The unforgettable legacy of WarGames: WWE NXT. Nov. 8, 2017` -

The unforgettable legacy of WarGames: WWE NXT. Nov. 8, 2017`

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Get an up-close look at one of the most innovative and barbaric matches of all time, WarGames. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.
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  1. NXT is becoming the better, badder, extremer ECW!

  2. One person one man left in the cage one man leaves their dead body on the ground when I mean on man left dead on the mat i mean dead on the mat and your not in a normal match your in war

  3. OMG I love Fall Brawl WarGames I remember my dad taking me to this when I was a kid!

  4. Dusty you will be remembered forever by the wwe, wcw and ECW fans and family you were a very nice, kind, generous and smart smiley guy

  5. brings back memories of Fall Brawl in Winston Salem, NC


  7. War games AWESOME THEY'RE bringing this back

  8. Tell AJ Styles that one of my spelling words is… just PHENOMENAL! ( it is Phenomenal)

  9. Why the main roster never used this match is idiotic.

  10. I hope Cody Rhoades brings the War Games in AEW as a Tribute to his Father.

  11. imagine Braun Strowman Vs Big Show Vs Mark Henry Vs Umaga In War Games, A Dream Match That Can Never Happen.

  12. The nation vs DX vs The hart foundation would’ve been 🔥

  13. This has been a trademark of wcw since 1987 I talked about this match as The most dangerous match in the history of wcw I have watched every single wargames match over the years I have watched this match from 1992 til 1998 and the impact this match had in the business

  14. WarGames + Royal Rumble = Elimination Chamber

  15. Thx you Dusty Rhodes for Creating this insanity but awesome of a match and for me a personal war games fan match is with The Dudleyz vs The Hardyz vs Axl Rotten and Balls Mahoney or Tommy Dreamer,Sandman,Terry Funk and Cactus Jack Vs Jon Mox,Raven and the dudleyz

  16. Rest in peace, Dusty Rhodes!!!💐💐💐💐💐💐

  17. Crush the crusher machine wwe legend Kyle kammins says:

    War games is my favorite wrestling match all time I’m biggest war games fun ever i very love war games for sure

  18. i thought war games only started in NXT as a new thing…

    never knew that it goes way back to WCW ..

  19. Crush the crusher machine wwe legend Kyle kammins says:

    I love the war games

  20. What will happen the shield vs the Wyatt family vs the real American and big show vs dx in wwe war games this will be awesome to watch them in battle in war game.

  21. damn if we oly got to see some of the top pg starts be in wargames

  22. All of the guys is the pepole wrestliing why is not sting

  23. Butt the ulimate worrie tripel h shawn micheals all of them i 2020 but nxt and not raw and smackdowene

  24. Story to tell ya what about wemons i knowen

  25. Gold dust what about codde rodes sorry i talk to much but latr

  26. Let the wargames became so cool awesome amazind rad

  27. I known im late but its fun this vedio is 2 years almoste 3 yeara agoow i knowne bad spelling i am almoste 11 years old i go mester green walt in idhao heyburn elmerty

  28. Hay look booker t and the teamate and the andrea the giant what about him

  29. Ric flare dusty rodes awesome cool amazing

  30. William Regal doing his best impression of sentencing wrestlers to death

  31. Thank you so much The American Dream Dusty Rhodes you will be missed and I'm pretty sure if he can look at Cody and Dustin he would have been so proud

  32. My Dream war games match happens at the Great American bash

  33. Wargames is simply a cheap version of the elimination chamber

  34. The war games is the best thing that has come to WWE

  35. This would be awesome if it was a survivor series match 5vs5 but with no elimination. It would make it more fun and interesting.

  36. Should of been the ending match for the invasion angle, wwe vs wcw vs ecw. IMO

  37. The WWE is reviving every special fights of WCW!!!

  38. you know when William screams, he's serious.

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