The best game China won't let you play. -

The best game China won’t let you play.

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This is the Best Game China Won’t let you play. Say hello to Total War Arena the greatest 10v10 strategy game of all time and as of the 6th of may 2022 you can no longer play this game! Today I will be showcasing the final ever game of total war arena! Total War Arena is statistically one of the best total war games according to google reviews! And consequently one of the best strategy games of all time. For me this game was fantastic but sadly after getting abandoned by creative assembly, wargaming and netease in china the game has finally be killed for good!

So today the spiffing brit is going to perfectly balance this hidden gem of a game that is now unplayable! Do you remember the best game of all time? Did you ever play Total War arena? Would you do anything to bring it back! With publishers destroying games left and right we need to do our part and keep the gameplay alive to stop ubisoft from destroying games like driver san francisco, just dance and even microsoft destroying the multiplayer of classic halo. If you have paid to make a game and create art I don’t see why you wouldn’t want it to be enjoyed for the rest of time. You wouldnt expect to see say Johnny Depp setting fire to pirates of the Caribbean DVDs 6 years after the film came out, I mean of course the dude is too busy fighting amber heard but still it just does not make sense to remove media or effectively make banned games! So why do the same to the best video games!

00:00 – Resurrection
00:35 – What was Total War Arena?
02:27 – Step 1: Find the Website
06:27 – Step 2: Play our first game
10:11 – Step 3: Recruit One Intern
15:13 – Step 4: Recruit Twenty Interns
18:59 – Last Game Ever, Ever
20:03 – What’s next in the archive?
22:06 – Thank you and goodbye?

A huge thanks to @EvoLozGaming for helping save the game and get the game running!

What you have seen here today is part of a fantastic perfectly balanced series on youtube where I go from game to game and break them with wacky exploits to gain things like unlimited gold. If you enjoyed this then be sure to check out more. The style is similar to RT game and callmekevin in parts. A large influence on this series has come from Valefisk and The Killian Experience.

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Title: The best game China won’t let you play.

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  1. Huh the game must have been brutal on server capacity or something.

  2. I played this in alpha and beta, was also looking for this game lately, found it was only in china too. very sad 🙁

    Would love to play it again

  3. I remember me and a buddy played this game and we lured some enemy elephants into the trees ( which makes them vulnerable ) and just massacred them there. We were shouting, chanting and highfivin for hours after that.

  4. One game I miss most of all… I can still play alone. But it was a game called Minions of mirth. It was an amazing MMORPG and the player base was so amazing.. everyone even on the opposite factions were so nice. Pvp was amazing the diversity of choices was amazing… Playing it alone is great… But it'll never be the same as running in groups mowing everything down.

  5. Damn it hurts, i remember playing this game years ago but definetly i forgot sbout it. It was heart warming and disapointing to watch this. But everyone and everything isnt forever, just the memories we carry

  6. And deal with glorious Chinese server, Xiaoping*

  7. Anno 1404 server down is one of the saddest things I have read in a while

  8. The period when Wargaming had this game was awesome, their first game which was not that much p2w and it was so, so fun.

  9. I never knew about this game unfortunately it looks sick I say buy the game and set up servers and I’ll buy the game

  10. can you bring back Planetside 2 how it was when dan bull made a song about it and flying was ridicilously overpowered and fun?

  11. Man I remember watching this game on YouTube as a kid. I forgot who I watched but he loved using hoplites. Good game.

  12. I was crushed when they took down EQOA EverQuest Online Adventures. By far the best MMO experience I’ve ever had. I was a beta tester for the game and played until they shut down our last server.

  13. I was one of the final ever players on socom us navy seals they shut the servers down while I was playing nearly shed a tear I'd played that game since socom 2 on ps2 ethernet connection back on dial up finally moved up to a cable modem and so on that game was the biggest impact on my childhood socom3 socom combined assault socom confrontation or something on those lines whatever the ps3 version was before socom 4 cod garbage came out I'd played every variant all the psp versions socom was life 😂 few people understand when I say I had 20000 hours minimum in just the socom on ps3 how freamin many hours I had in the whole franchise I was a kid who lived on socom servers lol now I'm 28 going on 29 and think about that game at least once a week or more I still have a ps2 with the socom 1 2 3 and the 3 adaptation with new maps ughhhh so many times I think about whipping it out and playing the story mode then I remember I've already played every mission so many times I know all the enemy spawns lmao its just purely for nostalgia at that point. After they shut the servers down I swapped to living on oblivion and eventually skyrim and so on

  14. do not believe this man, I don't think he's British 🙁

  15. do not believe this man, I don't think he's British 🙁

  16. do not believe this man, I don't think he's British 🙁

  17. do not believe this man, I don't think he's British 🙁

  18. do not believe this man, I don't think he's British 🙁

  19. do not believe this man, I don't think he's British 🙁

  20. do not believe this man, I don't think he's British 🙁

  21. do not believe this man, I don't think he's British 🙁

  22. Dude 1st of all thanks for the video and I am just as mad as everyone else. I actually started streaming because of this game it is my favorite game of all time and I would play it everyday. The fact that we cannot have this is mind numbing. I met around 10 people playing this game it is by far the best arena game ever made in my opinion. I pray that the community can somehow convince CA to bring it back. I am still to this day EXTREMELY MAD that is no longer available. If you have any opportunity to discuss this with CA man would that be helpful. I hope that we can get this game back ASAP. Thanks for your time and effort and my fingers are crossed…….PEACE

  23. i hate chinese gov i hate chinese gov i hate chinese gov i hate chinese gov i hate chinese gov

  24. Well the game could be played again if the game files are modified to bypass the server connection check.

  25. I miss Anarchy Online….it's not gone but it is dead.

  26. i never played this game but it seems fun…… oh well… maybe in another life XD

  27. lol I remember one game I wanted to play that wasn't out in the US yet so I downloaded it but you need a KSS number to make the account. I looked for days for one and ended up finding a notepad deep on the internet with over 100k KSS numbers names bdays (they where all dead people) just thinking about it now I prob could have went to jail just trying to play the game. Made my account tho game was fun but I don't think it ever made it to the US.

  28. Thank you , I remembered 2016 when Need for Speed World was Shut down . But thanks to community who not only restored but also opened servers to play this gem till now 🙂

  29. I still miss The Matrix Online. The emu is good but last i checked no combat.

  30. good. fuck online and fuck multiplayer. bring back lan support.

  31. But will this free Tibet or recognize the sovreign rights of Taiwan?

  32. Lucky you didn't get sucked in to the game when the servers went offline.

  33. I still remember my last run on the map and visiting Turnpikee Bridge one last time at Need For Speed World and then deleting my profile with less than one minuto to close the servers back in 2015

  34. I just noticed you actually put your own watermark on all the stock images

  35. Heroes&Generals my fav f2p shooter for ears is shutting down servers in a few days…new devs want 3 millions for a new kickstarter/fund stuff for a new game…so sad

  36. I remember installing this game and then losing track of it and never playing it. Wasn't this on Epic only at some point? I can't remember why I didn't give it a go.

  37. This game was truly incredible and I would have spent thousands of hours on it but this happened. Truly a shame.

  38. For people wanting to play a similar game, there is Conqueror's blade the only diff is instead of having RTS view you have a FPS view based on your commander and a MMO side to the game outside of the battlefields

  39. i had alpha of this game and then it dissapeared without a trace bu gameplay was fun

  40. I played all the stages, had to get all the commanders and all thelevls like 3 times and yet I enjoyed it all. It is really a shame.

  41. There was a mod of CS 1.6 called Counter Strike Online, developed by Nexon, a Korean company. In Indonesia the game was published by a local game company Megaxus. I played it since launched in 2011, until around 2015/2016 when I stopped playing completely. I stopped playing because in order to make money, the developer kept making ridiculously over powered paid weapons. At first, the difference between paid weapons and free ones are minimal. Then they released better weapons and made the previously paid weapons free. This cycle kept on going for several years until the paid weapons were too much to handle. There was a sniper rifle with one hit kill, 100% accuracy unscoped and high rate of fire. Many got this rifle for free from events. You can Imagine a match with 2-3 players running around carrying this rifle and annihilate everybody.

    And cheaters. Cheating situation was so bad, that good players were always accused for cheating. Also the developers were too slow to handle reports.

    Many early players left the game and moved to other games. Due to low player base in the publisher can't keep the game running and shut it down in 2019

  42. This trend that all games need an online server have to stop. Let us buy a game and host matchens ourselves. If warcraft and star craft could do that 20years ago, games now can do it aswell.

  43. Thanks for Watching and Supporting the legacy of Total War Arena!
    The fact this game was abandoned by 3 different publishers is kind of insane but ultimately it was china limiting video game play time that finished it off for good!
    Who knows maybe with enough support we can convince CA to bring it back!

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