The Bloodline’s under fire as Survivor Series: WarGames approaches: WWE Now, Nov. 18, 2022 -

The Bloodline’s under fire as Survivor Series: WarGames approaches: WWE Now, Nov. 18, 2022

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The SmackDown World Cup continues with two first round matchups, Shotzi faces Shayna Baszler and more. Here’s your preview for tonight’s SmackDown delivered by Papa John’s. Use code WWE at checkout for 25% off regularly priced items!
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  1. Well have to work tonight so no smackdown. plus have to work next saturday so no survivor series. 😡

  2. I love the new look for WWE's Now show, really cool and uniquely done. The creativity they put into their work is epic!

  3. Mustafa Ali vs Ricochet. Braun's nightmare come to life.

  4. Roman Reigns vs Dominic Mysterio Royal rumble

  5. Wwe now needs their own channel and I can’t stand McKenzie Mitchell she’s as annoying as Kayla and rude mean disrespectful and always get attitude with wwe superstars and like to make jokes and laugh in the face and think it funny and also get at mad also get mad at superstars and flirting with female superstars and stand so close to them and smiling at them

  6. I must go stronger if I ever dream to fight Roman Reigns and the Bloodline, this is just a wish not a challage okay

  7. one of the bloodline will betrayal roman reigns

  8. Give solo the US Championship And Intercontinental Championships

  9. My god this company is deteriorating substantively to hell.

  10. La crise climatique est importante et urgente, plus important que lutte
    The climate crisis is important and urgent, more important than wrestling performances

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