The Problem With Modern Total War Games -

The Problem With Modern Total War Games

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Youtuber Prince Of Macedon reveals why he stopped playing total war and his thoughts on the modern titles.

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  1. This guy’s channel died simply because he refused to adapt to the times , his opinions are outdated as well, I have no love for 3k or Troy, but warhammer, Thrones, Attila , Shogun 2 even Rome 2 are mighty fine games

  2. Yup yup yup


  3. Yup. The new total wars do nothing for me. The strategy game play is almost non existent. Just a mess.

  4. Just a boomer trying to cope with better mechanics

  5. totally agree with Prince. Rome and Medieval II felt different much better imo…..also they changed the look and went more to a comic style and I prefer the more realistic look of the old TWs. My favorite TW of all time is clearly Medieval II

  6. Shogun 2 engine was the last tw before the glorious Rome 2 onwards. Literally Shogun 2 biggest fault is it came too early so didn't get the new style engine/UI etc

  7. why does that shogun 2 footage look like a potato jesus christ!

  8. I agree with some disagree with other points I disagree I don’t mind heroes being powerful units but I do agree there should be some nerfing but I think they shouldn’t be like the historic units the historic people units were underwhelming but. I do agree the units have no control one or three guys stop the entire 20 to 50 man unit the units feel stuff yet slushy clunky but having no weight they could definitely use a rework I don’t mind personally the more stylized designs but the more realistic art style should be an option also.

  9. Shogun 2 was the beginning of the bad total wars

  10. For me, the downfall started with TW Napoleon. Instead of fixing Empire, they released a polished, but watered down version of it. For me, the series never recovered. Med2 still ranks as my fav, with Empire my second with a huge "what could have been" asterisk… was a heartbreaking decade for me. ah well,, at least the series did bring some joy to those that have loved the modern TW. I just ain't one of them.

  11. I stopped playing total war games because nothing new same repetitive formula like call of duty

  12. Not even need to watch the video. The problem is they focus to much on the RULE OF COOL and forget the ''strategic'' part =). But I still love them

  13. PoM is great still watch his content sometimes. Great guy. Really nice and good to his fans.

  14. I agree with POM but I think Total War Warhammer are fine games if they are in their own category. I definitely hope that heroes (and how OP they are) will not be the case in a Medieval 3 and that it goes back in terms of gameplay to how Medieval 2 and Rome 1 was.

  15. He's kinda smug. Others came n were more popular. He blocks your comment if it says he lost cause it'd disrespectful for him. He couldn't keep up with the new players.

  16. the problem is now that Warhammer showed what Total War can be, the historical titles have been shown to be lack luster and repetitive

  17. #1 problem with total war is their campaigns are boring af. Mount and blade is way better imo

  18. idk about PoM point on "it all looks like Blobs to me" like wut???
    I was playing Rome Total War (not the remastered) like weeks ago and the graphics and units look like School Tycoon graphics

  19. While I agree with much of what is said, and it is opinion based, the only thing I have to fundementally disagree with is his take on Shogun 2. I have been playing since Shogun 1 and enjoyed all games up to Shogun 2 (despite Empire's bugs, it was so ambitious and I still play it now).

    Shogun 2 was well balanced, polished, I have no issue identifying units when zoomed out (perhaps my interest in that era of Japan coming through), and it remained tactical. There may have been overt unit stats, but they didn't matter so long as you knew how and when to use units properly; cavalry worked. Formations were tactical, not artificial stat buffs, the ai was smart and challenging and not just given bonuses like later Total Wars.
    The most important thing for me is that Shogun 2 introduced coop campaigns and got it right the first time. Player 2 could do their faction management at the same time as Player 1, and the only things they couldn't do were diplomacy and army movement/battles. This kept the coop smooth and quick. Later TW games cocked up by making Player 2 have to wait to do anything which made it tedious and boring, so any coop campaigns in later games we never went beyond turn 10.
    Bonus points go to Fall of the Samurai, which got gun and cannon play better than any other.

  20. I like Three Kingdoms most of the newer ones. Simply because being on the campaign map (which is like half of your playtime) is actually fun. Warhammer is sorta fun because of the fancy units, i guess. But again, not much to do. Just fight endlessly. It's just spectacle. I feel Three Kingdoms has alot more meat on it.

    Then RTW remastered released. One of my fave games as a kid. Played Medievel 2 a ton, but could never get rome to run with modern CPU. Tried all the fixes and it would always do the weird laggy thing. It's SO much fun to play Rome again.

  21. All I Desire is empire 2. Please give it to me

  22. Just recently got into total war last year with Medieval 2. Was incredibly disappointed to learn that was the peak of the series :/

  23. I 100% agree with poM. Something about the older games just feels better, (and this is coming from someone that started playing RTW in 2019). My biggest problem with the newer games is they feel to “arcade like” and of course the problems when you zoom out and everyone looks the same; unlike RTW and Med 2 where each faction had a distinct color and style to them.

  24. Ill always have a special place in my heart for the classical total war games but once you go Total War Warhammer There's No Going Back

  25. Everything he said was true and even more. Unfortunately all new games have been dumbed down to the simplest most basic gameplay with hectic gameplay that forces you to just click buttons rather than have a strategy.
    Now they just seem to care about fantasy total war now and history has taken a step back. I don't care alot for the Asian wars or historical stuff ( just a preference) but that's all total war is now fantasy or Asian clicking blobfest with dumbed down management and strategy. I haven't bought one since attila and I won't.

  26. Pathfinding just doesn't work in the old games, mainly sieges just tend to suck even in medieval unless you have a lot of patience for invisible walls and bugged out ai.

  27. The problem with modern total war games is that they are to hard and flashy for old men. I have lost all respect for Resonant and POM after this interview. No real discussion. No real thoughts about how to improve the games. Just saying Rome 1 and Med 2 are the greatest games ever made and all other total wars suck. But sales and stats show otherwise. I still want a med 3. But seriously you guys give gamers and total war a bad name.

  28. Hey nah! Shogun 2 is brilliant. After ten years of playing I still get my butt kicked on very hard difficulty. Its aged like a fine wine. I love love love watching the duels break down in replays. The artistic tone, modability (Darth!) and pace of the game…mwa!! 👌magnifico!!!

  29. Props to the Prince for rightfully identifying that modern Total War’s issues started with Shogun 2.

  30. I agree with many points, but to be fair I find it hard to compare historical with warhammer as they are different beasts with a different customer base in a sense. Warhammer is more about epicness and spectical as historical is more about Strategie And positioning (especially medieval 2 etc.)

  31. Never cared for PoM. He's clearly a multiplayer only player. I think he mentioned that in one of his videos long ago, and I stopped watching his content right then. So there's your answer for why CA doesn't want to work with him.

  32. Three Kingdoms did heroes pretty well, at least in mid to late stages of the game or in high difficulty. They're not absurdly overpowered like in Warhammer. They can be beaten or worn down with a reasonable amount of troops, and you need to have units accompany your heroes during an assault to make use of them, instead of them charging on their own. On top of that you're limited to only three heroes per army, and if the enemy army is near equally match, they will have three heroes to (kinda) match yours too.

  33. "It felt like warhammer 1 and 2"?


    What version is HE playing? I dont remember flying monsters, magic, giant creatures, or that much variety in playstyles and factions in ANY strategy game, much less early TW.

    I get the sense of someone who is a historical purist trying to complain, without SOUNDING like a historical purist complaining……

  34. Medieval 2 was my all time favorite total war but I think the modern controls schemes and such are far superior in at least shogun 2 and Rome 2

  35. What he said about the CA staff not having played the older games really makes sense when you think about it

  36. people need to stop using the word "like" so much it really gets annoying and makes me want to stop watching your video

  37. Tbh sounds like this guy just stuck in the past. Rome and Medieval 2 were great and still are good after so many years. WH is great and complains likeheroes in warhammer should be more like generals in rome sounds so silly it cannot be taken seriously. CA probably don't have him as consultant because guy is biased and definietely not a voice of majority of the community

  38. I love PoM he is the legit Prince 👑 good on you man still have the positive and uplifting attitude you had from all your Rome total war multiplayer fights! Matter of fact I’m off to watch some of that gold!

  39. Price of Macedon is where I discovered total war

  40. Total War Games were better because they were not solely focused on implementing millennial business models. Rome 1 is better than most modern total war games. (IDK about Warhammer tho)

    Honestly, they just need to fix the city models in the remaster so units walk around them as they do with trees and it'll be almost perfect. Charges feel so satisfying in Rome 1. It's still fun AF. Awesome campaign and the battles just feel better.

  41. i personally got into total war in the first place because of warhammer. i don't think i'll ever be attracted to play the historical series if ever. it's just not the same

  42. The problem with the new is games is that they're all warhammer games. They lost touch with where they came from.

  43. I would implement heroes the way Shogun 1 did that dude who was super skilled with his sword. He could, hypothetically, take out a ton of guys, but he could also get one-shotted by taking a missile to the face. Valuable to have, but someone you still need to use carefully, because they can't shrug off damage.

    The way heroes currently work, to me, is fine for Warhammer, as that setting is filled with people and creatures who tank damage, but in historical settings I think they need to not try to make everyone have their Achilles and just go with morale raisers and tough, but vulnerable people.

  44. I know I can't be the only one here who can enjoy a bit of all the TW games (we don't talk about Troy though). I'm not saying I don't have criticisms for each everyone of them – I have plenty, including for the old classics. And it's fine to have your preferences; I just don't see why we need to draw a line in the sand here. Now, I do think it's fair to say that CA has not given the same love to their newer historical titles as they once did, and we're right to call that out. I just think there's a balance to be reached between the tactical approach of the older games, with the playability and smoothness of the newer ones.

  45. What I hate the most is that units have a health bar.
    Imagine that. Hitting the enemy does not kill him. Instead, it just takes away from his health bar. The less health, the less men in the unit.
    How has it been so simplified to this?

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