The Complete GOD OF WAR Timeline Explained! -

The Complete GOD OF WAR Timeline Explained!

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The God of War franchise has a sprawling timeline that interweaves its Great Greek Tragedy across 9 games, and 2 wildly distinct mythologies. But how does it all tie together?

00:00 – Opening
00:44 – Ghost of Sparta Flashbacks
02:11 – God of War Flashbacks
04:17 – God of War: Ascension
06:16 – God of War: Chains of Olympus
08:40 – God of War (2005)
12:03 – God of War: Ghost of Sparta
13:42 – God of War: Betrayal
14:15 – God of War 2
17:49 – God of War 3
22:11 – God of War (2018)
25:30 – God of War: Ragnarök
26:12 – Ending

This video breaks down the franchise chronologically, charting the story of Kratos from a hot headed youth, through to a captain in the Spartan army all before his grand odyssey through the Greek and Norse mythologies.

With God of War Ragnarök set to further slide the franchise’s anti-hero, Kratos, into a mythological mire, what better time to dive back into the Ghost of Sparta’s saga of gods and monsters.

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  1. 2:42 – I mean, to be fair, Kratos was desperate. Whether he remembers or not, he wanted to ensure his victory and saw no other way. His army is gone, the battle was all but lost, he's about to die, and obviously doesn't want to die and seeing no other option to continue living and fighting, and knowing the God of War would probably be best suited to help end a war in one's favor, Kratos was obviously desperate and out of options at that point. From his perspective, Ares, being the God of War, he saw that as the best option to keep himself from losing this war and dying, so he can continue fighting for the glory of Sparta. Regardless of his feelings about Ares and what he did to him and his brother, he would rather fight on than give up at this time in his life. He was desperate and made a costly decision knowing what Ares has done prior to the events of this war.

  2. Kratos: lunges straight at Ares Ares: hits Kratos right as Kratos is about to hit himThis guy: Ares just sucker punched Kratos!💀

  3. I just joined the series in 2018 and JFC am I CONFUSED. This is gaming's soap, I guess?

  4. 20 minutes wasted…Didn't even properly finish the timeline and feels like he hasn't played any since he brushes off or mocks multiple key factors of the games

  5. I hope they do some remakes on recent consoles so I can get to play them

  6. I hope they do some remakes on recent consoles so I can get to play them

  7. Nice short video for the people who knows the story to get a little flashback. But you missed a lot of key information like the consequences of killing each god. Even forgot to cross of Magni and Modi from the board who got killed before Baldur.

  8. hey you forgot to mention that one time Kratos fought Shovel Knight in his way Scandinavia and lost

  9. If Kratos Fought both Norse and Greek Pantheons at the same time (GOW3/GOWR only)
    Also i dont got a story for why he would, bc that would take too long.
    When Kratos Encounters Poseidon, he will also fight Thor.
    When Kratos Finds Helios, he will also find Tyr.
    When kratos encounters Hades, he will also fight Baldur.
    When Kratos Encounters and chases after Hermes, he will also fight Heimdall.
    When Kratos Finds Hephaestus, he will also find Freya.
    When Kratos Fights Hercules, he will also fight Magni/Modi.
    When kratos fights Kronos, he will also fight Sigrun.
    When Kratos fights Zeus, he will also fight Odin,

  10. 23:55 Thor has a Giant mother. Not Freya. Freyas only son is baldur in gow.

  11. I loved god of war on the ps2. I just got a PS5 and am loving god of war before I play ragnarok. ❤️

  12. I guess Magni and Modi’s deaths weren’t important enough to include

  13. i wish i could see dislikes so id know if this is a good or bad vid, based on comments you def misinterpreted some stuff

  14. Kratos has died more times than he’s smiled

  15. My only question is, was the first 3 games in Midgard?? Since Midgard is “Earth”, and the Greek Gods are on Earth, why does it seem like hes in a completely different universe???

  16. Why the heck developers did not make games in order

  17. The whole mythology is weird. To me having the Greek and Norse gods in the same world just doesn't make sense for multiple reasons. First of all being the whole creation of the world itself with each mythos having its own version so which one is correct. Also for such powerful beings to have never met a God from the other pantheon. The only logical answer would have to be that midgard is a separate place from Earth. But even then it would make no sense considering in norse mythology Midgard is Earth. All in all I think the GOW franchise has done itself a disservice by not explaining how this all works out

  18. Probably not a popular opinion. But I don't like kratos.
    I don't like his (inexistent) personality.
    I don't like his motives.
    I don't like his decisions.
    I don't like his outcomes.
    There isn't a single thing redeemable really. When are they going to retire him?

  19. I think, someday someone should make a movie series/Anime or web series of God of war story.

  20. I just uploaded a song on my channel please show some love💜

  21. The last time I played a GOW game was on the PSP lol. My ps5 comes in tomorrow I can’t wait to play ragnarok

  22. Am I the only one annoyed that he doesn't seem to like the games and rags on them every chance he gets

  23. This guy is wrong about GOD OF WAR II Athena didnt do anything at the beginning Zeus was tricking him and it's cleared up to be the case rather quickly, He takes the sword too there's no gift horse inspected at all

  24. It was zeus who stripped kratos of his godly powers not athena

  25. Isnt Magni and Modi dead? He kills them in 2018

  26. I think the greek mythology god of war was far better than norse

  27. without subtitle, is hard to understand what he say 😭

  28. This video really should have been done after he played through ragnarok…. then he could go into detail about the end of Odin. Also Magni and Modi were killed in 2018, dunno why you failed to mention that..

  29. But did it ever explain how kratos went from Greek mythology to Norse?

  30. No disrespect for the franchise, but while the first 3 installments were good, GoW 4 & 5 are simply on another level. Heard they're going to make an Amazon series of this. I wonder if it will have as great visuals as the game.

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