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The Largest Wargame Ever Played?

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Could this be the largest miniature wargame ever played? The British news media certainly believe so! In June 2019 organizers at the University of Glasgow staged a 120 player Waterloo game, fought with over 22,000 miniatures on 2,000 square feet of table space. Who put this event together? What rules did they use to play the game? Did the French manage to rewrite history?

“Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy” magazine was on location for this epic battle and brings us exclusive footage of the event! Visit them at

Additional footage provided by Bello Ludi, online at

Proceeds from “Waterloo Replayed: The Great Game” went to support Waterloo Uncovered, a fantastic veteran’s charity. Please go to to learn more about the unique work they do.


  1. you had only 1 life so live your life to the fullest. Its kind of weird although I am one of these type of hobby and toy collecting but thats me. Before I grow old and die, atleast I did what I like.

  2. Not correct – in the 1990s 'Borodino' was done twice in 25mm on 3 table's this size. Took 3 days.

  3. I’ve always been into PC war gaming but I never could find other players to play the few tabletop games I could find with me as I live far far away from people who would be interested in playing. 40 years old now and can you believe that it is one of my sincerest regrets that I never could play something like in this video. Back to Operational Art of War 4 I suppose.

  4. battles these size are regular at warhammer 40k conventions..

  5. Old people playing with army men😆

  6. This is maddness, but it's wonderful! As a wargamer myself and knowing the effort required to properly plan a normal wargame, I have to admire all involved in this.

  7. The only difference is now this time, we don't have a Rothschild to lie about the outcome of the battle and buy the majority of property in London for pennies on the dollar after facilitating a real estate crash.

  8. I just had your video pop up on my screen and before I could even tap it to watch i was already, seriously, laughing my arse off! 😂😂😅😅

    I look forward to now actually watching it.

  9. They should make the battlefield like those vibrating electric nfl games from the 60s.

  10. i really should try to pick up blackpowder and the various wargames at some point

  11. Yay New Zealand. Wonder if its someone else at my war games club that's beaten me 😂

  12. Okay it's settled then we need a game of Empires in Arms where the battles are all resolved by miniatures on tabletop! Where every major leader is represented by a living human being….. And in some cases their staff.

  13. Raaaar here comes the 🦖. Pew pew

  14. What I imagined happened when I was 7 and playing with a bag of plastic soldiers.

  15. I really want to actually play this game it looks very interesting and awesome tbh

  16. It's weird how the mind works..
    I hate war, I hate violence, so why am I thinking that looks like so much fun?

  17. everybody gangsta till someone who thinks its a 40k convention shows up with a warlord titan

  18. I heard one of them had sex later that day.

  19. Miniature wargaming has always fascinated me, and I've play a little Napoleonics way back in the day. Unfortunately I don't have the money or space for them. LOL. So I push cardboard around. But this is pretty amazing.

  20. One of the worst service wargaming…money mongers idiotS!

  21. This is epic!! I love it! Would have loved to be there watching in person! wow!

  22. Imagine being there for it. My headass would be humming or singing "Waterloo" by Stonewall Jackson
    Waterloo Waterloo
    Where will you meet your Waterloo?
    Every puppy has his day
    Everybody has to pay
    Everybody has to meet his Waterloo

  23. Me be like push east and west and stuck many regimen

  24. Too bad they used such a bad rule set.

  25. Ive seen bigger from a warhammer 40k apocalypse match years ago… cant find the video sadly

  26. this looked interesting, then o well just another warhammer (that's what black powder is) ego trip, yyaaawwwwnnnnn

  27. You can play this with 2 players in 2mm……………………………

  28. some random 400 pound dude topples over and falls on that table😂😂😂😂

  29. What must be 30 years ago at least, I once took part in a huge English Civil War game at the Edinburgh Assembly halls (Scotland). I had around half of the Loyalist cavalry under my command and was successfully turning the left flank in our favor. Unfortunately, our infantry was not doing so well on the right flank and the whole battle was pivoting clockwise around the center. There were thousands of figures that took almost the whole year to prepare for this epic battle. To be honest, I can not remember the final outcome other than my calvary was still going strong, all be it at drastically reduced numbers. The exhibition battle was over two days (the weekend) and was so much fun. There is something about moving actual figures around as opposed to today's computer-based wargames. This event looked epic and there is obviously something about Scotland when it comes to war-gaming lol.

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