The War Against Video Games -

The War Against Video Games

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For 40 Years there has been a war waged against video games. But who, what, when, where and why has this war been waged? Join me, as I take an in depth look at the 40 Year War Against Gaming.

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Below, you’ll find a list of sources that I compiled, not all of them. This project turned out to be far more work than I anticipated so the sources you see is not everything that is in the video.

Violent Video Games, Movies Partially to Blame for Gun Violence Epidemic (Jan 16, 2013 – MSNBC):
Media Figures: Guns Don’t Kill People, Video Games Do:
Gamers defend video game industry – Fox 7 Austin:
Bring It On-Line: Video Games (Pat Robertson):
What Does The Bible Say About Video Games?:
Should CHRISTIANS Play VIOLENT Video Games?
Should a Christian Play Video Games?
Christian Pastor Ridicules Gamers & Encourages Wifely Rebellion:
Violent Video Games: A Demonic Trojan Horse:
“Satanic Video Games” Pastor Bob DAILY! 5/15/12:
Christian Pastor Says Men Who Play Video Games Are Losers Possessed by a “Retarded Spirit”

Video game controversy in the 1980s and 1990s:
Kids & Video Games in the 1990s:
Expert: Video games don’t trigger violence:
Adam Carolla on ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Video Game Violence Bill OReilly ‘The Factor:
Nightline: Jack Thomson (2006):
Jack Thompson about GTA: San Andreas:

Girl Claims She Was Virtually Raped in GTA V:
Penn Jillette on Video Games & Violence:
NBC: Video Game Violence:
A Moron Is HORRIFIED By Video Games:
NRA Press Conference, Newtown Killings – Blaming Video Games and Media:
NRA Blames Video Games for Gun Crimes:

Media Figures: Guns Don’t Kill People, Video Games Do:
Modern Warfare 2 controversy on Fox edit:
Bill O’Reilly’s stupidity on the argument of video games and violence:
Do Violent Video Games Cause Violence? | The Rubin Report:
The Ultimate Early 80s Arcade Tribute:

Super Noah’s Ark 3D (SNES Game) – AVGN Episode Segment:
Arcade Game: Death Race (1976 Exidy):
Lt. Col. Dave Grossman on violent video games and media:

Keep gaming, keep having fun, and I hope you enjoyed the video!


  1. 8:48 "what does the bible say's about video games?"

  2. Lets be honest video games are a scapegoat to not blame the shitty school system for making shooters a thing

  3. 20:01 I shot my first gun at the age of 11 it was a 12 gauge shot gun and I was kinda cocky because I was like “hey I play video games I got this”… I cried after I shot the 5th time because of the recoil, and you know what else I only successfully hit the target once, and by this time I loved to play cod and halo. People are so stupid

  4. 23:12 how many hours did you playd Kelek in Soul Calibur to get this good? Looks awesome 😉

  5. Best county in the world 2017: Aaaaaaaa murica

  6. These fuckwads: say that video games will send me to hell
    Me, who's making a peaceful little village in Minecraft: ummmm, what now

  7. Murderers: can speak
    Gamers: can speak
    The media: coincidence, I think not

  8. After playing Minecraft I went out and poured lava on a city irl

  9. One of the best answers a real Christian would give (or any good person) is one I heard from a great friend. He started to play WITH his sons to see what the big deal was. And this relaxed his fears.

  10. Dude that was talking about watch dogs, has a top hat forehead

  11. Every news reporter act man shows, they GOT A HUGE FOREHEAD

  12. 10:40 yo I don’t think he’s read the bible last I checked he was nailed to a cross

  13. Okay, so I'm of the Christian faith and I like videos games of all kinds. I've never had to learn to separate killing a video game hooker from killing a human in real life because, even as a child, I had common sense. Just saying. It's not hard to see how much smoke the anti-videogamers are blowing up our asses and a lot of it isn't what they believe. It's what they want 15 minutes of fame for being against.

  14. You know what the appropriate answer for "Do you know the difference between video games and reality is" so happens to be? 🖕🏻
    Why? Because that question is an attempt to insult us and not worth an audible answer.

  15. 0:17 ahh yes my favourite from rockstars catalouge grand auto theft san andreas

  16. 😂these jerks are just jealous that they didn't get such amazing games to play when they were children…..

  17. I have never shot a real gun but the fact that shooting an airsoft gun feels nothing like shooting a gun in a game, tells me damn well that the gap to actually shooting a gun and shooting in video games is going to be greater

  18. Video games don’t cause violence, ignorant stupid people criticizing things they don’t understand does though.

  19. funnily enough in watch dogs you fight against the invasive cameras and stuff, by using them to your own advantage
    it literally says spying on people is bad

  20. After playing farm simulator for a bit im ready to kill


  21. Anti Gamers:
    Gaming companies: Nah we dont care abt them, we got the gamers

  22. What’s allowed in movies should be allowed in video games

  23. Replace the armed forces with Fortnite kids.
    “Where we dropping boys?”

  24. I honestly think violent video games get rid of our violence because we are taking it out on like demons or aliens

  25. As a certified Christian

    I can say I play ghost recon and have not become insane

  26. The only Christian religious leader is god also I love video games I play warframe everyday also haha video games make 100 billion dollars in total which is double the movie and music industry

  27. Religios people can't separate fact from fiction because they believe in a fictional being that they have no real proof of so it doesn't surprise me that they think some othere peace of fiction mite be real

  28. 0:19 played halo 3 and odst for most of my life and I gotta say, I am not pulling up to the school fully outfitted in odst or Mjolnir power armor rocking a ma5 assault rifle prepared for a shootout with the covenant.

  29. They're probably angry that kids are learning to become God with the Sims.

  30. 22:44 to be fair, probably because just like NASCAR, in Forza you crash into others to win

  31. 20:08 nope, in the games it looks easy to pull back the chamber, but actually it isn't. I struggled pulling it back, I still do

  32. This should be obvious, but no, shooting guns in games is nothing like real life. As a gun owner and a gamer, I'm especially passionate about these topics. People need to understand what they're talking about before trying to debate it. Looking at you, gun grabbers.

  33. I cant belive this was four years ago yet its still a popular topic😆

  34. This war will just be like Vietnam war The gamers will win

  35. Mad props for that Warcraft 3 reference 😍

  36. You know what trains children how to be killers? The military. You know what teaches them how to hate? Religion.

  37. i'm from a christian family and i have played l4d2
    and here i am till this day not turned into a violent 14 year old
    for me it all depends on how mature you are to understand the context and content of the game

  38. These anti-gamers are just mad because they lost a 1v1

  39. Did David actually cut off Goliath's head?

  40. karens: roblox is inappropriate!1 ban it !!!1!1
    also karens: sure little jimothy timothy i'll buy you GTA

  41. I need a tinfoil hat to watch some of these clips

  42. I lost 30,000 games in the blink of an eye…. And the media just fucking watched.

    Share this video if you love gaming and you're not a violent murderer <3

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