The Match Beyond: A Look Back at the History of War Games -

The Match Beyond: A Look Back at the History of War Games

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It’s one of the most iconic match types of all time … and now, WAR GAMES finally debuts for the main roster at Survivor Series! I take a brief look back at the history of War Games, from its humble beginnings in 1987, to how it survived in the years after WCW’s demise, to NXT to today!


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  1. So glad vince is gone..gonna see alot of old wcw ideas… chamber of horrors up next. Bring back Abdullah the butcher

  2. CZW cage of death 5 was basically a war games match no matter how you dress it up. Wasn't the hell in a cell according to cornette a cross between the memphis cage and war games?

  3. Believe it or not, the 1st War Games I saw with the Rhodes & Nasty Boys is my favorite. The only thing I wish was available for sale as a copy was Dusty's shirt the NB made for him. "Nasty Dream" for life!

  4. The first War Games from 1987 is my all time favorite match! It has the height of the Horsemen, Dusty and friends being over as over can be, a molten hot crowd, blood, selling and Jim Ross screaming himself hoarse on commentary. It has everything I love in southern style wrestling.

  5. Let's not forget about Impact's Lethel Lockdown match.

  6. Now if we could just bring back the skywalker scaffold match…

  7. I would tna lethal lockdown was more like war games.

  8. the 1992 war games remains an undisputed masterpiece.

  9. Happy Thanksgiving y'all have a badass day 🤘

  10. War games is a great concept and by itself is a great ppv by itself, but it is not survivor series, I hate when they change up survivor series, war games should be the december ppv, I know a lot of people don't like the survivor series matches but I love them and hated when they took away the survivor matches, to me it would be like instead of doing the royal rumble and doing battlebowl

  11. The 1992 WarGames is still my favorite: Dangerous Alliance vs Sting's Squadron, tons of wrestling legends in the match, hot crowd, lots of blood, great moments, great finish. I also loved both the Men's and Women's WarGames matches from NXT Takeover Wargames 2019. That pop Kevin Owens got as the final surprise member of Team Ciampa against the Undisputed Era, so good!

  12. As for the Davey boy Smith injury he was messed up way before this match, been watching wrestling bios reliving the war and he was having issues when he first arrived during his fued with Mongo long before his bump at the fall brawl ppv

  13. I've seen four War Games matches live. With WCW in 94, 96, and 97, as well as PWX in 2016. The last one featured The Bravado Brothers (Harlem Bravado & Lancelot Bravado), Caleb Konley, Jake Manning & Zane Riley against Country Jacked (Adam Page & Corey Hollis), CW Anderson, Gunner & John Skyler. 🙂

    As for favorites, I'd go with 92, 91, 89, and 94. While I've liked some modern ones, I haven't watched any of them multiple times liked I did the ones I grew up with.

  14. AIR "Wargames" and "The Match Beyond" are technically two different things. First is Wargames, where one competitor enters every X minutes. Once all the competitors have entered the ring, then the Match Beyond starts.

  15. i still don't understand having a cage so low to the ring. at least hell in a cell (which even wwe admits was born from the wargames cage) at least gives guys room to maneuver. look at 91. you got sid listed at 6'9. barry 6'6. sting 6'2. and the rest around 6' 6'1. who's brilliant idea was it to put these guys in a cage where the tallest guy is nearly hitting the top with his head when he's doing the finish and the finish he's supposed to lift the guy to his shoulders. if that was the original finish and not a blown spot, who the hell's idea was that. pillman could have been hurt bad and powerbombs are dangerous enough. from what i've heard, pillman had no heat with sid before or after it so i guess brian just chalked it up to an accident but still badly planned. sid's 6'9 (or so billed) that cage should have been at least 8' to protect pillman minimum and probably 10'. the ironic part is at end of year they do a regular cage match with apparently the same size cage (minus the top. and dustin rhodes is in it and his head is nearly at the top fo the wall and he's only 6'6!

  16. Wednesday Bloody Wednesday became Lethal Lockdown.

  17. I love these types of wrestling history videos from Bryan

  18. I don't know what year it was, but my girlfriend saw Richochet flip of the the top of the cage. It was the first time that she was impressed by pro wrestling. It was a fun moment. Thank you, Brian for your awesome content.🤘

  19. 10:12 Was waiting for the pushing and pushing and pushing and pushing and pushing and pushing…..

  20. This is one of them stipulation match that should be mentioned in lists

  21. ECW had 1, at least, that 'I' know of, too! In November or December '95. Believe it was 5 Vs. 5!!

  22. My favorite War Games was 1996. WCW did a great job of hyping up the nWo being a threat (both teams couldn't be at ringside, though that really more for the nWo Sting reveal), and it was the best at storytelling, IMO.

    While I like that NXT has revived War Games in WWE, I do dislike that the matches have been way too long, in length of time (like almost 50 minutes). I think it's because my memories of the original War Games, and after everyone was in the ring, the match was over in a few minutes.

  23. My favorite was Fall Brawl 1996.

    The buildup of Sting and Luger joining forces with the Horsemen to take on the nWo… only for tensions to arise between Luger and Sting that ultimately lead to the nWo winning.

    This was the last match for Sting until Starrcade 1997.

    It was long-term storytelling at its best.

    (And then they botched the payoff match.)

  24. I hate how they can be won by pinfall now.

  25. Within WCW, Stinger's Squadron vs. The Dangerous Alliance. For Impact, 2006's edition Stinger's Squadron vs. Planet Jarrett and 2009's TNA Frontline vs. The Main Event Mafia.

  26. If I remember right, the set-up was also super innovative. Back then, they had to SET the cage up, building it at the ring which bought up time and effort right at the moment. Dusty suggested the cage can be pre-built, then lowered onto the ring, so the match can just happen and go on.

  27. Ahh yes, Bruce Prichard and the “Salad” Steel Cage

  28. A match type more enduringly popular? Royal Rumble?

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