The Hardest Boss From Every God of War Game -

The Hardest Boss From Every God of War Game

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“God of War” is renowned for its boss fights, and these are the hardest from each installment. For this list, we’ll be looking at the toughest mystical beings Kratos has ever had to face from every game in the series. Our list includes Zeus from “God of War II” (2007), Sigrun from “God of War” (2018), Charon from “God of War: Chains of Olympus” (2008), and more! Which powerful deity or magical creature gave you the hardest time? Share with us in the comments!

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  1. istg GOW 2005 the cerberus breeders were way harder

  2. Cerberus was more annoying and difficult than Zeus in GoW 3

  3. bro i beat sigrun first try yall just bad

  4. It took me more than 30 tries to beat sigrun on the easiest difficulty

  5. The valkrye queen makes all the other bosses on this list look easy like Zeus just spam the magic attack

  6. Charon is easy for me in god of war chains of olmypus

  7. The one that gave me the most is Persephone . Man she hits like a runing bus

  8. I beat sigrun on my 2nd try how is he hard

  9. Zeus is soooo cheesable, even on Chaos mode. The toughest were definitely, Gna and Sigrun.

  10. For me it will always be Zeus on GOW3. Legit took me like 4 days to get through it on God mode

  11. 𝙡𝙡𝙖𝙢𝙖 𝙟𝙤 𝙢𝙖𝙢𝙖 says:

    While inside gia 😏

  12. Assuming you're on the hardest difficulty
    God of war- Ares. The bosses were piss easy.
    God of War2- Theseus.
    God of War3- the Scorpion.
    God of War- Ascension. None of them.
    God of War Chains of olympus. Persephone.
    Ghost of Sparta- Thanatos
    God of Four- Sigrun
    God of Five- King Hrolf

  13. GOW I=Ares
    GOW II=Zeus
    GOW Betrayal=Ceryx
    GOW COO=Charon (not a final boss)
    GOW III=Zeus
    GOW GOS=Thanatos
    GOW Ascension=a geon (not a final boss
    GOW 2018=Sigrun (bonus boss)
    (GOW ragnarok=Gna (bonus boss)
    Most of the time the final boss

  14. Hardest boss in all the games is pushing away Kratos' daughter 😭😭

  15. Kratos: PUT HER DOWN
    I've never seen Kratos really try to protect anyone more than Pandora before 2018

  16. I finally beat Sigrun. Never thought I would now she's easy af. Equip the right armor set. Max it out & use the right relics. You seriously pretty much can relic spam through her.

  17. For me… Hiemdall is the toughest one! I found out you had to use ONLY the Spear to fight him. The fight was fun, But RAGE INDUCING!!!

  18. Sigrun made me take a whole week to just defeat her

  19. The ghost of Sparta is hard because your playing on a psp I have a pspe1000

  20. Svipdagr the cold boss battle was so broken it makes me want to face sigrun 10 times due to the stupid battle design

  21. Normal size Zeus in GOW 2 was easy for me bc I'd go into Titan Rage which gives stronger and faster attacks as well as infinite magic. I'd just spam the electricity AOE attack (I forget the name now) and swing the Blade of Olympus while he takes chip damage. Normally gets me through the fighting phase until he takes the blade and the cycle restarts

  22. Props to the original God of War. First and only game I know of to have a health bar on your family.

  23. Ares: I was only trying to make you a powerful warrior…

    Kratos: you succeeded

  24. in ragnarök is the triple berserker battle

  25. Playing this game on very hard mode needs sharp skills God of war 1 and 2 I've played in very hard mode took me 3 months especially the clones part

  26. And of course the hardest from gow ragnarok is Gna

  27. Dude, It took 100 tries to beat that Valkyrie Queen on Challenging mode. I took my whole game to school and let everyone have at it. We lost a million times. Then When I got home I connected the game and said man lemme try once and go to sleep… An guess what I won lmao. It was crazy. Go to my gaming channel Lilo's Wrld if you want to see it. I clipped part of it. I had no idea I would win it was crazy man

  28. God of war Ragnarok, I had difficulty beating the berserker king. Definitely harder than Gna

  29. Putting the current gen GOW aside, the hardest parts of GOW were always the later level combination of minions. i.e. fighting the harpes and archers in GOW 1 before finding Pandora’s box.

  30. Bro the sister of fate in GoW 2! Listen 😅

  31. Idk Abt Charon I think Persephone is way harder in hard more or above she is so fast and can one shot u

  32. I did the math for when I faced Sigrun in New Game+ and I figure each attempt took me an average of 30 seconds. 6 hours of attempts puts me at a total of about 720 attempts. I almost cried when I beat her

  33. Still dying to svipdagr the cold and the sisters of illska

  34. I replayed god of war 2018 and got the best armor and I fully maxed everything out and it still took me 5 times to kill sirgun

  35. Gow 2 has to be theseus zeus was hard on titan mode yes but once you memorize his attacks he becomes Kinda easy

  36. I'm surprised that I've only seen one person in the comments agree with me that Persephone is harder than Charon.

  37. Persephone is more difficult than charon

  38. 6:11
    He was damn easy boss
    Ever his daughter is many times difficult than him

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