The Undisputed ERA celebrate WarGames victory: WWE Network Exclusive, Dec. 6, 2020 -

The Undisputed ERA celebrate WarGames victory: WWE Network Exclusive, Dec. 6, 2020

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Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly, Roderick Strong and Bobby Fish take in the moment after outlasting Pat McAfee and company inside WarGames.
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  1. The Undesputed Era are the best stable in the world of wrestling i love see they wins this is amazing WarGames match 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤💛💛💛💛💛💛

  2. Wade Barrett as commentator is a very good move, keep him as long as possible and give him what he wants.

  3. lol they had to be face to win a wargames match

  4. Sorry but I miss the old days when you had giant monster wrestlers like Andre, Hulk, Warrior, Hercules, 1 man gang, Bundy, and Road Warriors. Not these guys that look like they just graduated high school and dont know where a gym is. I get sometimes you get a Bruce Lee that could legitimately beat bigger competition. But this david vs goliath thing with david always winning is dumb and not fun to watch when you know if a guy like big show or Braun hit one of these little guys they would be done. Sorry just my opinion.

  5. Hopefully next year Wargames we'll get Undisputed era vs the Hurt Business. Btw, props to Pat McAfee for another awesome performance, the dude is on another level

  6. You can get more info about me on my channel 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  7. Just seems like they are recycling nexus almost nothing ever seems or feels new with this network

  8. So, the undisputed era, who are already established, beat a stable who have just formed and have now lost their momentum. So Pat McAfee who is the best talker and one of the only few people in NXT with some star power has now lost to Adam Cole twice😐. Way to make new stars HHH.

  9. Undisputed shouldn't break up for a while, in my opinion never

  10. I bet there’s gonna be a rematch and oat mcafe will win

  11. UE record at War Games except Rodrick: 2-2
    Rodrick: 1-3

  12. For some reason I always see Kyle get the worst hits in big matches like this.

  13. Shock the system ! What an incredible victory for the Undisputed Era, the best team of NXT !

  14. The last minutes of the match was on fire 🔥 NXT is wrestling !

  15. warriors pats and lions Becky and tay Alexa fan says:

    And that boys and girls is undisputed bay bay glad my boys Ue won

  16. The ue shocked the system alright! Way to guys!!!😆😆😆✌

  17. Why do I feel fish is gonna do sommet…

  18. This was Roderick Strong's first win in the Men's WarGames match

  19. All of Four of them Future Champions on the Main Roster

  20. Is anyone releasing how fish doesn’t do the symbol

  21. That's was awesome last 🌙 at TAKEOVER War games.

  22. The Undisputed ERA Got Another New Colour Gear It Looks Undisputed

  23. Triple H: There's always a Plan B

    Me: Oh damn, who's turning on who.

  24. That red attire is beautiful. My favorite of the Undisputed Era for sure

  25. Since I followed Uno's matches at Up Up Down Down, I never see Adam Cole with the same eyes again. I always see him as CHUGS!

  26. Why would anyone prefer Raw & Smackdown nowadays over this? NXT is legendary!

  27. I want Undesputed Era Invasion in the main roster in 2021 !

  28. And they said there was gonna be a Heel turn

  29. So undisputed era war games record now is 2-2

  30. Good to see undisputed era win wargames

  31. Dominant. As they were, as they always are, and as they ever WILL Be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Kyle and strong they two is really handsome gosh i wanna kiss them

  33. Im proud and im happy to watch the undisputed era


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