The Most Saddest Moment When Ellie And Riley Got Bitten - The Last Of Us Part 1 PS5 #shorts -

The Most Saddest Moment When Ellie And Riley Got Bitten – The Last Of Us Part 1 PS5 #shorts

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This clip I edited for you all to share this iconic moment where everything has started in The Last Of Us Part 1 remake that is made from ground up for PS5. In this video, we witness when Ellie and her friend Riley got infected. I hope you enjoy the clip I made and subscribe for more.

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  1. Just put some octenisept and it will be fine

  2. Ayy can u like mine ??? I never get spotted by creators

  3. What happened is she ok I hope she, s ok

  4. Sadly, Riley wasn’t so lucky, neither were Sidney and Adam and a whole lot of other people!

  5. Rio ellie and riley you will be missed 😢😢😢😢😢

  6. Nice to meet you and you and you are all good morning all good morning all the same as you are not working on it but it was a bit of a shed and you were in the car park and the car is on it and it's a bit better but it is a good morning

  7. Like She wouldn’t notice a gorilla size bite in her arm? Don’t get it

  8. What is the name of the game please tell me

  9. Эта игра была лучшей, она возвращает столько воспоминаний

  10. isnt ellie immune to the virus tho

  11. Bro its weird how me and Ellie look identical- like being so fr … its weird💀

  12. When shes older, she gets a tattoo to cover her markings…

  13. ❤❤❤erfgbjbcxvbnnbs🎉❤❤😂🎉

  14. This is a video game? How do realistic

  15. Everyone: omg that’s so sad!
    Me: why does the title say most saddest – saddEST is already implying the most of something -😂😂

  16. So do you consider urself a content creator???

  17. I bet u cant see a single comment without a heart! Could this short will be my first 100m viewed content? Thank you all ❤ Here is the full version of this short! If not clickable, I also linked it on-screen as related video just above the title. Thanks a lot for millions of views! I'll always try my best to produce the highest quality videos and shorts all the time. ❤❤❤ i read all comments and i try to reply every last one of em!

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