The TRUE story behind this creepy WWI photo -

The TRUE story behind this creepy WWI photo

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In a way, I feel bad that this brave Canadian WWI soldier is remembered as some creepy guy who lost his mind even though that isn’t even close to the truth. Lindsay Rogers was a major badass.

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  1. Now, if you stub your toe you're Honorably Discharged

  2. Nobody could like Corporal Lawrence.

  3. if he loss a limb, he might be alive for longer

  4. One of the photo that will never be erased from the internet.

  5. Thank goodness, this pic bothered me for a long time…

  6. Guys why do i see a smiling black man passing through my walls and making everything also black?

  7. I remember I was watching a show called the German Front on HBO MAX, it was made in 1930. It’s just about Germany in WW1. The soldier looked so terrifying but happy in a weird way.

  8. Repulsive alone in the dark is Perfect for this.

  9. You didn't need to sound so delighted.

  10. He was laughing because he won a bet from the soldier he was talking to.

  11. Rest in peace to all soldier who died in the past n present🙏

  12. Guy was given a second chance, and it was wasted

  13. "the real story is even more interesting" ….its just a normal picture thats common back then…lol

  14. "This is a terrifying picture of a shell·shocked soldier" 😎

  15. You shouldn’t feel the need to explain the story behind photos no one has EVER seen before. 😂

  16. After you survive being shot in the neck, see your Sargeant die before your eyes, and wait in a wet trench for hours with a cloth pressed to your neck hoping for a safe evacuation in the dark?
    That should be it.
    You should get to go home– you did enough.

  17. Excellent job on setting facts straight. I live in NS, I’ve always wondered what his surviving mother and sister thought of this twisted legacy.

  18. Can u imagine talking wit yo homie and mid conversation he gets shot

  19. There eyes are Luke that because of war

  20. This man I've already recognize this face was in SCP containment

  21. The shit these guys went through and still went back for seconds.. Unbelievable

  22. Shot in the neck and smiling is still insane because another person did die from that bullet…

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