The NEXT God of War Game Should Go Back To Its Older Scale -

The NEXT God of War Game Should Go Back To Its Older Scale

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It may very well be quite a while before we see Kratos in a new mainline game again. But when we do, we hope to see the series’ falling back into at least a few of its old habits.

If that means being able to witness something that can even come close to matching the scale of the Cronos boss fight, we’re all for it.


  1. Devil may cry 5 came out and it ended up wonderful so GOW can definitely bring back that hack n slash element and still end up doing well if they simply design the game better instead of just giving up on it entirely and taking away the jump button 😂

  2. they should have go for the akham law were everytime theres a personal moment the character takes the stage as the main perspective, and everytime there an action set piece the camara zooms out the entire arena so we can see the scale of everything

  3. Biggest disappointment of the game was the lack of giants…i know they said 'they were all gone', but they could've had a few "hiding" in a secret realm somewhere. Still an awesome game but no doubt most fans would agree, and if not you're fooling yourself.

  4. Look the game can be the same but we need to fight like mountain sized gods and monsters not these lil dudes

  5. They should reboot the series and do a remake of the original God of war using the open world style of 2018 and Ragnarok.

  6. out of curiosity in the sense of how far I've come, I still want to get God of War 2018.
    And based on that maybe God of War ragnarok.

    But in general I'm more of a fan of God of War games to god of war 3.

  7. I found God Of War Ragnarok to be massively underwhelming if I'm honest. It's a good game but the bar was set pretty high back in 2018 and Ragnarok didn't match up or pay off for me personally.

  8. Wish we could get another Norse, a 3rd game. Ragnarok is too good. GOTY is Ragnarok.

  9. Until the next entry comes out they should either remaster or remake the first two GOW games
    Although I understand remaking would also be a godly task so maybe a remaster

  10. விஷ்ணு கார்த்திக் says:

    I blame Resident evil 4 fanboys for making everyone hate fixed camera in video games.

  11. I agree, we have too many rps and open world games

  12. (Spoiler comment warning)

    Seriously. Even the big war at the end felt like a minor scuffle. I don’t even remember the army of Hel doing anything. GoW is famous for it’s set piece bosses. Nothing here even tried to scratch that itch.

  13. While I can agree that those old large scale fights were cool, but when you break them down they were just quick time events, the cronos fight was the best but they did do something similar at the end of 2018 with the giant being the arena, they did have some "bigger" scale events in the but to take away control of the camera would too jarring, maybe open it a little like elden ring, jmo.

  14. No please no keep this style. Like why do you guys stay living in the past for fucks sake

  15. I honestly prefer the style of the older God of war games. God of war 2 and 3 are still my favorites in the series.

  16. They should also bring back the gore. I'm tired of everything being watered down. God Of War of all games SHOULDN'T ever hold back the violence.

  17. I just want it to really open world like odyssey creed is. It’s frustrating to be wielding a God that can’t go threw bushes or go past a stick. Open it up!

  18. I think the best thing to do is make the AAA god of war games we know now and also make the older style god of war games like Metroid prime vs Metroid dread and they both are amazing and both sell just as well. So instead of choosing one or the other why not make 2 outings just pass it off to another Sony studio to work on it.

  19. Kratos should have had to kill Ragnarok after Odin to prevent all 9 realms for destruction, that would have been a nice bad ass final act

  20. I think they should do Christian mythology next so I can beat the holy hell out of Jesus Christ and his disciples.

  21. I don’t think they should go back to exactly the same camera angle as the old games. But they shouldn’t stay with the Norse camera. Maybe include a mixture between the two. A game with Uncharted style camera would be cool.

  22. Didn’t like the zoomed out shots, made Kratos seem small
    The one shot camera should continue
    Grander scale is a good idea

  23. Keep GOW the way it is. Want old style GOW? Bring back Heavenly Sword. The story was already lined up. Add the gameplay to match and it'll surely be a hit.

  24. Loved the gameplay of the originals, dug the story, dug the gameplay of the current series but loved the story. The series as a whole is 10/10 for me. I feel as if I grew up with Kratos, only other character I have that kind of connection with is solid snake. I agree with much of what the vid states and hope the next irritation has completely new gameplay altogether.

  25. the fact theres no new game plus hopely means dlc

  26. nothing is wrong with the one shot camera chill

  27. 100% agree. I've been saying this since I completed the game. I've been playing God Of War since 2005. The biggest downside to the Norse Saga is the lack of big temples, architectures, level design & creative puzzles. Pandora's Temple from God Of War 1 has better lvl design & spectacle. We want those type of mind blowing spectacles back.

  28. Maybe I'm the odd ball but I actually enjoyed this camera and game play. It shows a huge shift in the mindset of Kratos. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for either the Celtic gods, unseelie courts etc, or Egyptian pantheon.

  29. I’d be interested in seeing Atreus and Kratos lead games each using a different gameplay/scale/etc. Maybe have Atreus games be like 2018 and Ragnarok and have Kratos’s Gameplay be like the older games.

  30. The one shot camera provides a more intimate more immersive cinematic experience which i don't hate but the devil may cry camera is cool too💯

  31. I want devil may cry to get atleast one game with the one shot camera or atleast have the option to choose it the dmc5 story was already cinematic

  32. I would like to see Kratos fight anubis or whatever they call that dog head god

  33. 6:21 thank you for saying it "kratos can't jump " 😢 my favorite moves in the air gone 😭

  34. Long time Gow fan here… The only thing, and I mean the only thing I miss, is the button combinations you pressed to finish off enemy's. It set a very interactive pace for the franchise, and they kinda took that away with (gow 2018). I'd like to see that comeback! Yeah, it has O button mashing, but I really miss the interactive experience!

    On a side note, I'd like to see a bit more blood as well gow before 2018 was so bloody and it's very drawn back after 3. Now that could be the more calm thinking kratos, he's older, he's wiser, and less violent. I would love to see a bit more blood.

  35. Giant mega bosses are super PS3 Era… Yeah it has a place in gaming history but come on todays games put you more into the action instead of having this crazy linear camera panning around a slow moving statue boss the size of a sky scraper. it's a bit hokey.

  36. The problem with going to a new mythological setting as a new beginning with yet another reinvention is that it might spoil the players. Hell, it's already happening: People are calling Ragnarok a DLC just because it's not revolutionary. Which hints at a prerequisite:"God of War has to be revolutionary with its EVERY installment". That's totally unfair. To those DLC-sayers:do you ask the same thing to any other video game franchise?If so(which I doubt deelply),you are crazy;if you don't,you are inexcusably biased. But if the new god of war goes to another world and does the reinvention again,then it will establish said prerequisite as an unspoken rule: God of War has to be revolutionary with its EVERY installment. That could be very dangerous.

  37. GOW is my fav franchise. I love the OG games and I love the new games. I have minor gripes about both saga's but they will never stop me from dropping countless hours into them. That said playing as BOY is the biggest one of all. I just didn't like it. Please never do that again GOW is Kratos and Kratos is GOW. Other than that, as long as the GOW franchise keeps going and Kratos is at the center of it all i'll be there.

  38. The new series did one thing right we can all agree on…

    Mimir ❤

  39. I really wish I could have the rest of G.o.W collection for myself on PC port.

  40. I do wish there was a bigger sense of scale in the Norse saga.. There is a good amount of boss variety in Ragnarök but I was hoping for a Cronos scale boss fight, they could've done it with Ragnarök at the end

  41. The next God of War game needs to have Aztec mythology….oh, please dear white Jesus, make this happen!

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