the WORST "realistic" war game on roblox... -

the WORST “realistic” war game on roblox…

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  1. In real life bullets dont get shot out BY THE SCOPE that is why you are mising a lot

  2. The game is very realistic in my opinion like the nightvision and the gun gameplay its amazing and its hardcore which is my fav thing in the game. I know some ppl will disagree but i dont care its just a beta and corny already call it the worst game

  3. day 2 of asking corny to play cool zone

  4. Day 1 of asking corny to go in a WAR

  5. Day 33 asking corny to play Kurt's Shooting Test

  6. Ngl the way that devs make these games makes me not want to play the game like there rly poorly made and not creative I would like to se more games like pf and bad buissnes

  7. Day 25 of asking corny to play criminality 🚬🗿

  8. Day 27 of supporting Technic Builder until corny shoots some guns irl.

  9. Day 26 of asking corny to play pilfering pirates

  10. U need points to get those funny roles, also if u wanna waste time and not waste bubouxcs

  11. This video is basically just 5 minutes of corny not knowing that bullet drop exists

  12. Day 1 asking you to play Ohio (its a game in roblox)

  13. Day 21 of asking corny to play military war tycoon

  14. What if a dev sees a video from corny and it says, "the worst roblox game" and then he comments and that fuckin says "why don't you, try to make a gun game by yourself then." that would be hilarious as fuck.

  15. Day 2 of asking corny to play Unit 1968

  16. You dont need to pay you just need to grind alot you can see ur xp by pressing ctrl i think

  17. Day 2 asking corny to do a video about dummies vs noobs

  18. You should go play aniphobia, a survival game where you fight against anime characters in a open world. I swear its not a joke game, its one of those survival games which actually amplifies anxiety and stress into the player. It’s got a decent gun system with simple gun designs, a pretty good blood system and decent animations. The day-night cycle is really long too, so its really scary when its night. Enemy spawns are scattered around the map and they don’t come in hordes, making you more concerned that some anime character would come and jump scare you any second

  19. Day 3 asking corny to play left 4 dead 2

  20. Corns the Game is cool Ur youst Bad sorry But yea

  21. Corny… You know what I want. You know what you haven't done in some months.

  22. 1 week and 4 days of asking corny to play death zone ⚫️

  23. Btw you can get the classes without paying but you need to grind really hard

  24. Day 9 of screaming at corny to play Destroy and Conquer

  25. My Game is worst when you want to test it here is the name Black Out

  26. not trying to be annoying but if you hold ALT, you can see that here is XP, and you can get the classes for free the more you play

  27. 1 year, 5 months and 18 days of asking corny to do dirt eating mukbang asmr

  28. The reason why you're not hitting shots is because the guns and scopes work like they do in real life

  29. I like how he is vibing to Death By Glamor while murdering innocent people.

  30. bruh corny u need to lvl up to get those class..

  31. Melon playground juice / Zuriel Sang says:

    Day 12 play not Russian roulette

  32. I wouldn't say better, but this game is definetly more TACTICAL AND REALISTIC than phantom forces or arsenal

  33. A good realistic war game is like Fireteam on roblox.

  34. I think you can’t hit anything cuase I’m pretty sure there is bullet drop in this game

  35. The roles are all accessible through XP if you go to the ACS menu you can see your xp and the amount needed for the roles, and the helicopters use gate studio because it’s first person. Although the game is very rough, there isn’t a lot of all out war games with helicopters, large map, and lots of fun and unique weapons; like the CS40 grenade launcher turret

  36. Also the reason why people are taking so many shots is that they spam energy shots in the ACS medic menu to heal themselves until they run out and die

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