The History of The War Games Match 1987-2002 -

The History of The War Games Match 1987-2002

Notsam Wrestling
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Sam Roberts breaks down the entire history of War Games, The Match Beyond, on Notsam Wrestling.

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  1. I love the war games in wrestling the greatest wrestling matches ever 2 Ring giant steel cage over the 2 Ring I love the Rule the war games

  2. Excellent little history lesson, thanks for putting it together

  3. wwc having own war games match in puerto rico but different Style and rules, all wrestlers team handcuffed over in cages

  4. 35:18 I actually have a story that explains this once upon a time Vince Russo was born the end

  5. Thanks Sam, I was looking for video about "war games" not many out there

  6. Simpleton sam really putting in the Time with his youtube channel now. Even a not sam sponsor on GCW ring

  7. I'd like to see another Wargames match like how they did in 98 where it was team WCW, team Wolfpack and team Hollywood but it was every man for himself and the winner got a title shot. Iirc DDP won it.

  8. 1989 War Games at Great American Bash: Road Warriors, Midnight Express and Steve Williams vs. The Freebirds and Samoan Swat Team FTW!!

  9. Hell yeah Sam this was awesome. Pictures really added to it. Gave it a documentary feel

  10. Thank you for the History lesson here. Great Video!
    Today, I learned that Booker T lost War Games because he got….Bear Hugged….by…The…Shockmaster. (Let that sink in)

  11. Is there any film franchise more influential to pro wrestling than the Mad Max series?
    96 war games set off tons of Stories
    Sting is top, but, it lead to Horsemen questioning Luger which lead to AA not wrestling. Allowing Luger to be WCW main babyface.
    Lead to full nWo dominance for a full year and a half
    Flair being the a full face.

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