The TRUE story behind this creepy WWI photo -

The TRUE story behind this creepy WWI photo

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In a way, I feel bad that this brave Canadian WWI soldier is remembered as some creepy guy who lost his mind even though that isn’t even close to the truth. Lindsay Rogers was a major badass.

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  1. That isn't a normal Soldier that is s c p 106

  2. Dud he jasut look like you😧😦😵🤕👹💀

  3. Wait, a second if it was wounded on September 26, and how did he died on August even though August was 26 days ago🤔😐🤓

  4. These men are such brave legendary legends!

  5. That's taking respawning to another level

  6. My Grandfather (yes Grandfather) was in WWI in Co A 218 Engineers. He passed well before I was born but was told he suffered “shell shock” 😢

  7. People who don't know:💀
    People who know:😀

  8. Nah if i saw that smile he's getting shot enemy or not

  9. I have read now Remarque book All quiet on western front. . Its kinda looks like what i was reading..

  10. Dude who’s talking is hot asf tho! Marry me 🎉❤😂

  11. You look like the one who got shot by a sniper to be honest

  12. Such a waste if a life. Waris just Hell

  13. i’m more terrified of your face..all smiling while talkin about people getting killed

  14. It would have been funny if the medic patching him up told a joke that made him laugh at the moment of the photo

  15. Idk but i don't find that photo creepy at all

  16. Ok.. but why do you sound sarcastic af?? 😅

  17. Isn’t that the picture which is used for SCP-106?

  18. Such sad true story. Even more sad is there are two wars actively happening right now…….

  19. I respect all those soldiers who fought against colonialism during world wars.

  20. Aw… R.I.P. Also leave him alone, he has had a nice smile.

  21. We are "Online warrior", those are "Men" & one badass Character once said.." Men are Brave".

  22. Wait I remember the SCP use this image as the origin for SCP-106/Old man


  24. Bro Looks Like That One Picture Of Lil Uzi Vert

  25. Omg… his death is one day before my birthday …well the day… my bday is august 17th…… respect to all soldiers ❤ may they rest in peace and travel to the afterlife with ease❤

  26. That’s crazy cause I remember my middle school history teacher telling this me that was a shell shock picture

  27. The old flash lamps they used would great a huge flash of light from magnesium powder and an oxidizer. This would result in the glare you see in his eyes. Photographic plates and film were slow back then so flash lamps had to be used.

  28. I wonder who to took these pictures. Camera man never dies


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