The Brothers War w/ The Professor l Game Knights 58 l Magic: The Gathering Commander Gameplay EDH -

The Brothers War w/ The Professor l Game Knights 58 l Magic: The Gathering Commander Gameplay EDH

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Show Notes:

Ages ago, two brothers started a war that would tear their world apart. Now, four Game Knights begin a battle that threatens to repeat history! Witness one of the most epic Commander conflicts ever recorded, featuring the long-awaited return of The Professor from Tolarian Community College and D&D streamer Lexi McQueen (a.k.a. Black Girl Mage). They’ll face off against Jimmy and Josh with decks featuring the brand new cards from The Brothers’ War. The battle lines are drawn, and you don’t want to miss it!

It’s Mishra vs. Urza vs. Kayla vs. Ashnod

At the end of the day, war never changes. Only One May Stand!


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Where to find our guests online:

The Professor (Tolarian Community College)
Twitter: @TolarianCollege

Twitter: @blackgirlmage


Deck Lists:

JLK’s Ashnod:

Jimmy’s Kayla:

Prof’s Mishra:

Lexi’s Urza:



Directed by: Josh Murphy
Post Production Supervisor: Jake Boss
Executive Producer: Josh Lee Kwai
Co-Producer: Jimmy Wong
Lead Editor: Josh Murphy
Edited by: Manson Leung & Jake Boss
Lead VFX: Sam Waldow
VFX Artist: Evan Limberger
Production Design: Ladee Danger
Assistant Editor: Arthur Meadowcroft
Assistant VFX: Patrick Nan
Director of Photography: Jake Boss
Sound Mix: Josh Murphy
Theme Music: Post Malone
Casting Director: Ashlen Rose
Judge: Jamie Block
Writers: Jordan Pridgen & Jamie Block
Production Assistant: Truc Thai

Urza, Lord Protector (voice): Jordan Pridgen
Queen Kayla bin-Kroog (voice): Ashlen Rose

“Backseat Bros”
– CREW –
Directed & Produced by Josh Lee Kwai
Written by Jamie Block & Jordan Pridgen
Edited by Gaurav Gulati
Post Production Supervisor: Jake Boss
VFX Artist: Sam Waldow
Director of Photography: Jon Salmon
Gaffer: Jonny Strellman
Key Grip: Jamie Sutor
Production Design: Ladee Danger
Costumes: Ladee Danger & Silas James
Make-Up Artist: Jessica Torres
Casting Director: Ashlen Rose
Production Assistants: Truc Thai and Craig Blanchette

– CAST –
Mishra: Bryan Scamman
Urza: Ryon Thomas


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  1. I feel people don't say it enough but the animations for these crazy commanders are just so gosh darn incredible and deserve more appreciation.

  2. Hope to see Post Malone back on the Game knight with Prof! They are sooo fun to watch.

  3. Good thing I didn't look at the comment section before the watch. That was really fun!
    I love the prof, so I was rooting for him the whole time. So he felt like an underdog to me even while he was dominant and going 1v3. What made the watch more enjoyable was that everyone else on the board was such a good sport and looked kind of happy for the prof.

  4. Serious question: was this made for 12 year olds?

  5. Dockside Extortionist hits the table; whichs grants The Professor Treasure Tokens for every enchantment & artifact in play.

    The Professor tries to comfort the other players, "It's only 13!"😁

  6. “… to me! Oh, Jimmy’s dead” meanwhile Jimmy looks into the camera in disappointment LOL

  7. i appreciate the production level of these videos

  8. If this isn't a case for a dockside ban, I don't know what is!

  9. Legend has it they're still driving away from the thing they didn't see to this day.

  10. Good game professor played like a real deal super villian

  11. I'm on Prof's side here, JLK did him dirty there xP

  12. I just want to say that when he used Moraug at 31 minutes in, it wasn’t main phase it was second main phase so I don’t think he actually had the ability to do a second combat phase

  13. And would mishra have died when jimmy played cursed mirror and became a copy of it because of legendary rule?

  14. this thing never happens to me when I have done it & that is why I don't do it anymore! The gif away you guys created stinks!

  15. Random but where would one find the shirt that Jimmy’s wearing? 7:44

  16. Does Hexplate Wallbreaker and Mourag stack?

  17. when they meld it wouldnt need haste because it says it Enters tapped and attacking right?

  18. That entire opening sequence in the card had me busting a gut while I sleeve my 8th commander deck (this one being Mishra-Grixis. Which runs the Meld and the Tamer of Mak-Fawa). I may have dropped a couple cards, in an attempt to not accidentally damage them while dying from the laughter

  19. 6:00 just imagine for a second I create a dnd game and call it "the all white campaign"

  20. Uff, I sawthis video when airedd and I checkit again now… Lexi had treasure vault while devil was on josh field. Had she use it, he could have build up the field while ping mishra down before it hits again.

  21. Only with Prof comes an episode of "Game Knights" with the perfect placement of the word chicanery, in a comical manner. Keep Merica amused while learning 😂

  22. They got what they deserved… great and fun game

  23. 15:25 I have a friend who plays Wheel of Misfortune, so I'm putting this here just as a quick way to get a comprehensive explanation for the table when somebody inevitably askes what is does.

  24. Nice 1 Professor is EPIC..!
    Nice played all of ya! Awesome !!

  25. @50:11 how does the dragon engine have haste? (lightening greaves can only enable 1 create at a time and its on mishra?)

  26. prof: talking shit and hate about jeska's will
    also prof next turn: i play JESKA'S WILL!!

  27. I like the design of Jimmy's shirt… I just wish they had a version that was red white and blue, with some stars, going in, and the 5 colors with mana symbols coming out… id buy one in a heartbeat.

  28. Lol… i just shaved my head before continued watching the show and when i press play the keeps sponsor starts going

  29. Just imagine getting mathew mercer to join he played magic before and if you do the commander masters pre cons that would be a great introduction to commander

  30. Y'all should do an episode of command zone with quintessential commander.

  31. The Prof is just an amaz8ng guest, and the interactions between Josh and him were on point! We need more episodes with the Prof

  32. One of my favorite and least favorite episodes ever

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