The Second Doctor Regenerates | The War Games | Doctor Who -

The Second Doctor Regenerates | The War Games | Doctor Who

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“No! Stop! You’re making me giddy! No, you can’t do this to me!” 🔥 #doctorwho
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  1. This could explain why the Second Doctor and the Third Doctor never truly got along !!

  2. Definitely a build up to 13s regeneration scene!

  3. Ok they are doing a regeneration countdown then

  4. Strange I'm near to finishing this episode!!

  5. I can't possibly fathom what they're trying to communicate to us through these specific uploads

  6. Next video has to be the 3rd regeneration if the last video was the first’s regeneration

  7. The real reason they didn't show what the 2nd doctor regenerating into 3rd was because it took…weeks to find someone and finally they got jon pertwee

  8. Here we go, another day another regeneration

  9. If what people say is right, I PRAY it isn't true. That the Fugitive Doctor is in between 2 and 3. Idk WHY anyone thought this was a good idea but in reality, it's not.

  10. No one gives the time lords credit for turning the doctor into someone who looks way better than the choices that were given lol

  11. The irony is how The Doctor simply refused to get along with his next Regeneration anyway. Has any Doctor dynamic been more Odd Couple than Troughton and Pertwee?

  12. It's rather a coincidence that these videos are showing up now

  13. Poor Doctor Patrick i feel his pain, but at the same time the introduction of Doctor Jonny Pertwee was truly surprising.

  14. I wish the Time Lords could get back to something more like this characterization.

  15. This is very specific considering Jodie’s regeneration soon

  16. I expect better from the official channel to (re)upload a video with bad interlacing. You can see the interlacing lines everywhere, a rather bad artifact.

  17. It's really unsettling how the second doctor was essentially executed by his people

  18. What I love about these time lords are they are mysterious scary even with how unrelenting they are

  19. "That one's too young!"
    >It's a picture of Matt Smith

  20. This is the most Creepy regeneration ever this is how jodie should have regenerated She discovered that she is the Timeless Child and the time lords founded out about it they should have forced her to regenerate and exile her and wipe her memories of the child and the doctor

  21. Regenerated so hard the world exploded into color

  22. Wasted time watching this again thinking it was going to be like those which some uploaders have posted where Troughton segues into Pertwee's debut scene.
    There was no regeneration for Pat because "The War Games" potentially could have been the end of the show, which was felt to have had a good (six year) run, which was why it was finally explained exactly who and what he was (always vague to this point). Then the BBC decided that it would be a good candidate for their new colour TV service and so belatedly cast a third actor. And here we are, 52 years later!
    I love the fact that his possible new faces appear as sketch drawings, the Time Lords having sat around beforehand with pads and pencils ("I think he'd look good like this!")
    I don't particularly like Troughton gurning for his last ever scene. Perhaps he was trying to convey that his face was reconfiguring (as was depicted when McCoy changed into the 8th). Bless him.

  23. Not only is the Doctor regenerating into a new form, but he's getting some technicolor.

  24. Ah yes when the "special effects" basically amounted Patrick troughton pulling faces. Gotta love it!

  25. "no it's not a joke doctor…the show has run out of money, so we have to switch to a cheaper actor and stick you on earth for a while. SO DECREES THE BUDGET-LORDS!"

  26. yeah,very ambiguous if he really regenerated here or in season 6B

  27. I enjoyed watching this regeneration, lol. His protests were great and the end result is another great Dr.

  28. I always felt this one as really sad. Probably the saddest one out of the whole lot as Troughton's Doctor was forced into it even though in real life Troughton wanted to move on from the part which he did brilliantly.

  29. wish Ben and Polly got longer with Patrick

  30. This is just the darkest and most shocking regeneration scene. Some sad last moments for such a wonderful Doctor.

  31. That woman at the end took me entirely out of the moment.

  32. Kinda horrifying just how casually the time lords refer to it as "changing your appearance" where in actual fact, they are just basically killing him and forcing him to regenerate. Probably the most ominous regeneration, most doctors get a chance to say a final tearful goodbye or have one last speech as they softly change whereas Troughton's Doctor is just mercissely forced into it, screaming and shouting all the way

  33. The BBC are putting these up here since in 12 days its the 13th doctors regeneration
    So it's like its counting up to the Regeneration

  34. Am I the only one who thinks Patrick Troughton's performance here is incredibly funny? I always lose it when he says, "I've never seen such an incredible bunch!" The amazing thing is that as soon as the music kicks it, it gets really melancholy. It's brilliant the way they managed to mix the emotions so deftly.

    To me, the "thin one" looks a bit like Pertwee. I always thought that was the one the Time Lords chose.

  35. But why does one of the options looks like DAVID TENNANT?

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