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The Largest Wargame Ever Played?

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Could this be the largest miniature wargame ever played? The British news media certainly believe so! In June 2019 organizers at the University of Glasgow staged a 120 player Waterloo game, fought with over 22,000 miniatures on 2,000 square feet of table space. Who put this event together? What rules did they use to play the game? Did the French manage to rewrite history?

“Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy” magazine was on location for this epic battle and brings us exclusive footage of the event! Visit them at

Additional footage provided by Bello Ludi, online at

Proceeds from “Waterloo Replayed: The Great Game” went to support Waterloo Uncovered, a fantastic veteran’s charity. Please go to to learn more about the unique work they do.


  1. Pretty Cool. When are you guys at Little Wars TV gonna host something like that?
    Maybe Little Bighorn or Gettysberg or D-Day replayed.

  2. why cant u just play total war age of empires lmao

  3. Or Just play Napoleon Total War like what you doing

  4. They should organize an event on battle of leipzig,largest battle in history until ww1,and the largest of Napoleonic wars,600,000 soldiers will be great to see.

  5. What the rule of this game? How you decide what unit win ecc

  6. Legend says they are still playing the game.

  7. This what people did before hoi games existed?

  8. Wouldn’t a similar thing for ww1 or any other war be awesome?

  9. What rulesets are there for historical games?

  10. Anyone ever do these with those green army soldiers

  11. Please make it on sale on amazon for (equivalent to my countries currency 400 RON) 100 dollars.

  12. How did I not know this was a thing? I’ve got a new hobby.

  13. Odd thing to pop up in my recommend, but worth a sub non the less

  14. So this is what heaven looks like 😍

  15. Idk about biggest wargame ive played operation odessa in 1/1000 with about 40 or so other people.

    And had numerous bigger in scale 40k matches that being said.

    My only other contention was well the lack of you showing the actual game like come on!

  16. Everyone Gangsta until the Adeptus Titanicus arrives.

  17. guys never seen me play Warhammer 40k against my homies

  18. This looks really cool, hope it expands to other wars and to America, I'd go.

  19. "Total War was released at 2000"
    "Meanwhile people at 1999"

  20. In Wellington , New Zealand, at the Wellesley club, on the 200th anniversary, we battled Waterloo in 28mm. Approx 10,000 models.

  21. Ha! They should try playing tyranids. 22k is nothing

  22. way too many shots of dudes talking, not enough game shots.

  23. Wowww 😻 fantastic channel
    Regards from Peru 🇵🇪🥁⚔️

  24. I really love stuff like this but my siblings and cousins really don’t care much for history or for long strategy games so you can imagine how sad I am during quarantine

  25. Imagine being a soldier on that battlefield so many years ago, coming back, and seeing that grown men are playing with action figures, reenacting the battle 🤣

  26. Lul, when I was kid I played a lot in wargames like this with myself, but my infantry were from paper, cavalry from chess or checker figures, artillery was from construcor details and the battle scale was ~600-700 soldier.

  27. its all fun and games until someone brings a space marine and everybody groans in despair

  28. you had only 1 life so live your life to the fullest. Its kind of weird although I am one of these type of hobby and toy collecting but thats me. Before I grow old and die, atleast I did what I like.

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