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The Complete God Of War Timeline | The Leaderboard

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The Complete God Of War Timeline | The Leaderboard

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The Ghost of Sparta, the Fallen God, Farbauti, or the one who yells “BOY!” every two minutes: you know him under many names, but do you know the full story of Kratos? I’m (NAME) and in this video, we will go over the story of all the God of War games, from Kratos’ early days in Sparta to his adventures in Midgard. This timeline will go over the main events of Kratos’ story in the order they happened for the Ghost of Sparta, which isn’t always the chronological order of the games’ release dates.

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  1. What about the comic God of War: Fallen God, where he travels to Ancient Egypt? Thats after God of War 3 but before God of War (2018).

  2. What is the correct order to play god of war?

  3. Saying you’re going to go in chronological order then immediately starting when Kratos is asking Ares for help instead of talking about his childhood before the first minute has even gone by is so goofy

  4. Probaböy Creatos will go from

    Killer Of Realms and goods to Restorer of peace
    but never lose his original ways or charm

  5. Timeline video itself doesn’t have a timeline lol

  6. I never really got into the series but I just became interested this morning, so this video let me catch up on just how much of a badass Kratos really is.

    I hope future God of War games feature Kratos going to Egypt and throwing hands with their gods. It makes sense, we’ve gone through the Greek gods, making our way through the Norse gods, it’d be awesome to see the Egyptian gods next!

  7. I played the very first two games as a kid and the first new norse one as an adult. I missed so much story in between hence why I'm here .

  8. one angle Boda is not black she supposed to be a snow giant

  9. I alr know the whole story I just love listening to people explain it again 😅😂

  10. Bro how does kratos get more blades after ares dies he just always has chain blades

  11. The next game woud be about atreus who gree onto a young adoult and he woud find the giants and kratis Will be the king of the aesir át the end of the game

  12. Finally somebody who ACTUALLY explains story


  14. This is the amagis second channel bto they sound so similar

  15. it's still unclear how kratos got to midgard that's the one question i have that remains unanswered


  17. Funny how Hades still helps Kratos in God of War 1 even though he murdered his wife

  18. I am playing God of War right now but I didn’t know the story now I know the timeline thank you.

  19. didnt opening the pandoras box cause the gods to go evil? i remember something about that

  20. Can you pin point the exact time it went woke?

  21. How great would it be if Santa Monica studio remade the game, have Christopher judge be the narrator Since he's the current Kratos as he basically tells the story of his life in Greece But young Kratos would still be TC Carson

  22. Do you know what this video needs? More ads. I nearly got to watch more than 30 seconds at a time

  23. Shouldn’t Kratos be already there cause of the time travel

  24. Please do a new updated video with the Valhalla dlc!!

  25. this gotta be the same guy who on the amagi 😂

  26. What is this tye marked warrior still refers to the red marks on Kratos not the ashes of his wife and daughter. It's irony that he would never have the marks if Zeus never had his brother taken. May need to revise this video.

  27. Does anyone think this guys voice sounds like the amagis voice😂😂😂😅😅😅

  28. He should’ve went to his past self to tell himself to not destroy the town that his family died in

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