The U.S. vs. North Korea: Inside a Pentagon war game -

The U.S. vs. North Korea: Inside a Pentagon war game

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The Pentagon played out a frightening fictitious scenario against “North Brownland,” a very North Korea-like country.


  1. That's a libtard way of doing it and it was thrown out

  2. We spend 400 billion more tHan north Korea on military if we lose were doing something wrong period

  3. Why do we listen to this BS.especially from CNN.

  4. The U.S. would dominate North Korea in less than 10 business days.

  5. I’m in 2018, so can we get something more updated?

  6. Too many damn talking heads that think they know it all it’s not worth one drop of American blood just nuke the fuckers and be done with it

  7. Would not China pour massive troop strength into the DPKR. They share a common border and have no desire to have US troops on their border. I hardly think they would just stand on the sidelines or that we could defeat them for control.

  8. Dude the US Japan and South Korea are all in the top 10 most powerful military. S korea(7th), Japan (4th), and the US(1). North Korea will definitely get their ass pounded but there are going to be literally millions of lives that could possibly end.

  9. it will never be USA vs North Korea, or even USA vs Vietnam. They both rely on chinese reinforcements and aid. which is why neither of them will dispute the south china sea to china.

  10. don't worry, chinese troops will occupy the entire country in three days

  11. Check the history We had a North Korean War we bombed the shit out of them with napalm. And we still kinda lost all troop battles when China came to their aid with hundreds of thousands of troops.

  12. i have a feeling its gonna happened idk why i know i shouldnt say that but i have a feeling i could be wrong!

  13. This appears to be a US Army/USAF/SOCCOM only scenerio. Some of those suspected nukes sites
    appear to be located on the coasts of North Korea. Why the hell couldn't those US Army (Delta/Ranger)
    be supported by USMC forces seizing a nearby port or coming in off sea basing,instead of depending
    on the US Army coming up from the south?

  14. Yay this is just what the Rothschild would love. They would love to take out out one of the last countries with out a Rothschild central bank. Kill the rothschilds.!!!!! Take back our currency and put it on a silver standard!!!! Demand treasonous scum infiltrating our government to be hung!!! Please i am begging you people to open your eyes to the real enemy! Rothschild and co. And the illuminati. I'm dead serious as are almost out of time. Once the chains are locked we will have lost all hope and possibility of ever being free. We will be slaves.

  15. Just tell the Chinese they can have them and let them fight for it. Better them then some rogue entity. We would at least know where there at.

  16. We have 2.2 mil active and 1.5 in reserve plus more joining every day

  17. Pfft… of bull crap it would play out poorly… first off… why would you send troops in the middle of the country? Wouldn’t the US send an entire invasion force? This sounds like an excuse to not fight back against North Korea if you ask me…

  18. What did North Korea do to USA for US public media to call North Korea "enemy" ? ? ?, Somebody answer me that please.

  19. I think USA is the fucking problem in this world we live in. It's always war war war. War is not free you know…, It's more costly than anything we know that we can do. Guess where that money has to come from. If you're paying taxes and wonder why we paying so much you should have some thoughts before talking about war as if its entertainment worth of pride. It's fucking stupid how people react to war news. Are we this ignorant and retarded for real?

  20. Nuclear weapons are the true peace keepers and ever they will be if you think I'm lying just think of all the modern day wars, all happened with countries that didn't have nuclear weapons.

  21. The first rifle or the most capable missile of all time are issues that the most capatable minds have as a challenge including all things that were made in the past to mondernize are lives today they have reached the new world and it's where everyone imagined it would be including social media, bad and good are weighing evenly on the scales pinch a small bit from either one to keep leverage, save all this or destroy its path .

  22. north korea is so small , america can fight north korea , because north korea is weak

  23. Tell the truth that u are afraid of Russia if you attack North Korea u take war to Russian border and if you do so you are doomed no more usa in the world map.

  24. Has trump not made relations with n korea?? Yes he has!!

  25. This is comedy….The US would lose a war with North Korea….lost in Vietnam…Vietnam had no air force and won……

  26. Be careful, US is a Godzilla: king of the monsters.

  27. Americans do u remember this days? Now is iran so who is evil between america and other countries

  28. What is with Americans and there weponss ??

  29. Despite all that …I think is good to have strict rules ….no crime …

  30. To have an advantage to take down North Korea is to destroy the nuclear plants and missiles and then take on the North Korean military as long Russia and China don't fuck things up or get involved

  31. Stop North Korea bomb his banks rejime change in 3 weeks. All his banks are buried take years to dig up.his gold.

  32. News and privy of news didn't have claim to reveal all they have. In defense of everyone that was under siege due to after effects and leaks , and international leaks or ties. The punished uncle and or all ways to describe who said teach better and give kids a good life do not appreciate any of the tackled ways you take. It's a offense that regards catching those devulging insight as enemy style work. Public that guides regardless there disconcerted efforts to get elected. Trust it is a big deal, and interfering is the crime . To the communist style approach, not needed. You have a boss too. Following actual and unintended ideas are not how to become so powerful. It's best the excitement or violence be considered less and actually fixing be more. Not necesarilly with components of those wrecking the world….


  34. Can anyone tell me how coved 19 missed that idiot

  35. Ladies and gentlemen reading my post in YouTube land I personally believe that the NORTH would immediately use WMD against any invading forces.KJU knows instinctively his military is awfully outdated and stands no chance against a modern force with its high tech weapons,tanks and aircraft and so much more,sure the NORTH has superior numbers in troops including reserve's,but KJU would be the ultimate tyrant to go down in the history books to use NUCLEAR WEAPONS against the USA and it's allies!!!,KJU also knows if he's not already dead he soon would be in the outbreak of hostilities …. he's a coward and again everyone knows it ,his iron fist would turn into jelly as would his spine he may do a Saddam Hussein and try and hide out in a secret bunker but let it be known he would be relentlessly pursued and ultimately killed no question about that!!!!!,I'll come back to this very soon, thanks in advance for reading

  36. No and usa 😠😠😠😠😠😠😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬

  37. I think this Wargame, as described, featured a US only assault into NK. That would be far too difficult. We would need the large ROK Army to advance northward as well.

  38. America who are u thinking no other God greater or have right to set up there own laws yoy guy will be destry in lands and places stolen

  39. Tik Tok, and Twitter community s__k Change my mind says:

    It takes 90 000 troops to secure all NK nuclear power.
    Meanwhile America with 3 000 000+ soldiers: On NO difficulty inpossible!

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