The NEXT God of War Game Should Go Back To Its Older Scale -

The NEXT God of War Game Should Go Back To Its Older Scale

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It may very well be quite a while before we see Kratos in a new mainline game again. But when we do, we hope to see the series’ falling back into at least a few of its old habits.

If that means being able to witness something that can even come close to matching the scale of the Cronos boss fight, we’re all for it.


  1. Want the old God of War? Play the old God of War.

  2. Really miss those old amazing fixed panoramic camera and those zoom, they were the old GOW series way of showcasing the enormity of the game world.

  3. How bout we stick to the new formula it works and it is fucking insane

  4. I felt these exact thoughts as I played thru Ragnarok. That wow.. Factor.. Even though present in many moments of the game were nothing compared to the feeling I felt when I battled in GOW 3..

  5. We're finally starting to grow beyond the one game play COD players pushed onto every other genre back then. Dont let them take that ground back

  6. I really enjoyed the norse saga but it never gave me a taste like first 3 greek saga games. I loved that angry Kratos but in this saga he was just a father who want to protects his child. In storyline i everytime hope that maybe atreus or some lock character would die and kratos become old character again but it never happened. Or maybe Odin go through the mask's rift and it's all the game Athena's plan that she going back to world with her new higher form that makes her new all saga boss. We didnt fight even epic boss fight they are all low tempo. And how Kratos get old like fast lol. It's okay we are good guy now and want to build rather than destroy but it really feels cliche especially in god of war game.

  7. I just want a remake of the first 3 chapters with the 2018 engine. Would be so good

  8. Egypt would be cool but I would prefer china or Japan

  9. I really would like a fusion of the 2 types of games, we already have 6 games of the old style. Only GOW 2 and 3 were masterpieces imo but the rest lagged behind.

  10. As beautiful as GOWR is, what Im looking forward to most is to leave the PS4 behind to finally push graphics to next gen levels

  11. Is there a way to combine the rpg and exploration mechanics with the old game’s slash and hack mechanics? I just want to be able to fight giant monsters and gods again that live up to the grandiose legends that praise them.

  12. My guess is that the developers were cheap and lazy and decided to ignore the creators’ ideas and large scales for the story and just Sony’s it.

  13. In greak mythology the gods turned into animals fled to Egypt to escape trypone. The animals were worship there and became the Egyptian gods. So Egyptian gods are canon in great mythology. Artamis goes to Egypt next fights the pharo a cruel king/God

  14. They are trying new things. Me, personally got tired of the QTE's that were associated with the large scale bosses. Not only that by why tread old ground when going to a new location. Most gods passed for human so why make them huge. I thoroughly have enjoyed the direction Santa Monica has gone in.still feels epic to me.

  15. I want a potential new game to explore Chinese or Japanese mythology

  16. God of war 2 and 3 are still the best games of the series to me. I like the last 2 games as well. Just not as much as he Greek trilogy.

  17. Kratos is a god with godly powers. Not being able to jump? No. Trash. Sure 2018 and Ragnarok were awesome just because it's GOW, but when I heard new GOW, I was sooo excited until I had to play 2018. I was almost in tears because they took my favorite game and shit on it. Atreus? What about Calliope? If 2018 and Ragnarok were like old GOW before 2018 with all open world aspects it would've been better. Why try to make GOW a Dark souls wannabe? Kratos is a god and the mf moves like his knees have arthritis. If something aint broke don't fix it.

  18. I only feel like they’re slowing Kratos down like they want him to not be the main character anymore or anything. Like they changed him so we can sympathize with him I get that but to just make him hold back to struggle against weaker gods or not have these epic giant battles against Cronos or against the primordials like Gaia and Thanatos and giving him the reason to not kill characters only for seconds later another character to kill them. It feels weird to me. Brutally beating Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, and Cronos all in one game only to be overpowered by Baldur and have help against Odin or just not try and literally be killed by Thor. Man they really have to step it up with him. Heck even Freya tried killing him over and over but does nothing but pushes her.

  19. I think it should be atreus journey show where he went after ragnarok

  20. personally do a bit of both do like arena battles with the old god of war but keep this new camera

  21. The only fight in Ragnarok that felt epic was the Garm fight and Angraboda's Grandma everything else felt like a normal boss fight. Also Kratos can't jump & attack in the air like he used to in the previous games smh

  22. Before l played it, I hoped Odin in the end will push him back in time somehow, so the next god of war is gonna be a young Kratos in ancient Greece..
    Although it would also be a nice change to kill different gods next time. Maybe in Asia or in Egypt..
    Can't wait to see the next one anyway!

  23. See honestly it would have been cool if like the plot/story keeps saying. Fate can be changed. It would have been great if you could have made decisions on what monsters, giants and gods you could fight and kill. Like if you wanted to, you could get into a fight with the giant snake in Midgard and kill it. Or the giant eagle in helheim and kill it. The mermaid thing that makes your spear too. The fates too. If you want to kill them, you can. Should have been another fight with Thor mid way through the game as well, then the one in Ragnarok being much more epic in it's scale, maybe flying through different realms and fighting in multiple locations. Then having the choice to kill him by your own hand, or sparing him (only for Odin to kill him anyway) but having the choices to do these things. Then depending on your choice the story plays out a bit differently. Same with Odin at the end. You can kill him by your own hand if you want, or show mercy. If you do show mercy then the Atreus bit with Odins soul still plays out. But you can kill him if you want. And depending on your choices, it effects the way other characters interact with you, as well as different cut scene happening. Bit like an honour system. If you just fight and kill everything and show no mercy it plays out one way. If you are more calm and reasonable, it plays out how it did. So the player kind of gets to choose its own fate. To an extent at least. Would also make replaying it multiple times much more rewarding. To experience it as more brutal old school Kratos/god of war, or more to how it was. And even places in between. With multiple slightly different endings. Including not having that final mural showing him being praised or worshipped. Maybe showing you as someone feared and not as trusted by the people, because you killed everything. Obviously, the cannon could still be what it was. But give you the option to experience the game how you want to play, and as I said, feel like you control the fate of Kratos more. But it would have given you the option to have major giant scale boss fights. Especially the snake and the eagle. Maybe even that giant whale thing Mimir left chained up. Also fighting the giant snake could have broken loads of the ice in Midgard, revealing more locations. I just think that would have been awesome.

  24. Raymond Michael Barrera III Ministry says:

    We can not have our pie and our cake too. Listen, we can't go back to the old scale that would backtrack everything, as well the up to date graphics and software can't contain those cartoony renders. The camera is better this way it looked too cartooney back then. It's either bad graphics but many large scale beasts, or movie like graphics with scaled down in size enemies but a great story portrayal with great acting. Simple. 🤷

  25. No. It shouldn’t. Stop trying to always go in the damn past! MOVE THE HELL FORWARD. Losers

  26. No, it shouldn't just leave it the way it is… don't fuck up a perfect recipe for past memories. Move on and accept the present future…

  27. This new direction is epic and large scale. Including the fights. I hope they stick to this formula. If it ain’t broke. Don’t fix it. They won GOTY before and are def in contention with Elden ring for it this year too. Can’t wait for the next game.

  28. I think this was a fitting end to Kratos’ story. He literally did a complete 180 from the original God of War. The guy deserves peace.

    I’d like to see Atreus as a grown up, fighting the Egyptian Gods as the next chapter. It’d be even sweeter if he inherits the Blades of Chaos.

  29. Egypt would have to be the last in the series…I think the should do the asian one, then Celtic then Egypt….

  30. I just wish it was a true open world game. I hate that when in a boat you see a raven but can't hit it, you need to get to that chest just over rise but Kratos can't step in the water, eventhough he can fall from thousands of feet up, or use his blades to climb super high rock faces. Alot looked horizon zero dawn, but in there you could do true open world walk through. Still love gow franchise and hope they keep going with it.

  31. Thats why I don't consider the new games "Masterpiece" they are boring, way too long, full of mineal task, boring quest and depressing characters, everything is sad, the music is barely heard in the game unlike GOW 1, GOW chains, GOW 2, Ghost of parta and GOW 3, heck Ascension has the best Ver of GOW theme.

    Kratos theme in GoW 3 is the best theme in the series.

    The new one….main theme and that's it.

  32. The Greek games really felt like you were fighting gods where the Norse games felt like you were fighting superheros

  33. The new games are awesome and are grown-up in all the right ways – but yeah, I wouldn’t mind playing the next God of War with a grander scale and a jump button.

  34. Remake 1-3 in the style of GoW 2018 and Ragnarok.

  35. That fight with Garm was the most fun i had in the game

  36. Bring back camera cuts and make gameplay camera similar to dmc 5

  37. But that would require sony to stop sucking tlou nozzle

  38. David Jaffes GOW camera is scaled way back to emphasize size of world and size of monster against Kratos. Cory Barlogs GOW camera pulled close to feel more personal, more scenic “seeing the world in Kratos eyes”

    The new GOW camera should be like Spider man. A 3rd person action game and the camera isn’t fixed. Also make The new god of war a sandbox game like Spiderman and not a big hub world like Cory’s God of war

  39. I agree, Gaming Bolt! The Norse saga was EPIC, but the next God of War saga should definitely return that sense of scale and brutality!

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