The War Against Video Games -

The War Against Video Games

The Act Man
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For 40 Years there has been a war waged against video games. But who, what, when, where and why has this war been waged? Join me, as I take an in depth look at the 40 Year War Against Gaming.

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Below, you’ll find a list of sources that I compiled, not all of them. This project turned out to be far more work than I anticipated so the sources you see is not everything that is in the video.

Violent Video Games, Movies Partially to Blame for Gun Violence Epidemic (Jan 16, 2013 – MSNBC):
Media Figures: Guns Don’t Kill People, Video Games Do:
Gamers defend video game industry – Fox 7 Austin:
Bring It On-Line: Video Games (Pat Robertson):
What Does The Bible Say About Video Games?:
Should CHRISTIANS Play VIOLENT Video Games?
Should a Christian Play Video Games?
Christian Pastor Ridicules Gamers & Encourages Wifely Rebellion:
Violent Video Games: A Demonic Trojan Horse:
“Satanic Video Games” Pastor Bob DAILY! 5/15/12:
Christian Pastor Says Men Who Play Video Games Are Losers Possessed by a “Retarded Spirit”

Video game controversy in the 1980s and 1990s:
Kids & Video Games in the 1990s:
Expert: Video games don’t trigger violence:
Adam Carolla on ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Video Game Violence Bill OReilly ‘The Factor:
Nightline: Jack Thomson (2006):
Jack Thompson about GTA: San Andreas:

Girl Claims She Was Virtually Raped in GTA V:
Penn Jillette on Video Games & Violence:
NBC: Video Game Violence:
A Moron Is HORRIFIED By Video Games:
NRA Press Conference, Newtown Killings – Blaming Video Games and Media:
NRA Blames Video Games for Gun Crimes:

Media Figures: Guns Don’t Kill People, Video Games Do:
Modern Warfare 2 controversy on Fox edit:
Bill O’Reilly’s stupidity on the argument of video games and violence:
Do Violent Video Games Cause Violence? | The Rubin Report:
The Ultimate Early 80s Arcade Tribute:

Super Noah’s Ark 3D (SNES Game) – AVGN Episode Segment:
Arcade Game: Death Race (1976 Exidy):
Lt. Col. Dave Grossman on violent video games and media:

Keep gaming, keep having fun, and I hope you enjoyed the video!


  1. The news show more violence than a game ever could, guess we should dunk that too.

  2. i shot a gun and it was not perfectly simulate it

  3. I know people of multiple religions who play video games and know it's fine because it's just a game

  4. "Friend say shooter played StarCraft in school"
    Ah yes…shooter have C-14 gauss rifle kill ppl
    How the hell they accursed scifi Galaxy war game for school shooting…?

  5. So by playing ace attorney, I should be considered a lawyer

  6. Gaming can lead to drugs
    me: so wait u are saying that playing a game about running a zoo and taking care of ur animals(planet zoo) is going to make me substance abuse.

  7. People saying gta in violence me who played at the age of 3 . I was very smort

  8. Yes Lego games. Puzzles. And meant to be a CHILD FRIENDLY game. Are they bad. Do they cause violence? No.

  9. Don't worry guys, we are just doing a little trolling

  10. Soldiers in ww1: hey what do we do?
    Soldiers Idk video games aren’t around so we can’t be violent

  11. If games make ppl violent is that why boomers had monopoly and they are good at take young ppls money?

  12. Hey can I go to heaven?
    God: na man you played gta at ur friends house when u were 6 sorry he’ll

  13. Notice how most of the people saying these either said it when video games were still new or it's older folks.

  14. me who has played halo since 2005 and has never killed an animal (except a fly or two): these people are idiots

  15. So if little Timmy play a game of over watch and gets a team wipe with a tracer bomb he fina show up to school and get a team wipe on his soccer game

  16. You know I really did get more aggressive

    After my little sister started talking and annoying me all the time

  17. The War against video games are the ones making me violent

  18. "He was trained to kill in Call of Duty"
    then take the fucking controller away???

  19. Im a christian, I play the shit. The thing about most christians is that they aren't cool with the idea of wanting to do "violent" stuff in games. They think the decison to kill in a game is wrong, especially when theres no consequences. The idea of no consequences in reality is the key point here. We might actually want to do this shit without consequence in reality, but there are laws, so any smart person wont do anything. Its totally relatable that after a long day at work, you feel like going up to the first person you see and bashing them 10x in the face because you're just sick of people. So you have this emotional issue and you need a release. For me, boxing does it, but others, maybe running over all the hookers in GTA V is enough. This is where difference in play style comes in. If you are the type to just purely play GTA V to do crimes and not focus one bit on completing the game at all then, chances are, you just need a release. However, there are the tactical thinkers, that may do a bland job and need mental stimulation and they focus on grinding multiplayer heists/missions. So my arguement is that the motive behind playing the shit is what needs attention. The underlying issues in your actual reality causing you to play. I mean thats what video games are, an escape from reality. So of course, if we feel angry, it'll show in games.

  20. Oh man. Those iron sight shots on BF One, mmmmmm. Delicious

  21. in a way covid 19 might be helping the game industries a lot it killing 2 bird with one stone

  22. I have played video games since 2006 and i play extremely violent video games like doom eternal, Deadspace, GTA5 etc and shot actual guns and the recoil is wayyyy different and those games got me into airsoft and into guns. Infact they taught me actual gun safety

  23. Just imagine how many hours did hitler put into GTA 😂😂

  24. "Games are brand new" NO THEY ARENT THEY HAVE EXISTED FOR MORE THAN 30 YEARS. violent games existed for a little less but still

  25. also another thing people say is why watch people play video games when you can play them yourselves and rant for an hour afterwards, they sit and watch sports.

  26. Ping ball is to violent 😆

  27. Man I played Minecraft yesterday and today I just want to TNT my neighbors

  28. Dude getting a .22 as a kid isn’t that big a deal. Just like video games

  29. Video games actually hurt being a good marksman not turn someone into a killer.

  30. Even the members of the nra don’t like Wayne Lapierre

  31. not at all shoting a fire arm is musch harder than in video games.

  32. I've seen this video an unhealthy amount of times. And the 'Cory in The House' but gets me everytime 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  33. I fucking love this, you are hilarious and that msi song was perfect.

  34. I must say the addition of MSI – Stupid MF was a pleasant surprise.

  35. me: remembers the mat pat video
    also me: i already know the answer to this video.

  36. Are we just gonna ignore Act Man's wicked nunchuck skills?

  37. Isnt it funny that people who claim that videogames cause violence grew up playing Mortal combat.

  38. Let’s face it. Humanity even without video games is the most ruthless and cruel species to exist on this planet. We’ve been killing eachother for thousands of years.

  39. I’m a Christian and a gamer, I literally have a twitch called agoodchrisiangamer420. Am I going to hell? No, because I’m not a violent psychopath. I know that just because I can get a 5 player kill streak in cod doesn’t mean I can do the same in real life. I simply have common sense

  40. If kids kill people because of m rated video games then blam the parents and question people who want to buy m rated games. I’ve been playing m rated games since bo1 and I have not killed anybody

  41. Al quada trained their suicide pilots on 9/11 by giving them a phone with angry birds installed

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