The Match Beyond: A Look Back at the History of War Games -

The Match Beyond: A Look Back at the History of War Games

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It’s one of the most iconic match types of all time … and now, WAR GAMES finally debuts for the main roster at Survivor Series! I take a brief look back at the history of War Games, from its humble beginnings in 1987, to how it survived in the years after WCW’s demise, to NXT to today!


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  1. Ahh <Name Redacted> Pro Wrestling. Those were good times. I cant believe they were the ones that gave us Rey Mysterio vs Alberto El Patron

  2. I didn't catch if it was mentioned but MLW actually owned the copy write to the name War Games. I'm sure that this was a sticking point for the WWE to ever consider using it but eventually WWE purchased it from MLW.

  3. I can't wait to see war games this year. I hope it's as epic as they're hyping it

  4. As with any cage match, War Games works best with a solid feud going into it. I'm not quite feeling that with the Usos vs (checks notes) The Brawling Brutes…? And on top of the women having one just for the sake of having one (like always), I have my concerns about WWE weakening War Games (like always). However, I am still looking forward to it, because how can I not? It's War Games! The Sami/KO dynamic should be fun to watch play out.

  5. Lol proud my hometown is the first place a cagematch took place. Sounds bout right

  6. nothing beats the Dusty Rhodes War Games era, him the road warriors, and the Horsemen! they created the best matches.

  7. War Games means violence. People like violence.

  8. Hogan vs the Giant at Halloween Havoc 95? In a monster truck Sumo match?
    That's ought to be a classic! I'm sure it is the topic of fantastic songs to this very day!

  9. I mean, WWE obviously needs something to replace Hell in a Cell which they ruined with that Rollins vs Fiend shitshow in 2019.

  10. 11:29 pause…f you if you are a UW mark…I really don't care for you…long live the England bulls… Long live Double D..TDK,DBS!!!!Dyno Davey…

  11. 14:43…salute W3 WBs.. bobby and gorilla…only 2 I am down with… certified historians..2 cool…aka only content allowed…besides JC…top 3 only…and Andy too…4 horseman…totally made that up as I run my thoughts in comments..

  12. Just like have said WWE has bastardize it with taking roof off it, and if think it should always be submit or surrender it is war, also need color for it be good

  13. I enjoy wargames because you're able to do things that you can't do in any other match. You have two rings and a cage to play around with. I know some didn't like the removal of the top cage top but i don't see it as a big issue. There's no reason to escape the cage and the people involved are already locked up in the holding cage so you shouldn't have a bunch of people trying to get in. I felt removing the top lead to more options including for filming but i can imagine a scafold part where the rings connect can lead to fun creativity for high flyers to always have a spot to jump off of plus holding onto it and spring with the ropes.

  14. RIP Dream 🇺🇸 One of the greatest minds in the history of the business.

  15. Love this video. I Remember seeing War Games on PPV at a friend's house as a kid and thinking "holy crap this is awesome"

    One of the things that WCW did really well for years

  16. It's ashame cody had to miss the first war games

  17. I’ve seen most of your videos and this is by far the best. Keep up your good work and production quality. Great vid.

  18. team sting vs dangerous alliance was SOOOOOO good

  19. im sure the wargames in wwe is always a bloody brawl. SMH no blood is such a joke

  20. I first saw Wargames in '92 with what was absolutely amazing!! I grew up WWF but as my teenage years WCW started getting my attention with Sting Vader Steiner Brothers Pillman and Austin to name a few and I was intrigued on WarGames and it delivered and it's still my favorite today but NXT has done a great job and WWE really delivered at SS this year but again '92 will always be my favorite.

  21. 1992 and 1994 are my two favorite WCW War Games matches. I love that WWE brought it back. To this day, I still get chills everytime I hear the ring announcer say "Let the War Games Begin!"

  22. It just hits harder when Regal yells "WAR GAMES!"

  23. Wrestlewar 1991 and 1992 are my 2 favorite wargames matches.

  24. I will always believe McMahon sent Russo to WCW to destroy it. Nothing will ever change my mind.

  25. My favorite WarGames was in 1989. Seeing the Road Warriors doing those flying shoulder blocks from one ring to the other against the Samoan Swat Team was incredible. When Animal executed his against Samu, JR said it looked like Animal had been fired out of a cannon or something like that.

  26. I actually liked the Tower Of Doom format and use it when I play my pro wrestling board game because it's easier to simulate that one than a typical War Games match.

    That being said, my favorite War Games match is the one from 1993. I'm biased because I was second row ringside for that one at the AstroArena.

  27. Vince Russo's wcw was more like a circus with a lot of corny wrestlers and gimmicks. rules being easily forgotten and it really felt like No one gave a single f about being consistent or coherent. Before Russo, it was decently good. a lot of the wrestlers looked so corny and goofy like "Stunning" Steve Austin and Dustin Rhodes, but the matches usually had good ring work and psychology to invest in.

  28. I love that Pat McAfee has been in a WarGames match

  29. The Elite vs The Inner Circle would’ve been a great Blood and Guts but Stadium Stampede was a good replacement

  30. Roderick Strong teaming with The Authors Of Pain was an interesting visual

  31. 8:23 He appeared at Wrestlemania XI, but did not compete.

  32. 14:24 The Rise & Fall of WCW dvd from 2009 is filled with inaccuracies (like Kevin Nash booking himself to end Goldberg's streak), truths that don't go in-depth (like Vince Russo running WCW in 2000), and ignoring important moments that needed to be discussed (like the real life heat between Flair and Bischoff). Thankfully, the company redeemed themselves by righting all of those wrongs in the Monday Night Wars docuseries that aired on the WWE Network

  33. They Should Bring Starrcade Back as Either the December PLE on the Main Roster or an NXT Special Event in Some Form/Fashion

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