The Doctor Summons the Time Lords | The War Games | Doctor Who -

The Doctor Summons the Time Lords | The War Games | Doctor Who

Doctor Who
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The TARDIS arrives on a planet where a race known only as the Aliens have gathered soldiers from a number of different wars in Earth’s history, brainwashed them and put them to battle. Subscribe:

Their aim is to form an invincible army from the survivors and use this to take over the galaxy.

Classic clip from The War Games, first shown in 1969.

The Thirteenth Doctor:
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  1. Is it just me or 11th doctor sounds a bit like 2nd.

  2. It took a long time for the Doctor to tell traveling companions outside his own race to tell them that he's a Time Lord.

  3. 2 of the soldiers from different wars in Earth's history who were kidnapped by aliens led by the War Lord was careless when they let go of their grip on the War Chief as the Doctor formed the cube to put in the information about the War Lord's plan and to ask the Time Lords for help sending the Earth soldiers back to their own times on Earth.

  4. "STOP THE FIGHTING!!! or you will force me to summon them!"

  5. Every appearance of the Time Lords post-"Deadly Assassin" has utterly failed to take the implications the Time Lords represent — as seen in "The War Games" — into account. Their science alone should make them untouchable to any other race in the physical universe excepting those that have or are near attaining virtually godlike powers themselves. To be certain, it was a good idea on Robert Holmes' part to depict a Time Lord culture that had stagnated after several million years of near-absolute power. But even at that, every other race not on their level of development should be little more than ants in comparison, whom the Time Lords — even at their most decadent — could crush just by accident, without even noticing. What are the Daleks or the Sontarans against a culture that can customise stars, blow up any planet anywhere just by pressing a button or move whole solar systems anywhere they want to? Making the Daleks the Big Enemy that challenged the Time Lords for universal supremacy in the Time War was just dumb. That challenger should have either been a race of Lovecraftian eldritch horrors or a renegade faction of Time Lords philosophically opposed on a most fundamental basis to the old order on Gallifrey and seeking to displace it either to remake the universe in their image or to destroy it in an ultimate expression of nihilism. Instead, ever since "The Deadly Assassin", the Time Lords have been made more and more ridiculous to the point where it's hard to even take them seriously anymore.

  6. This is one of my favorite Dr. Who scenes.

  7. Could the war chief be the monk from the time meddler and Daleks master plan?, yeah I haven’t seen every 2nd doctor episode so if I’m wrong just correct me

  8. The Doctor had felt some more strain later when he had to send the box to the Time Lords about the War Lord who kidnapped soldiers from diferent wars in Earth‘s history with the War Chief‘s aid and knew that his people will know his location and take him home to stand trial after returning the kidnapped soldiers back to their own times on Earth.

  9. I am glad this isn't missing episode great episode

  10. The War Chief said to the Doctor you may have changed your appearance but I still know who you are. The War Chief had of course met the Doctor before when the Doctor was in his Original Hartnell Body.

  11. The first appearance of the Time Lord communication qubes, just like the one eleven recived forty years later.

  12. The picture quality on this video is incredible. Good job to whoever handled the transfer.

  13. It was good seeing the evil renegade Time Lord being told to do as he's told by 1 of the Earth soldiers that he & the War Lord had kidnapped before the Doctor called the Time Lords for help and that he was afraid that he would get so severely punished for his unspeakable acts.

  14. i love this story, but the thumbnail made me laugh loads

  15. The War Chief HAD to be The Master before the character of The Master was fully developed. He clearly states that The Doctor must not summon the Time Lords or "we'd" be in trouble. The Master was the only other renegade Time Lord besides The Doctor himself.

  16. How weird its to see that for 6 years you never know who the Doctor is and then one episode its just casually said that he's a Time Lord and that's that. Kind of disappointing.

  17. Towards the end of the War Games, The TimeLords put a force field around the planet the aggressors came from. In the Dr Who reboot, Gallifrey was (supposed to be) destroyed. But in the Day of the Doctor, we learned that Gallifrey stands. Through all that, would the force field still surround that planet ?

  18. I won't lie, I love how to escalate things they just start shouting to show the audience "This is bad.".

  19. And there are "fans" who believe that the communication cube it's a modern era invention.

  20. Everyone's the same when they have to ask their parents for help.

  21. You know he could have waited until he was back at the TARDIS, sat right outside the door and done this, and then escaped before they arrived.

    But no, he calls the Time Lords 10 minutes and several miles away, and only just gets caught in the last twenty yards before he reaches his ship. Silly doctor.

  22. The Doctor preferred to risk capture by the Timelords rather than trust the Go Ahead Bus Company to get everyone home…

  23. 2's regeneration is the saddest to me because he knew what summoning the timelords would mean for him and his friends but he does it because it's the only way

  24. It's interesting how the Doctor doesn;t really use Time Lords as a name, more of a description. This is obvious in his inflection – he say "the time lords – my own people"

    The Tiem Lords were so, so much better when they were virtually unnown, pretyt much godlike and didn't (or hardly ever) interfered. The mystery and remoteness of them made them more interesting. The more we knew and visitted them, the less we relied on our imagination, and more on the way they cuold be presented with the show's limitted budgets.

    The budget and effects were simply not up to fully realising the original concept of the remote, godlike and majestic Gallifreyans. And by the time we reached New Who, they'd aready screwed the Gallifreyans up hopelessly.

    They were much better being a race that could wipe out the Daleks effortnlessly, but were aloof, uninterested and didn;t interfere. Rather than fighting the Daleks and losing.

  25. i vagley rememer the trouhton ones in the late 60s both troughton and pertwee were the best

  26. War chief is The Master
    Who else agrees?

  27. What wonderful quality on this clip—the black and white looks sharp not washed out or soft/blurry, there is a clear distinction between black,white,and shades of gray. In addition there are no artifacts such as small scratches etc. Years ago when i watched the few complete black and white eps of the 1st and 2nd docs on public television the eps did not look this nice.It looks to me as if this clip was remastered. I would gladly buy a bbc bluray box set of existing complete hartnell/troughton adventures if the episodes looked as good as this clip.

  28. "It's a box Jamie" The 2nd doctor's personality summed up in four words.

  29. Sorry but Jamie was always very nice to look at but during this serial he looked just * chef's kiss *

  30. Yes 1 2 3 4 doctors are gteat and 12th doctor also brilliant

  31. Not lost in the hands of private collectors that all. You people know who you are come on givem up. People want to see those lost episodes.

  32. You hardly think this is where the idea of a stasis cube came from?

  33. The War Chief was so afraid that the Time Lords will punish him and the Doctor so severely if they're called in for help to send the kidnapped soldiers from different wars in Earth's history back to thein own times. Too bad he got killed later by the War Lord for betraying him.

  34. I swear most of a doctor's last episode is amazing

  35. They really shoud do anthoe story whete the Doctor is sent into Exile

  36. The Time Lords lose their menace after this story but I don't think that's a bad thing. It's a never meet your heroes (or villains) situation and to be fair, Timothy Dalton brought back some of that menace when he played Rassilon in the revived series.

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