best…

  26. The intro is literally what happened in the series

  27. Artillery commander: LOOSE!
    Artillery commander: Actually hold fire since we will probably use ammo later on… right?

  28. He actually got the cav charge right as in that’s how the battle started

  29. try downloading this mod said its outdated

  30. I’m late to this but I fully expected this to be a black screen for about 20 minutes

  31. I’m late to this but I fully expected this to be a black screen for about 20 minutes

  32. Make a battle of trident video mate big fan of yours.

  33. I never watched season 8 but I watched this battle on youtube , and sending cav into the darkness to get butchered was pretty rough 😂

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