The History Channel's Civil War FPS is a real game that exists -

The History Channel’s Civil War FPS is a real game that exists

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These games are awful, you should play them.

The History Channel Civil War: A Nation Divided and The History Channel Civil War: Secret Weapons are both games with names that are too long. They should have spent less time making the name and more time making the game 😎

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  1. Yesss I wasn’t alone in owning this game!!!

  2. I think this game got me into learning history and away from just gaming

  3. “First and last?” Bro, War of Rights exists.

  4. I actually really like this game. I got all the achievements and beat it on the hardest difficulty. It was because of this game that I went out and bought me an actual Henry Repeater rifle.

  5. I am the former world record holder for the normal union any% and it was pure pain.

  6. Hey some of us were 12 years old when this was released and absolutely loved this game. I probably played it from start to finish 20+ times.

  7. "The writing budget for this game was one dollar."

    Me: Yeah. One Confederate dollar.

  8. I loved this game as a kid, beat it like 5 times. But I was a kid so…

  9. Damn… Hunt:Showdown looking rough

  10. I'd play it. Not because it's good but because it's one of the few FPS set before WW2

  11. I rented this game actually a few times as a kid when I stayed at my mom's house. It was fun because all of the unique guns. It was different from Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto in that regard

  12. Holy shit I didn’t have this game but my friend did. I had cod 4 n halo 3 I was lucky enough to have them at the age and given my family budget was low. Anyway I remember joking all the time how bad this game was. Brings back many good memories but a bit of shame at the same time

  13. I faintly remember playing this for gamer score on Xbox lmao

  14. It's not quoting star wars it's quoting Harrison ford

  15. this is a shit video and i’m rlly disappointed this is one of the more popular videos on this game

  16. This game exists to let my 5th grade teacher be the coolest dude ever. Every PC in his room had this installed and we basically just played Civil War multiplayer on LAN every single day in his class, even setting up tournaments he provided prizes for winning.

  17. You know, Them being the History channel. You would think they would place the right flag during the civil war era on the title screen. Not the 50 stars state flag.

    During the civil war time there was only 34 states, hawaii wasn't the last state till 1959


  19. Do they really just put in x in my last comment I guessed it dude you don't even read my comments no one does I'm tired of no one reading my comments no I haven't just I can't do risk in a while shall we go back to school you start looking at my comments I really guessed it was x

  20. I mean there’s the War for Rights game, which is civil war fps

  21. This game was awesome. Obviously it was copying Call of Duty, but the graphics and ADS and gunplay was not at all bad. I would kill for a modern Civil War FPS

  22. Your voice is almost identical to Bill Hader's voice , even the jokes XD

  23. Think about how many games have been made about the Russian, English, Chinese, Spanish civil wars for example. Oh wait none. Yet the USA is soooo obsessed about theirs. They always mention it somewhere somehow like its the only thing that ever happened in history xD

  24. I actually really liked this game back when it came out.

  25. forget anyone who says this game is trash its gold gold gold

  26. The two History Channel Civil War games were great! I remember back when I was not allowed to play CoD or BattleField, and these were the only FPS I could play. For the time these were great games.

  27. Honestly watching this I'm kinda impressed the game had some of the basics we've gotten accustomed too, like being able to lean left/right and the weapon going to a lower stance when close to a wall.

  28. Does anyone in the comments know which side in the Civil War was against slavery? Because I can't find it on Google.

  29. Wonder why everyone remember that " dont forget me" and I didnt. Then I saw he was a union boy..

    Southern gang

  30. Bro my grandpa played the shit out of this game ONLY because it was “historical”. refused to play anything else.

  31. As per your request, my guess for the melee key is, k.

  32. I want more civil war games tbh I think it’d be cool to see it in next gen graphics. History of it all, mass charges, lining up shooting on command to be in sync with hundreds of AI allies sign me up

  33. if anyone wants a good civil war fps, try War of Rights. you'll never have more fun running across a cornfield towards a star icon trying not to get shot or stabbed

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