The BIG PROBLEM with historical wargames -

The BIG PROBLEM with historical wargames

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  1. What a fucking rediculous premise for a video. You're either massively overthinking this, or genuinely did this on purpose for clickbait. Thinking people could be secret nazis because they want to play as the germans probably says more about you than them. Lost some major respect here

  2. If only there was more to historical wargaming than WW2 Europe/North Africa, even if there was an actual problem

  3. There is NO big problem with historical wargames; this genre has been around for far longer than Fantasy or Sci-fi wargames. Historical wargames have provided me with a great interest in human history and an understanding of 'why wars happen'. We cannot and must not ignore these reasons and continue to re-learn from them. Bad people are going to be bad regardless of whether they have painted a model Panzer 4; equally painting a Sherman tank is not going to make someone equal to Sainthood.

  4. Calling the German armed forces Nazi army is like calling the British army the Tory army or the Labour army. Or the US army the Republican army or the Democratic army.

    Have been historical wargaming 45 years and we never called them Nazi armies. It's only in the last 5 years or so that the internet decided that this was a thing. Stop perpetuating the nonsense. It's a German army. Or Japanese. Or Italian. Or whatever.

  5. Having two grandfather's, at least one step-grandfather through marriage, and at least one great-grandfather who played a part in both world wars, plus being good friends with many veterans of past conflicts I think you both raised a lot of very good and thought provoking points here.

    However, all done in a very subjective, sympathetic and respectful way… for both sides of the front line and I applaud you for that.

    End of the day, most members of armed forces sign up to do an incredibly difficult job regardless of cause and you @mwm recognised that perfectly. 🙏

  6. PLUS!
    Your channel inspired me to get back into modelling and I created a piece that was auctioned off for a well known UK military charity so, thank you for your 'kick up the bum'! 👍

  7. I don’t like this take either but y’all don’t have to be A-holes about it, if he doesn’t like historical war games then that’s his choice. Lord forbid for having an opinion on the internet.

  8. I am so confused, how is the historical wargames such as bolt action potentially an issue because real history can hurt feelings and ptsd from smoll plastic figure
    and then meanwhile ur playing Nassau a german battleship in the sponsorship?
    U know the world of warships ships are based on real historical ships right? <-<

  9. Hey, if you guys don't want that Panzer IV I'd be more than happy to take it of your hands. It deserves a better home

  10. If I'm fare I play axis Germany in bolt action as it is a good army in not a nazi

  11. As much as I hate fascism boy do I love painting Germans

  12. The things said in this video are ridiculous and honestly, quite childish.

  13. 40K and fantasy gaming is based on history, and historical content. Historical gaming isn't popular, purely because of aesthetics, plus people have to learn history, and that's "like soooo booorringg doooood!" . If you're uncomfortable about ideas expounded in what is one tiny bit of real history represented by moulded bits of plastic, how in the hell do you cope with the ideas in 40K then? Slaanesh for one, that OK with you? Because that's always irked me, selling that stuff to kids, and i'm a keen 40k player.

    Neither of us have experienced these things in reality, thankfully, yet one is simply represented more realistically than the other. Or is this simply a matter of you painting a red cross on your enemies door so you are passed over by any potential problems or loss of income so you don't actually have to get a job?

  14. What a stupid video. Nice click bait title aswell should be "My" problem with historical wargaming. Historical wargames may seem less "popular" only because of the the saturation of Warhammer content on social media. Every wargaming club I have been to has about a 50/50 spilt between fantasy/sci-fi and histortical. Alluding to far r!ght people playing WW2 wargames is an odd take especially when looking at 40k. Because its fictional its ok?? Your last take on reasons why peolple might play such armies is also ridiculous, have you ever played Bolt Action or interacted with other Bolt Action players (especially German ones)? Oh and you do realise World of Warships has Axis ships but I guess as someone who plays the game you would know that? I guess sponsorship money matters more than your opinions you are voicing in the video

  15. I've been to some deep places in Afghanistan. I'd love to play against the Taliban or as them even. sounds like there's some Karen's out there who haven't even been to war…it's a board game for crying out loud

  16. I'm a static scale modeler. I tend to build mostly Russian and PRC vehicles for some reason, even though I'm well aware these countries are pretty much "baddies". I don't feel like I'm supporting Putin or Xi when I build a T-14 or a ZTZ-99.

  17. Most_Certainly_DEFINITELEY_not Cainan says:

    You knew damned well you were gonna stir up a hornets nest with this video and the utterly stupid shit you said here, but hey, controversy generates views! You're a good painter mate, can't take away from that but I will not sit here and let a dude that shagged and ran away with the hired help after his missus had his twins sit here and lecture me on bloody morals!

  18. The virgin virtue signaler vs the chad bad guy player

  19. Overthinking tabletop miniature gaming. Someone had to play the guards in Escape from Colditz. There's no 'big problem' here.

    This is click bait and you are part of the world’s the most dire problem of passing judgment on facile and emotional grounds.

  21. This really paints history as black and white and not 100 different shades of gray. A 19-year-old German drafted into the Wehrmacht may not have been the horrible evil Nazi you think he was. Someone has to play the Soviets right? Were they the "good guys"? Despite siding with Hitler, invading Poland with Germany 16 days after they invaded and committing their own atrocities as the war went on. I mean history is gray and things aren't black and white like we want to believe because we want to believe in absolutes, but remember… only a Sith deals in absolutes.

  22. the hypocrisy here is so fucking great!

    the guy gets sponsored my a historical video game that has the reich in it and primarily takes place in the 1942-45 setting!!!!!!

  23. Weird that you would criticize bolt action for having nazis, then go on to plug a sponsor for World of Warships where you can play as the nazis…

  24. Ppl just like the way the tanks planes and uniforms look its really not that deep.

  25. I just learned about your channel recently and have been binging and enjoying a lot of your Warhammer content but man, this video is such a bad take. Very disappointing Guy.

  26. I mean the Americans still had segregation etc during the war years. Whilst that was not as evil as the Nazis it was still bad. Playing with any army does not mean you endorse their beliefs. Black Templars players do not all want to kill religious heretics and people with mutations. Tyranid players don’t want to eat people. How is world of warships different to war gaming also?

  27. This is why I don't play historical in fact. Don't wanna be part of something like that.

  28. Wait….wait….so the big problem with historical wargaming….is the history part 😂😂😂

    Bit hipocritical to then in next breath yell everyone to play histotical game in "world or warships" (in which you activley show you playing as….pause…..a nazi warship

    What is happening to this world ffs

  29. War gaming began as traininig and a planning aid for military staffs then expanded into gaming pretty quickly. So, originally "historical or military" gaming was originally about accurately recreating the various military orders of battle and testing operational plans, teaching tactics, etc and not about ideology. WWII armor games became popular as the US, UK and USSR militaries tried to learn lessons and debrief why things happened. They were never about idealizing enemies, though as Western militaries examined the German equipment there was a certain admiration. In addition there is also always the David and Goliath effect a tendancy to make one's opponent seem better than they are to emphasize how wonderful our side was to be able to defeat them. So, with a few exceptions, no one steps into historical games to glorify the Nazis or the Southern Confederates. But there are a few folks out there. …….

  30. Of course now I want to build more tanks for Bolt Action. I already have two. 🙂

  31. I used to play a ww2 mini game. I can't recall what one. But my one friend was A 50 something German Jew. He played the Germans. He lost a lot of family in camps. But he thought the tanks were cooler. You might be over thinking it.

  32. I’m left wing or center left and play N@zis for bolt action happily

  33. Imagine spending 11 whole minutes giving stupid arguments over a board game, then doing an 180 to promote a game with ships from that era.

  34. As a fond Axis & Allies player, being the Nazis is great. Especially considering that I have proven to be a better tactician than the original Nazis. My win ratio is high. So much even that some of my opponents suddenly chose the Axis side.. And lost..
    It has little to do with what you are.
    And when it comes to playing it, what you are REALLY playing is alternate universe stuff, especially when the Axis suddenly wins.
    Much like the movie Inglourious Basterds. In which little makes sense compared to historical facts.

  35. Alright, first off, Germans. They're Germans. Germans and being a Nazi is completely seperate. Learn some basic level WW2 history.

  36. well if you want to paint track faster and easier just leave them in frames and then paint before asembling

  37. I love to play germany, as they were the good guys

  38. You are seriously dehumanizing a war here. You describe the German military as a force filled with violent hateful subhumans when they were soldiers trying to protect their families and country just like any other country. This is just a game for fun, and it’s not meant to spread nazi ideologies, that’s insane. Let people have their fun with realistic war games that you have with Warhammer.

  39. It baffles me that they put out this video and it is sponsored by World of Warships, which allows you to play as the Kriegsmarine. That makes even less sense than the complaints aired in the video.

  40. Guy, you know you can choose to play as factions that arent germany? Also, if you cant discern between who you are really and a character you play as suggests, problems with you in a medical sense.

  41. You should stick to things you understand, like abandoning your kids

  42. 2 of my grandfather's brothers served in WW2. One in the RAF and the other in the British army. My father's stepfather served in the 12th SS. I collect German tanks for tanks and German armies for bolt action

  43. I will say this, for Star Wars Legion my favorite and most played army is the Empire, so space nazis. I HATE actual Nazi's with a passion, like a bullet is worth more than a Nazi life, level hatred for them.

  44. Play World of Warships here:

    Huge thanks to World of Warships for sponsoring this video.

    Use promo code WARSHIPS when you register to receive a starter pack with bonus Doubloons, Credits, Premium Account time, and a free ship! (only for new players who register for the first time on the Wargaming portal, FYI)

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