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✅Warlord: Britannia is a fantastic Roman action strategy game you NEED to check out, made by JUST ONE GUY! Check it out right here:

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2023 is looking absolutely glorious for strategy gamers out there, and in this video, I’ve compiled a list of the most awesome strategy games of 2023 you NEED to know about, both released and unreleased titles! 2022 was a great for strategy, but 2023 might bring even more diverse games into the mix – but which ones actually releases, and which ones live up to expectations, remains to be seen. Let me know YOUR thoughts on the games and this video in the comments below!


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00:00 Intro
00:22 Warlord: Britannia
01:10 The Great War: Western Front
01:58 Spellforce Conquest of Eo
02:32 Company of Heroes 3
03:08 Total Conflict Resistance
03:40 Age of Wonders 4
04:16 Pharaoh: A New Era
04:53 Mechabellum
05:13 Total War Warhammer 3 Chaos Dwarfs
05:21 Crusader Kings 3 Tours and Tournaments
05:36 Hearts of Iron 4 Arms Against Tyranny
05:55 Total War Pharaoh
06:25 Cities Skylines 2
06:43 Manor Lords
07:28 King’s Orders
08:01 Ava: History Untold
08:33 Falling Frontier
09:53 Broken Arrow
10:18 Espiocracy
10:52 Age of Mythology Retold

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  1. GREAT WAr was DOGSHIT. Worst game i have ever played.
    It is basically a mobile game with very little options to play

  2. Please use AI text to speak 😅you got 6 accents in 1

  3. This is an AD.. Had to double back when i saw the first recommendation to figure out wth was going on..

  4. i litrally watched that game being made thats one youtuber trying to create a strategy game

  5. Call to Arms: Gates of Hell Ostfront, just got a new DLC about USA involvement in Europe in WW2. It's a good strategy game. I love the campaign missions and Co-op with friends. You can also play PvP. Editor is amazing making you own battles ect. Men of War is the older series, those games are still great. Also Men of War 2 is scheduled to come out some time soon.

  6. A new RTS comes from a small indie studio from Germany.The name of the game is 2089 Space Divided and is being developed together with the community. It's already a lot of fun in the early access It has multiplayer.

  7. Worst decade for games ever :(And man would think that generations that grow up on games would do a much better job making them, but stupidity prevails again 🙁

  8. I dont get why on earth developers dont just make games we all want. I can think of thousands of ideas that would sell out. What about a strategy game where u manage a dojo…you recruit talent like fms wonderkids ie bruce lee..jackie chan types..train them up enter them into competitions go become best dojo…then once achieved…country goes into chaosxwar you arm your fighters rpg style go to war gettingvto watch the hetoes you recruited in huge total war ( the old goid tw ) games…seeing the heroes you trained carry on their story to unite china perhaps.. ….what about a wildxwest strategy game

  9. I’m a native English speaker and I can barely make out half of what you’re saying

  10. I'm sad none of the RTS this year offers flying flaming pigs as a unit! 😆

  11. Just what I need, more games on my wishlist 😅

  12. Yes, everyone cant wait for another CrapHammer reskin for 70 buck smh

  13. I can see you're very excited by Fallen Frontiers 😁

  14. What happened to ratten Reich and Terminator Dark Fate Defiance

  15. Realms of ruin is the most awaited game for many people (including myself) and somehow isn't on this video?

  16. So Hyped for Falling Frontier. Who else is like me?

  17. Espiocracy and Kings Orders are really drawing my attention. They look like a fun twist to strategy gaming. So thanks for the info on those, adding to my wishlist for sure

  18. Kings orders and Espriocracy are certenly interesting Twists to the traditional Strategy game.

    As someone thats played the grate war western front, Its good but as one might expect form WW1, it does get REALLY TEDIUS after a while. Particularly when you don't make any headway and the game turns into a sloug to see who brakes first.

  19. Nice vid. Just so you know the correct English is ''Addictive'' not addicting. I Hope that helps.

  20. CK3 is going to get Wards and Wardens DLC this year, as well.

  21. its starnge that rumeniaetc they where not part of ussr and they poorer then estonia latvia or lithuania, and poland is similar lvl to est lat and lit, east and middle europe nations who where not part of ussr should be alot richer

  22. Age of mythology is the best strategy game❤

  23. I am waiting for something similar to SUPREME COMMANDER to come along again… 😢

  24. As an egyptian it's really annoying seeing all ancient egyptian games portraying Egyptians as black skinned. Now, that's actual cultural appropriation, not when a white man wears a sombrero. This trendy narrative that current egyptians are colonizers pushed by left and afrocentrists is a bit annoying. And now apparently extending to things we love and anticipate, strategy games.

  25. the title: the biggest and most anticipated strategy games
    the video: rts games

    there is no turn based strategy games like larian studio games, xcom, or something smh-_-

  26. Last train Home is a RTS that I can’t wait to see more of! As well as the Frost Punk sequel!

  27. how did we go from starcraft to this shit lol

  28. Age of Mythology Retold, Manor Lords and Falling Frontier 😀

  29. Im really sad that Savage moon is the most unnoticed

  30. The way you speak is very very "sloppy", meaning I have a very had time understanding what you are saying at times.

    Please try to enunciate the world better. The way you speak is very mumble-y at times.

    And the overly loud music does not help at all.

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