The Greatest Total War Game - Rome Total War Remastered -

The Greatest Total War Game – Rome Total War Remastered

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Welcome back to Rome total war! Today we are going to feel nostalgic and have some fun!

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  1. Publius the Mighty part 2 Electric Boogaloo! The soon to be Hero of Romabuu

  2. Scoping were always my favorite faction. Gains was always harsh, and Publius was always crazy. I never once saw any barbarians beat another Roman faction or conquer Rome.

  3. Hi i saw a productions, bulgarian nationalist here you should do pillbox20's bulgaria hoi4 mod

  4. It sucks. Bought it weds, got my money back thurs.

  5. Gaius doesn't use the Phalanx, he uses the Phallus.

  6. "Gay-us Scipio! Who's a political animal! … and ga-!"
    Literally everyone in Rome was gay, have you seen their baths? XD

  7. We need more isorrow total war. I think its the only thing keeping my depression from crippling my life.

  8. It'd be cool if they did another napoleonic era total war or even a ww1 or ww2

  9. is…. is this the remaster or the old game?? i never played the original but this game looks so empty and playdoughy that i cant tell if its the new remastered one or the old one

  10. Why would you ever play this game over Rome 2?

  11. Ah I remember waking up at 3 to play this for two hours before going to high school. Good times.

  12. Honestly, I still think the title of greatest total war title belongs to Shogun 2, with Medieval II very close behind.

  13. Easily the most aggressive Briton AI I've ever seen holy fuck

  14. More! Bronze Age Egypt ftw or the snake penis thracians!

  15. The Remastered AI is so much more aggressive in the early game and I love it. No longer are they leaving easily conquered and prosperous rebel cities for you to steal no problem and dooming their line. Actually means the early game can be somewhat challenging as Rome

  16. 2:05 The House of of Brutus (Brutii)
    Brutii is the genitive case in latin, which makes it like I wrote before, of "X thing". At least in my Latin clases in spanish, y don't how it works in english. Hope this helps you understand the thing.

  17. I just bought this, having played it years ago. Definitely got those nostalgia feels going for this one.
    Also: Ave! From Kiwiland, fellow sheep-shagger.

  18. Yes let's remaster the one of the most iconic games and fix none of the many problems, add nothing and downgrade the visuals.
    I did not expect much but this was very underwhelming.

  19. Hannon is actually hannibal's father he was a general in the first punic wars

  20. So are we just going to ignore how Britain is in Tarentum and the Julii did literally nothing all game?

  21. still want to see more Rome total war it was pretty good 🙂

  22. "They're going up in Russia now"
    Shows Ukraine

  23. Due to Rome's reliance on pillium, I insist on using the term "spear chucker" as a derogatory term for Italians.

  24. the remaster actually has worse battle graphics than the original…
    the original game was an absolute masterpeice.

  25. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND YOU!!! How can you like that?! It has literally worst graphics than rome II !!!!

  26. Isorrowproductions sounded like Goofy… 😂😂😂

  27. If I remember correctly, madras or vindaloo was the cheat code to get elephants

  28. Never played the remaster but I enjoyed playing the og one from 2004

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